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Heat Vision is the ability to generate heat or fire from one's eyes. This superpower may also be referred to as Laser Eyes or Laser Vision on the Thundermans. It is similar to Heat Breath except heat breath is more of a wave/breath while heat vision usually has the form of sharp lasers. Nora's laser vision is orange and Dark Mayhem's laser vision is green.

Nora has developed a series of "trick shots" that she uses to zap something by aiming at something different than counting on reflection to reflect the lasers multiple times until they hit her target object.

Notable Moments

Season 1

  • In Adventures in Supersitting, Nora used her heat vision to cook food. She has used it for cooking in multiple other episodes.
  • Nora frequently uses her laser powers to play "laser tag" with Billy which means constantly hitting him with lasers.
  • Nora uses her heat vision to forcefully take things away from Billy as seen in Phoebe vs. Max when she burned Billy's pudding cup.
  • When Nora is threatened, her first instinct is to use her laser eyes to zap the person. She does this a lot to her siblings, but she also tried to attack Darcy.

Season 2

Season 3

  • In Are You Afraid of the Park?, Max and Phoebe made Billy and Nora start fighting which caused Nora to fire her lasers ready to hurt Billy. Phoebe deflected the powers, burning Hank's favorite hat. Trip canceled.
  • Also in "Are You Afraid of the Park?", Nora forced Phoebe to play "laser tag" with her, making a lot of holes in Phoebe's dress.
  • In Patch Me If You Can, Nora almost zaps Chloe with one of her trick shots. She gets scared and wants to quit using her powers. But Barb gives her courage to not give up. Nora ends up saving the day by using her laser eyes to take down Harris' evil eyepatch.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Dark Mayhem uses his laser vision to laser the Thundermans' doors.
  • In the same episode, Billy uses the newly-acquired Heat Vision to save Nora from Fairy Pinch-ess by zapping her arm.

Season 4

  • In Thundermans: Banished!, Nora used her heat vision trick shots again during the ThunderCon.
  • In Smells Like Team Spirit, Nora is enlisted to punish Phoebe and Max by zapping whoever doesn't act like a team member.
  • When Dr. Colosso starts turning the kids into animals in Better Off Wed, Nora is the only one who fights back by zapping Colosso.
  • While playing rock-paper-lasers with Billy in Super Dupers, Nora accidentally hits the Thunder Monitor with her lasers, causing it to malfunction.
  • In Thunder in Paradise, Nora saves Billy from disappearing in the ocean while kite-surfing by zapping and destroying the kite string. She later uses her lasers to cut through Dark Mayhem's force-field that Evil Phoebe created to trap them.
  • The siblings changed history when Nora lasered Heinrich Hiddenville III in Save the Past Dance.
  • In Z's All That, Nora develops "laser loops", basically lasers in loops.
  • Thanks to Dr. Colosso, Nora's lasers become too strong beyond her control but afterward her lasers are back to normal.
  • In Revenge of the Smith, Nora uses her lasers to make popcorn.
  • When Phoebe gets the offer to visit Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace, Nora threatened her she would laser her eyes off.
  • Nora and Billy play "laser tag" in All the President's Thunder-Men.
  • In The Thunder Games, Nora uses lasers, without citizens seeing, on the bake sale bandit.


  • Heat Vision is very powerful. It can melt stuff and when it goes on people it hurts. Nora almost hurt Chloe because of her trick-shots.


  • When Nora is sad or upset, she cries "laser tears" as seen in Z's All That.


  • Because of her lasers, Nora's potential superhero name is Lasergirl.
  • Nora seems to have a lot of pleasure hurting people with her lasers.
    • As a result of her lasers, Nora is feared by the Thunderman Family.
  • Nora's trick shots can bounce as shown in Patch Me If You Can.