Colosso (singing):It‘s scary tales with Colosso! You’re gonna pee your dumb pants!
Phoebe (to the same tune as Colosso):This is lame. And we are leaving.
— Phoebe mocks Colosso
Happy Heroween is the first episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and 72nd episode in the series.


It's a major Halloween storm outside, but inside Dr. Colosso keeps the family spooked by telling scary stories sure to terrify even the bravest of superheroes.


It's Halloween night at the Thundermans House. Barb, Hank, Nora, Billy and Chloe are all dressed up in dental-themed costumes ready to go Trick-or-Treating. But they have to wait for Max and Phoebe so that they can all go together. The Thunder Twins finally come downstairs but to everyone's disappointment, they're not dressed in costumes and are going to a party together. Barb persuades them by saying that this is their tradition but Max reminds her that he and Phoebe also have a tradition of ditching the rest of the family. Hank tries to stop them but Nora convinces him to let them go because it means more candy for them.

So, the Thunder Twins get out of the door ready to leave. Unfortunately, a huge lightning bolt strikes and scares them back into the house. Billy thinks his Super-Speed is faster than lightning but his toothpaste costume gets struck by lightning, proving him wrong, and lightning is faster than him. The Thundermans decide to just sit around and watch a movie together.

But then, the lights go out because of the storm. Dr. Colosso then rises from a small coffin and tells them that he knew this would happen and so he has prepared some spooky stories to scare them. The Thundermans just decide to leave, but Colosso asks if they're scared. Phoebe tells him that they're superheroes, they can't be scared by Dr. Colosso's spooky tales.

Colosso takes this as a challenge and accepts. Phoebe tries to clarify that no one challenged him, but he firmly shouts "I said challenge accepted!" So, Dr. Colosso starts telling the first story, The Troll in the Bowl.

The Troll in the Bowl

There were two kids, Billy and Nora who had just come back from Trick-or-Treating only to realize that all of their candy is gone. Their mother (Barb) places more candy on the table but their dad (Hank) warned them of the Troll in the Bowl who goes after kids that eat too much candy. Nora advised Billy to ignore their father's story because she knew he was just trying to scare them away. So, Billy and Nora take the candy and went to eat it outside the house. While eating the candy, the Troll appeared behind them and ran past the driveway. Billy told Nora that he saw something but Nora assumed Billy was talking about the coconut in the candy. Then there was a voice. Billy got scared but Nora convinced him that it was just their dad trying to scare them and try to bribe him with candy as long as he doesn't tell their mom.

Then all of a sudden the troll appeared and started chasing after Billy and Nora. The kids ran into the house and locked all the doors. Nora believes that everything would be fine if they don't eat any more candy. Unfortunately, Billy couldn't resist the coconut in the candy. Then, the troll appeared in the house and the ran after them. When it finally caught them, it turned the kids into pieces of candy. Then, their father came over and found the kids. And they lived happily ever after (except for the kids, whose father ate them bones and all).

After hearing Dr. Colosso's story, Nora and Billy get spooked out and ran to their bedroom. This makes Dr. Colosso happy that he's scared them away. He brags about how he's winning, before starting another story to scare the rest of the family away.

The Monstermans

The Monstermans (Thundermans) were a family of monsters.

  • Phoebe Monsterman - witch.
  • Max Monsterman - werewolf.
  • Nora Monsterman - mummy.
  • Billy Monsterman - bug villain.
  • Chloe Monsterman - zombie.
  • Hank Monsterman - Frankenstein Monster.
  • Barb Monsterman - Bride of Frankenstein.

They had been forced by the Monster League to move to Humanville and live a normal life like humans. Every time they went out in public, they would wear human disguises so that humans won't suspect they were monsters.

On one Halloween night, the Monstermans realized that this was the one night in year that they could go out in public as monsters without the need to wear the human disguise. But they needed someone to watch over Chloe because she couldn't control herself from eating brains. It had to be someone without any brains. So, they invited Cherry over to babysit Chloe as they headed to Splatburger. Cherry started drinking her smoothie continuously until she got a brain freeze. This made Chloe Monsterman pretty happy on realizing that Cherry had a brain.

At Splatburger, the Monstermans tried their best to emphasize that they weren't real monsters but Mrs. Wong suspected they were indeed monsters. Billy, being a bug, couldn't resist running towards light sources. Max tried to keep calm until he saw a girl holding an object that looked like a moon. He jumped on the table and started howling at it. Meanwhile, Phoebe turned a man into broccoli for calling her "broccoli face". Little did she know that Mrs. Wong saw everything. Mrs. Wong shouted out exposing the Monstermans as real monsters. She incited everyone at Splatburger to attack them. Max and Phoebe then suggested doing a monster dance to distract the humans. The monster dance didn't fool Mrs. Wong and so she got the Monstermans surrounded with no escape.

Suddenly, Chloe Monsterman arrived at the door. She ordered the humans to leave her family alone. Mrs. Wong walked over to Chloe and mocked her. Chloe then started talking in a deep scary voice with her eyes glowing red. This scared everyone away. Then, Phoebe comments how they're moving again.

On hearing this, Chloe is unhappy because she doesn't want to be a scary monster. Barb offers to take her to bed because she's scared. Hank comments about how Colosso must feel proud of himself for scaring a little girl, but then, a big fake tarantula causes him to fly away to bed in fear. Dr. Colosso is happy to have scared more of the family away and makes a pun. Now he just has to scare Phoebe and Max, who insist that they can't be scared. Colosso tries to play a scary music, but instead he gets some Christmas music, and he tries to turn it off, but his paws have a hard time pressing the right button. Eventually, he tells them the final story: Phoebe the Vampire Slayer.

Phoebe the Vampire Slayer

Phoebe and Cherry were taking a selfie before school when Max passed behind and photo-bombed them. They got mad at him for that but he hissed at them and jumps into his lair. The girls noticed something was different about Max. He hissed at them. He had long canine teeth. Lately, he had been staying up all night and sleeping all day. This made them suspect that Max was a vampire. To confirm their fears, they looked at their selfie and realized that Max did not show up. So, Phoebe and Cherry followed Max into the basement and found him sleeping upside down, which confirmed that he was really a vampire. Phoebe suggested escaping quietly but Cherry forgot and talked to Max, waking him up. Max then started running after the girls. Lucky for them, Max couldn't step outside into the sunlight and so he went back inside. The girls left for school.

After arriving at school, Cherry and Phoebe realized that everyone else had been turned into a vampire. Phoebe suspected that Max was the head vampire and all they had to do was stop him with garlic and everyone else would turn back to human. Unfortunately, Max arrived and turned Cherry into a vampire by biting her neck. Phoebe was left alone as the only human in the school. Max and Cherry knocked off the garlic she had gathered. Thanks to Phoebe's skills, she grabbed one of the garlic pieces and threw it directly into Max's mouth. This instantly turned Max back to human. He became mad at Phoebe for turning him human because he actually loved being a vampire.

To Phoebe's disappointment, turning Max human didn't turn the other vampires into human too because Max wasn't the head vampire. Then, Dr. Colosso popped out behind Phoebe's neck and revealed himself to be the head vampire and started to bite her.

Phoebe and Max are disappointed at Dr. Colosso's story because it didn't scare them at all. Dr. Colosso asks them for another chance but they are sure they won't be scared either. So, he gives them the one thing bound to scare them: himself without fur extensions (which is basically Colosso with almost all of his fur gone). The Thunder Twins are scared by this and run to their respective bedrooms screaming.

Dr. Colosso proudly praises himself for being able to scare an entire family of superheroes. Unfortunately, he accidentally locks himself inside the coffin. It's dark and scary, with storms outside. Colosso tries to calm himself with music, but it's the same Christmas music from earlier and Colosso is both scared and annoyed as he continues to call for help.

The Monstermans Opening Sequence

Main Article: Monstermans

  • In preparation for this episode, Nickelodeon released a special Halloween-themed version of the Thundermans opening sequence called "The Monstermans." It aired as part of Dr. Colosso's Monstermans story.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Maya Le Clark officially gets credited as part of the main cast, right after the opening sequence.
  • This episode aired out of order as the Season 4 premiere. The official season premiere is Thundermans: Banished and it aired on November 19, 2016.
  • Not counting the stories, this episode only takes place in the Thundermans' Home.
  • The Thundermans all had their first three seasons powers.
  • This is a Halloween special.
  • Cherry and Mrs. Wong only appeared in Colosso’s story, so they didn’t appear in the actual episode.
  • This is be the second Halloween special in the series, following Haunted Thundermans.
  • The Thundermans have their usual powers back, meaning that they were either restored before season 4 or they were restored in Thundermans: Banished, however, it's unclear exactly how they got them back.
  • The theme song doesn't play until nine minutes into the episode.
  • Dr. Colosso's stories contained multiple parodies:
    • The Monstermans are a parody of The Thundermans.
    • The Monstermans theme song is a parody of Livin a Double Life.
    • Phoebe the Vampire Slayer is a parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • Monster League is a parody of the Hero League.
    • Humanville is a parody of Hiddenville.
    • Bed, Bath, and Pitchforks is a parody of the store Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    • The Fault In Our Neck Scars is a parody of the book The Fault In Our Stars
    • This was the fifth episode filmed for Season 4


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