This article lists some of the gadgets, devices and machines that appeared on The Thundermans. Gadgets and machines play a big role in the show and sometimes serve as the basis for episode plot lines, continuity and callbacks.

Most of the gadgets were invented by Max Thunderman during his evil phrase and are often stored in Max's Lair.

Gadget Description
The Animalizer
  • The Animalizer is a gadget that is used to turn humans into animals and vice-versa.
  • It was invented by Dr. Colosso
BrainMelt 3000 Max and Phoebe
  • In Adventures in Supersitting, Max wants to use it to wipe out Cherry's memories but Phoebe refuses.
    • In the same episode, Max makes a joke about using it on Phoebe to wipe Phoebe's memories but Phoebe threatens him.
  • In Parents Just Don't Thunderstand, Phoebe asks Max to tweak the BrainMelt 3000 on their parents so that they can remember what being a teenager feels like.
    • The Brain Melt takes hours time to recharge but Electress's power surge can charge it in seconds.
    • Max finds a way to reverse its effects.
  • BrainMelt-3000 is seen in Max's Lair multiple times.
Nose Hairalyzer
Nose Hairalyzer
  • Nose Hairalyzer is a gadget used to grow nose hair on objects and people.
  • Max 6000 is a machine built by Max to control his lair
Max 10
Max 10 and Max 11
  • These are a series of rockets built by Max
  • In Report Card, Max built Max-10 ready for launch but Phoebe launched it, stealing his Thunder
    • Max then replaced Max 10 with Max 11 which he showed to Evan and Sarah
  • Max-10 is also seen again in Restaurant Crashers
  • In The Neverfriending Story, Nora and Billy launch a Max-10 rocket to space as part of expressing their freedom for being home alone.
Grow-Matic 2.0
Grow-Matic 2.0
  • Grow-Matic 1.0 and Grow-Matic 2.0 are used to make things bigger
  • Back in Metroburg, Max built Grow-Matic 1.0 for science fair but it melted the objects instead of making them bigger, causing Phoebe to win.
  • In Weird Science Fair, he takes over Nora's project to build an improved Grow-Matic 2.0 but Nora and Billy sabotage it.
    • Nora tries to put one of her bows on the machine but Max kicks her out.
Anti-Superpower Ankle Bracelet
Anti-Superpower Ankle Bracelet
  • This is an ankle bracelet/clamp used to disable people with super-powers from using their powers
  • Barb had ordered a custom made bracelet for Max
  • In Nothing to Lose Sleepover, Max asks Barb to use it on Phoebe so that she can't use her powers.
    • Max eventually destroys the ankle bracelet causes Phoebe's powers to malfunction
  • In A Hero Is Born, Max is captured by evil villains who put a similar bracelet on him making his powers useless
  • In Orange is the New Max, the Officer Bosco put on a similar bracelet to Gale Force, Maise and T-Bone.
The Ghost Zapper
Ghost Zapper
  • Ghost Zapper is used to detect ghosts and blast them away
  • Max used it in Haunted Thundermans to track Green Ghoul but Miles and Louie kept interfering with his readings
    • Max eventually uses it to capture Green Ghoul.
  • In Patch Me If You Can, Harris picks up the Ghost Zapper while in Max's Lair.
Brainwasher XL
Brainwasher XL
  • Brainwasher XL hypnotizes people to do what they command
  • In Thundermans: Banished!, Candi Falconman uses this to make a lot of people her "bestie" against their will. Phoebe made all the brainwashed victims fight by telling them that Candi can only have one bestie
    • Max says that he used this to make Principal Bradford think he can fly.
    • Colosso offered to use this on Max to make him evil again but Max refused.
Smart Watch
Smart Watch
Helium Pain Blaster
Helium Pain Blaster
Proton Particle Power Booster
Proton Particle Power Booster
  • The proton particle power booster is used to boost the concentration of a particular substance/chemical in an animal or an object.
  • In Breaking Dad, Max wants to use it on a turkey to boost the chemical that makes people sleepy after eating turkey. This was to help Max feed his classmates with sleepy sandwiches for a chance to pull the biggest prank ever and finally get his Max Thunderman Day.
    • It gets confiscated by Mr. Begbeaudy.
Crimecaster gadget
  • The CrimeCaster is a gadget that uses crime statistics to predict future crimes, allowing superheroes to stop crimes before they happen.
  • In Max to the Future, Max developed the CrimeCaster in order to prove to Phoebe that he was good in gadgets and they should include "gadgets" as one of the special skills for the team in the Z-Force application.
    • At first, even Max had doubts in the device working but it turned out that it worked correctly.
    • The CrimeCaster successfully predicted Hiddenville High being vandalized (by Max); and it also predicted a gold smuggling heist downtown.
    • The gadget was destroyed by criminals during the gold heist, claiming that Max's face in it made it look creepy.
Rocket Shark
Rocket Shark
  • The Rocket Shark is a Hero League vehicle that works as land,air, and sea rocket. The is a million dollar vehicle can go from scuba to sky mode in 2.8 seconds
  • In Max to the Future, Max steals his father's aporvel stamp and use it to acquire a Rocket Shark
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