Game of Scones is a coffee store made by Chainsaw. With the Thundermans' furniture, Chainsaw was able to finalize the store but when Chainsaw and Hacksaw lose to Hank and Max, Chainsaw gives the furniture back to the Thunderman Family.


Chainsaw made Game of Scones between Pheebs Will Rock You and Stealing Home. He took the Thundermans furniture thinking it was a garage sale. Chainsaw threw the money in an envelope through Max's window.


Game of Scones is a coffee shop. Mainly, he used the furniture which belonged to the Thundermans. So far, Chainsaw and Hacksaw are the only ones working there.

In a competition, Chainsaw could have got Hank's home if he won. The competition was food-tossing. It was Chainsaw and Hacksaw against Max and Hank. Eventually, Max and Hank win. Since they won, Hacksaw gives their furniture back.


  • Games Of Scones, is a parody of Game of Thrones franchise.
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