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Listen here, Mr. Bear, you can't stand in the way of my education.

— Heinrich

Mayor Heinrich Hiddenville III is the former Hiddenville mayor and the grandson of Hiddenville's founder. He always went to school no matter what, even on a day when a bear attacked him. The Thundermans met young Heinrich when time-traveling to 1955.

Parents in modern days often bring up his story to persuade their kids to attend school, under any circumstance.

Heinrich is portrayed by Owen Joyner.


Young Heinrich is usually cheery and observant but can be clumsy and timid at times when young. He is ambitious, striving to become popular in school and hoping to become class president when young and mayor eventually.

He is afraid of both supervillains and superheroes, especially after the Thundermans caused him to miss school and fracture his leg. He becomes suspicious of them, assuming they will cause more harm to him. However, when the Thundermans helped him in a dance contest and made him popular, he's fear of superheroes seemed to be overcome and he is shown to be appreciative, wanting to take a picture with them to remember them.

He keeps different journals to record his observations, including a flower journal for recording pretty flowers and their smells and a dance journal for recording different dances.


Originally, Heinrich never missed a day of school, even when attacked by a bear on November 4th, 1955. On that day, not only did he managed to attend school, he even won a dance contest and became popular. He was then voted to become class president and eventually became Hiddenville's mayor when grown up.

However, after the Thundermans changed the events of the past and caused Heinrich to miss his dance contest, he turned to a life of crime and grew up to become a powerful crime boss, named King Heinie, and took over Hiddenville. Hiddenville (a.k.a. Crimeville) became a city full of criminals.

Excerpt from The History of Hiddenville

Below is the excerpt of Heinrich's biography in the book, "The Complete History of Hiddenville", as shown in Save the Past Dance.


Complete History of Hiddenville book initial.png

Our mayor, Heinrich Hiddenville III, the grandson of our town's founder always went to school no matter what. Even on November 4th, 1955, when young Heinrich was attacked by a bear! He used his trusty pencil to scare the bear away. Not only did he make it to school, but he won a dance contest that night. He became so popular that he was voted class president which made him want to be mayor one day.

Nov. 4, 1955: Heinrich wins prize at sock hop that night of bear attack.

After the Thundermans altered the past

Complete History of Hiddenville book revised.png

Our mayor, Heinrich Hiddenville III, never missed a day of school. Except that one time when he fought a bear and tripped over a rock. Even then, he competed in a dance contest and won over the while town. He lost because of his partner, who history has since forgotten.

Nov. 4, 1955: Heinrich wins over town with unidentified young woman.