Henrietta Williams is a teacher at Hiddenville High. Henrietta Williams was a guest star for one episode (Ditch Day).


Henrietta loves to talk about birds and she even has a whole book based on birds.


Ditch Day

In Ditch Day, Henrietta Williams was the only teacher around in school. Since nobody else was at school, Henrietta started to talk about her birds. Later on, Phoebe and Max froze her so they can have fun.

Then they started to notice that Henrietta Williams couldn't have seen it so Phoebe and Max went back to school, but when they got back to school Henrietta was dancing. They needed to get it so Phoebe made a dance that everyone should do. Then Max grabbed the keys from her to the principal's office. After that, Max danced with her so she wouldn't know that her keys were missing. Next, she realized her keys were missing so she walked to the principal's office and Max thought she was going to find Phoebe, Billy and Nora. Henrietta still couldn't find her keys so they threw the keys to him so she knows where her keys are. Henrietta did not find out that Phoebe and Max were using their powers at Hiddenville High.


  • Henrietta was the only teacher that appeared in Ditch Day.
  • She loves birds.
  • She's good at dancing.
  • She's only in one episode.
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