A broken heart? Oh c'mon comet! Now you're just mocking me!


Going Wonkers is the eleventh episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


The Achilles Comet is passing Earth, and it's making the Thunderman's powers go crazy. Phoebe can't go to the school dance with Cole because of the comet, unless she and Max stay three feet together. The dance goes terrible as Max ruins the night for them, with Max getting involved in a dance-off, prompting Cole to leave. Phoebe must race to Cole's house for him to forgive her before they leave for a two week-long trip. Meanwhile, the rest of the family try to control their powers.


Cole walks Phoebe home from school. Cole asks Phoebe to go out with him for the school dance, which Phoebe readily and nervously accepts. He also gives her a flower but after parting with Cole, Phoebe accidentally burns it with her heat breath. As Phoebe walks into the Thundermans house, Max makes fun of her for being given a dead flower. Phoebe says that something weird is happening with her powers. Max says he doesn't care. But then he accidentally freezes his sandwich. Now he starts caring.

Hank and Barb call an emergency family meeting. The parents explain that the Hero League has detected that the Achilles Comet is approaching earth. The comet interferes with earth's magnetic fields causing superhero powers to act abnormally. They ask the kids to be very careful with their powers until the comet has passed. The comet affects all of their powers. Nora is unable to control her lasers so Max freezes her (and Phoebe too to get his perfect dream family). Billy super-speeds around the house uncontrollably until they tie him up, suspending his legs. Barb's Electriss energy bolts keep acting up and shocking everything in the house. And Max and Phoebe accidentally move, freeze or heat things with their powers whenever they're not close to each other.

Phoebe is disappointed because she won't be able to go to her dance with Cole because of her powers going wonkers. However, their parents reveal that Max and Phoebe's powers can still work perfectly as long as they stick stay within 3 feet of each other. This is bad news for Max because he doesn't want to hangout with Phoebe all day and he couldn't get a date to the dance. He refuses but his parents threaten him, so he caves in.

Max and Phoebe go together to the school dance and try to stay within 3 feet of each other all the time. Whenever they move apart, something terrible happens such as dance decorations falling apart. Max ends up being part of every Phoebe and Cole moment, including photo-bombing them. Max finds Courtney – the girl he had tried to ask out – dancing with another boy. Courtney claims that she chose him because he is a senior and has a car. Sarah wants to dance with Max but Max refuses. Cole tries to ditch Max but Max keeps following them around. To Cole's disappointment, Phoebe keeps dancing close towards Max. Cole can't understand whatever is going on between Phoebe and Max. Cole gets mad and leaves Phoebe until she figures out if she wants to be with him or her brother, Max.

At the same time, Max and Courtney's new boyfriend are challenged to a dance-off. So, Phoebe has to stick around for her brother instead of going after Cole. Max is nervous about the dance-off, but Phoebe gives him confidence and even shows him how to modify his dance moves to make it work. Max wonders how Phoebe knew about his moves but learns that Dr. Colosso has been posting his dance videos online. Max uses Phoebe's idea to win the dance-off. Courtney breaks up with her new boyfriend for Max because Max won the dance-off. Max refuses to accept her back. Instead, he asks Sarah to do a dance-off with Courtney. Courtney finds it weird and leaves. As they leave the dance floor, Phoebe tells Max how disappointed she is that her date with Cole didn't go as planned. Max tells Phoebe that he knows Cole loves her. He's a guy, he should know. So, he will help Phoebe get Cole back.

The Thunder Twins walk over to Cole's house at night. They call him out through his bedroom window on the second floor. When Max realizes that Phoebe is too nervous to talk to Cole, he helps her by telling her to repeat after him. A lot of confusion ensues, causing Cole to suspect that something else is going on. Sarah comes chasing after Max. When Max tells her to go away, Phoebe tells Cole to go away... before realizing what she just said. As Max runs away from Sarah (and Phoebe), their telekinesis malfunctions causing them to throw pine-cones at Cole's house. Phoebe apologizes and finally finds a way to talk to Cole. Cole accepts and tells her goodnight. He also says goodnight to Max, implying that he knew all along that Max was there with Phoebe. Max freezes Sarah and asks Phoebe to give him a head-start before unfreezing her but she accidentally unfreezes her... then points her to Max's direction. Oops!

Back at home, the Thundermans watch the progress of the Achilles Comet on the Thunder Monitor. Max and Phoebe can't wait to be away from each other once the comet passes. The comet passes. Nora intentionally zaps Billy with her laser powers and blames it on the comet. Max and Phoebe start fighting over the remote. Little do they know that Hank spent the entire day putting the remote together with super-glue after Barb destroyed it with her powers. To their worst nightmare, Phoebe and Max are stuck together. Again!


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Cassidy Shaffer as Courtney
  • Chantz Simpson as Jacob



  • This marks the second episode that Max and Phoebe uses their heat breath.
  • This episode got 2.4 million views.
  • Phoebe is seen wearing the same outfit she does in the theme song, Livin a Double Life.
  • This episode was apart of Nickelodeon's Crushing Saturday night.
  • It is revealed Max can dance very well.
  • Pheobe messed up big time in front of Cole
  • In the end of the episode Pheobe and Max were stuck togeher by the stickity stick remote but were somehow free in Restaurant Crashers.
  • Chantz Simpson, who portrayed Jacob was originally going to play Calvin Maxwell in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, but was replaced by Nico Greentham for an undisclosed reason. Nico later appeared as background in The Thundredth.


  • When Phoebe grabs the sticky remote, her fingers are pointing towards Max. When the scene changes angles, her fingers are pointing away from Max. Given that her hand is stuck to the remote, this cannot happen.


Wait, are you following your brother again?

— Cole to Phoebe

Two million hits! Take that, stupid talking animals! hahaha!... wait a minute.

Is there really ever a point to a dance off?


I just wanted to tell you before you leave that I really like you. And not just, like, like, but, like, like-like. I mean you can even say that I like-like-like you. Wait, that's too many likes. That sounded weird. Am I still talking?



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