You were a great boyfriend, Link. And now you're gonna be a great superhero.

— Phoebe

Give Me a Break Up is the tenth episode of Season 3 of The Thundermans and the fifty-five overall. It premiered on November 4, 2015 to 1.73 million viewers.



Phoebe's relationship with her superhero boyfriend is put to the test when he is offered an assignment overseas. Max, Nora, and Billy compete in a cooking show.

Main Plot

Phoebe is tired of Link hanging out in their house all the time. Barb tells her how Hank was also quite clingy to her after they were married. What she did was that she got him a bunch of hobbies, like puzzles, to keep him occupied for some time. Phoebe takes Barb's suggestion.

The next day, she sets up a "hobby fair" for Link in order to make him choose a hobby. However, Link only wants to spend time with her. However, Link does mention that he would like to be a superhero. So, she starts training him on being a superhero. His first mission was to save people in a broken elevator in an office building. In order to keep Link focused on the mission, she says, "Those passengers are your girlfriends now!" Link uses his elasticity superpower to hold the elevator by its cables, and the people get out safely.

Link eventually goes on a saving streak for a very long time so much so that he really enjoys it and gives Phoebe the space she needs. When he comes over one day, Phoebe says that she is genuinely excited to meet him. Then Super President Kickbutt calls, surprisingly for Link. Kickbutt offers him a chance at becoming a full-fledged superhero, and both Phoebe and Link are excited that they are both going to be protectors of their hometowns. But no! He is going to be the protector of Hong Kong, thousands of miles away. This makes Phoebe really upset, but Link is very happy. She pretends to be happy in order not to hurt his feelings. Once he leaves, Phoebe tells Cherry that her plan completely backfired, because all she wanted was for them to have a little space, not break up. She wants to make him stay, but realizes that would be selfish. But what wouldn't be selfish is to try and make Link feel like he wants to stay.

She sets up a date with Link at Splatburger, and creates a slideshow showing pictures of them together. She also orders a black and white cookie, suggesting that the two go great together, but Link only wants the vanilla cookie separately. She realizes that this is not working. She goes over to Cherry, who has knitted a two-headed sweater saying "Phoebe loves Link." Phoebe realizes that this is exactly what she needs. She and Link wear the sweater together, but are unable to do anything. Link questions Phoebe's actions, saying that she is being clingy.

This makes Phoebe a bit mad. So she comes clean and admits to Link that the only reason she suggested him becoming a superhero was because he was being clingy. Link admits to this, but he says that it's because he's crazy about her and doesn't want to lose her. Phoebe says that she feels the exact same way, and admits that she put this whole day together in order to convince Link not to go to Hong Kong so that they could stay together. Link is about to call President Kickbutt and decline her offer, but Phoebe stops him and says that he shouldn't give up on his dream because of her. The two start to cry, hug, and kiss. They mutually agree to break up.

Sub Plot

Max takes Billy and Nora to Splatburger and makes his own chili which impresses Mrs. Wong. So, Mrs. Wong steals Max's recipe to use in a cooking competition show, "Chili Wars". Max wants to sign up for the competition to take down Mrs. Wong but he doesn't want to admit that he's good at cooking, so he makes Billy and Nora to cook while he secretly directs them on what to do.

During the live show, Billy and Nora keep messing up until their food is ruined. So, Max uses his powers to mess up with Mrs. Wong as well. He makes her embarrass herself in front of a live show. Both teams lose the competition.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • The title is a wordplay from the phrase, "Give Me A Break".
  • Phoebe and Link break up in this episode and share their first on-screen kiss in this episode.
  • Max is in the subplot and not the main plot, which means he doesn’t interact with Phoebe a lot in this episode.


Whoa! Villains don't cook on TV. You'll ruin your reputation! By the way, I booked your pedicure with Chloe at 2:00.

Colosso to Max

Kickbutt:Super President Kickbutt out!
Phoebe:But president...
Kickbutt:I said out!
— Phoebe & Kickbutt

Goodbye, Link. We'll always have Splatburger.

— Phoebe


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The Thundermans - Superhero Training - Nickelodeon UK

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The Thundermans - Chilli Wars - Nickelodeon UK

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