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Hero League is the organization that manages and monitors all superheroes in the Thundermans universe. The current head of the Hero League is Super President Kick-butt

The Hero League Headquarters is located in Metroburg.

Duties of The Hero League

  • Alerting Superheroes of New Threats. In Haunted Thundermans, it is President Kickbutt who calls the Thundermans to inform them when a villain (Green Ghoul) escapes from prison.
  • Awarding Capes to Superheroes. In Cape Fear, the Hero League wants to award the remaining cape of the year to one of the superhero kids. However, when both The Thunder Twins screw up, the cape is awarded to Simone Kickbutt. Phoebe later gets the cape after defeating King Crab in A Hero Is Born, and Max gets it after becoming a superhero, and defeating (along with Phoebe), Dark Mayhem in Secret Revealed.
  • Training Young Superheroes. Kickbutt has been constantly training Phoebe by assigning her tasks, testing her and monitoring her activities since Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel.
  • Approving Mentors For Heroes-In-Training. In No Country for Old Mentors, the hero league lets Phoebe choose her mentor but they have to approve the choice.
  • Keeping Superheroes Secret. It is their responsibility to keep superheroes secret from non-supes as seen in I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka when they go to deep lengths to erase Cherry's phone memory after she accidentally posts a selfie, exposing the Thundermans as superheroes.
  • Running Hero University.
  • In charge of Secret Academy of Superpower Studies, for training young superheroes how to use their powers as seen in the SASS episode, Back To School.
  • In charge of the Z-Force, a special elite unit of superheroes.


  • In Thunder Van, Hank calls the Hero League tech support team to help resolve an issue with the Thunder Van.
  • In Haunted Thundermans, the Hero League's President Kickbutt calls the Thundermans to ask Hank to come out of retirement and help capture the Green Ghoul.
  • In Cape Fear, the Hero League comes to the Thundermans House to award Max with the superhero cape after skyrocketing to the top of the list for those qualified for the last cape of the year. Unfortunately, Max throws up the opportunity after Phoebe and Dr. Colosso convince him that he's turning good. So, the cape is awarded to Simone Kickbutt, the Hero League's president's daughter, for saving her mother from Max.
  • In A Hero Is Born, Hank calls the Hero League to take care of the villains he had just defeated at the Villain League headquarters in the old Broccoli Factory.
  • In Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel, it is revealed that Phoebe finally got the Superhero cape from Hero League by saving Max from King Crab. The Hero League assigns Phoebe as the protector of Hiddenville to help her practice balancing a superhero life and a normal life.
  • In Evil Never Sleeps, the Hero League tests Phoebe's loyalty by asking her to investigate Mike Evilman (her boyfriend's dad) in order to see if she would make the right choice or be blinded by love.
  • In No Country for Old Mentors, the Hero League asks Phoebe to choose a superhero mentor and she wants to chose Tech Rider but chooses her dad because she feels guilty. With Max's help, she later gets the Hero League to assign her to Tech Rider but eventually settles for Hank.
  • In Give Me A Break Up, Link is asked by the Hero League to become a superhero and is assigned to his first mission in Hong Kong.
  • In I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka, the Hero League is concerned that Cherry might expose the Thundermans by posting photos with Phoebe. They force Phoebe to break up with Cherry and enlist their special Agent Delta (Evan), to spy on Cherry. Evan captures Cherry and takes her to the Hero League for "complete memory wipe" but Cherry thinks they want to turn her into a superhero. Phoebe goes to the Hero League to confront President Kickbutt about it but later realizes they wanted to wipe Cherry's phone memory.
  • In Can't Spy Me Love, the Hero League sends its specialized Strike Team to the Thundermans house after Phoebe uses the Hero League's "Find A Fiend" app to track a cute boy. President Kickbutt goes undercover at Splatburger in preparation for the mission.
  • In Back To School, Phoebe and Max are forced to go back to fifth grade in SASS to take their power assessment tests.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, the Hero League awards Max the superhero cape for finally turning good and helping defeat Dark Mayhem.
  • In Thundermans: Banished!, the Thundermans were banished by the Hero League to live in Antarctica because their power and fame were leading to more damage than good. At the end, President Kickbutt uses a fake power-sapping orb to trick Hiddenville residents into thinking that the Hero League had taken away the Thundermans' superpowers.
  • In "Orange is the New Max," the Hero League asked Max to speak to troubled villain kids at the Metroburg Junior jail so that he can help convince them to turn good since he was once like them.
  • In All the President's Thunder-Men, Super President Kickbutt resigns because of too much pressure from the Thunder Twins. She chooses Hank as her successor. Realizing that Hank is unable to handle the pressure of being the Super President, the twins work together to apologize to Kickbutt and get her to return to her position of being the Super President of the Hero League.
  • In The Thunder Games, the Hero League fired the Z-Force commander and made him become Kickbutt's supe assistant.

Special Teams

The Hero League has specialized groups of highly skilled superheroes for performing certain roles.

Strike Team

The Strike Team is a special team of Hero League operatives used to track and take down dangerous criminals reported by superheroes. The Strike Team was first seen in Can't Spy Me Love when Phoebe used the Hero League's Find A Fiend app to track a cute boy.


The Z-Force is an elite group of some of the world's best superheroes, including superheroes whom other superheroes call when in trouble. In "Thundermans: Banished!", both Phoebe and Max were selected for a potential team spot on the Z-Force. It is the central storyline throughout Season 4 as the twins train to qualify for the spot. It is disbanded in "The Thunder Games" and replaced with "T-Force" led by the Thunder Twins.

Known Members

  • Super President Kickbutt - President
  • Dr. Babu Ouch - Physician
  • Evan - Secret Agent
  • Dirk Trumbo - Personal Assitant
  • Hero League Secret Service




  • Both Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo have hinted on twitter that Z-Force will be a recurring theme in season 4.
  • It is possible that Captain Man from Henry Danger and Danger Force was on the hero league once.
  • The danger force team of Captain man , volt , A.W.O.L , ShoutOut , Brainstorm could possibly join the hero league in the future.
  • Henry hart , Charlotte, and Jasper who now protect dystosia could also join the hero league in the future