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He Got Game Night is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


When Hank raises the stakes of family game night to a new high, each member of the family will do whatever it takes to win the grand prize.[1]

Main Plot

The Thunder kids are excited about their family game night as Barb and Hank prepare for their epic entrance. Since this is Chloe's first game night, Phoebe and Max explain to her everything about the game night. Max gets a text from Allison saying that she will come over for her book. Billy and Nora say they want to meet Max's girlfriend but Max says that she's not his girlfriend.

The family game night begins. Max suggests that Chloe should team up with Phoebe and he could settle for Dr. Colosso unless he's busy. Phoebe is concerned because she and Max are always on the same team. Chloe spins the wheel which shows what prize they will be competing for. Unfortunately for the parents, it lands on New Car, which Hank had put their just to make them excited. The chances of landing on New Car are almost zero so they wonder how it possibly happened. Phoebe suspects that Max had something to do with it. It is revealed that Max and Colosso rigged it, using a huge magnet in Max's lair. Now everyone wants to win the car, while the parents don't want to buy a new car.

Billy and Nora sneak into Max's lair so that they can use his machine to make themselves smarter. Nora goes in first. After the process is complete, she starts attacking her own mirror reflection for "stealing her bow." Every time she fires a laser, it reflects back and hurts her. Billy realizes that she got dumber after going through the machine.

During the first round, Max realizes that Colosso is useless since he can't draw first (he's a rabbit so...!) He ditches Colosso and when Allison comes over, he asks her to join the "Who Arted" game. Allison proves to be very good at the game. Phoebe is terrible at drawing and so she and Chloe lose that round to Max and Allison. Chloe gets bored and leaves Phoebe, which makes Phoebe even more upset. So, she decides to use the animalizer and turn Colosso human!

Human Colosso enters the house and tells Allison he's Uncle Colosso. He vows to take down Max for ditching him to play with Allison. The parents are upset at first but they realize that Colosso and Max will take each other out and so they won't have to buy a new car. So, they allow it.

Nora and Billy go back to Max's lair to fix Nora's brain. Billy discovers the machine has an option for Smart and Stupid. Max had it set to stupid, which caused Nora to become very dumb. They use the smart setting, which makes Nora very smart. She becomes very good at speaking French in addition to knowing everything about France. This proves useful since the next category is French.

The fight between Max and Uncle Colosso intensifies in the next round as they try to take each other out. Allison is worried because the game seems too intense but Max is not willing to back down. He uses his telekinesis and causes Colosso to mess up and lose the round. Colosso reports Max to Phoebe who then proceeds to beat Max with a cushion as she has had it with him. Max beats her back. Colosso joins in to defend Phoebe but during the fight, he accidentally hits Billy and Nora too which gets Hank and Barb involved. The fight gets out of control until Barb forgets and calls Colosso "Rabbit" in front of Allison. She then covers it by saying Colosso is a rabbit breeder.

Defending himself against Phoebe's accusations, Max accidentally says Allison is not his girlfriend. Allison gets upset and leaves. Barb turns Uncle Colosso back into a rabbit. Phoebe helps Max realize that Allison is his girlfriend because the only reason he wanted the car was to impress Allison. Max goes after her. He finds her sitting outside, taking Phoebe's roller skates because something (Colosso) chewed off her bike tires. Max apologizes to Allison and admits that he hasn't had any real girlfriend before. He then officially introduces Allison as his girlfriend to the family.

Both Phoebe and Max lose the game because of cheating. When Nora accidentally speaks in French, their cheating is exposed as well. So, the parents win and are glad they don't have to buy the car.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Dr. Colosso looks at the selfie he took with Max in A Hero Is Born.
  • This is the second time Dr. Colosso has been transformed into a human, the first time was in A Hero Is Born. He would later turn himself human in Better Off Wed.
  • Max and Allison officially become a couple in this episode after being tricked to date by Phoebe in Date Expectations.
  • Nora was shown to be fluent in French in Paging Dr. Thunderman.
  • In Smells Like Team Spirit, Dr. Colosso tells Billy to call him "Uncle Dr. Colosso" which is probably a reference to the events in this episode.
  • Chloe thinks Phoebe is cool in this episode but Phoebe later realizes that Chloe frequently switches between her favorite siblings in Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs.


  • Jack Griffo (Max) and Ryan Newman (Allison) were also a couple in real life when this episode aired.
  • Most of Max's family members pointed out how much he loves Allison.
  • The episode aired as part of Nickelodeon's Crush Night in honor of Valentine's Day.
  • So far, this is the only episode without a separate subplot. All characters were involved in the main story line.
  • This is the first new episode to air in 2016.
  • This was the first episode to air since November 18, 2015 after a three month hiatus.
  • The episode will premiere at a special time during a special night.
  • This episode is the only episode to premiere in February 2016.
  • The episode garnered 1.65 million viewers.
  • An error was made when Barb was supposed to say "That puts your dad and I in first place" but, instead she says this line "That puts your dad and I and in 2nd place." That meant that Nora and Billy won the car.
  • This marks the only episode where The Thundermans home is the one location for the entire episode.
  • Chloe not being able to figure out Phoebe's drawing of a heart and soul resembles The Simpsons episode, A Milhouse Divided, when Luann Van Houten was not able to figure out Kirk's drawing of dignity.


Hank:Max, come get some pizza before we start playing.
Colosso:What are you doing? Don't eat with the enemy!
Phoebe:What are you up to this time, Max? First, you convince me to partner with a four year old and then the wheel lands on a new car. This whole thing smells fishy.
Colosso:Oh uh... that's me. I'm covered in fish oil. My fur has never been silkier.
Uncle Colosso:(kissing Barb's hand) Barbara, still as ravishing as ever!
Barb Thunderman: Ew! Ew! Okay, no! No!
Hank:Honestly, Phoebe what were you thinking? Using the animalizer to turn Colosso human?
Phoebe:One word. I want a car!
Hank:Two words. I'm changing him back and you're outta the game!
Billy:French culture. You're good at that now, right?
Nora: Oui, oui! (translation: yes, yes)
Billy: You can wee-wee later. Focus on the question. Are you good at French culture?