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Hiddenville High is a public high school in Hiddenville where Phoebe, Max and their friends go. The current principal is Principal Bradford. It goes through grades 9 to 12.


Season 1

Phoebe vs. Max

  • Max pranks Phoebe by making her wake up at the Hiddenville High school hallway in front of other students.
  • Phoebe pranks Max by tricking him to dress in a bra in the school.

Report Card

  • We're introduced to the school's Math Bowl team.

Ditch Day

  • Hiddenville high usually has a ditch day every year. This time, only Max and Phoebe went to school.
  • The Thunder Twins play alone at the school.
  • Phoebe and Max sneak into school to erase video evidence of them using their powers in school.

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • We meet Principal Bradford for the first time in this episode.
  • Phoebe runs for class president but Max wins.
  • Max and Phoebe make a lot of improvements to the school using Phoebe's three-pronged approach ideas.


  • The school lunch lady drops a food cart down the stairs, almost hitting a girl; but Phoebe uses Thundersense Power to save the girl.

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Phoebe tries to join the school choir but Veronica will stop at nothing to keep her solo spot.

Breaking Dad

  • When Phoebe and Max's science teacher, Mr. Begbeaudy quits, Hank Thunderman becomes a substitute teacher at Hiddenville High - until Bradford realizes that Hank isn't a real teacher.

Season 2

Max's Minions

  • Max is declared the public school enemy for pranking Principal Bradford. When his minions overthrow him, he comes with the ultimate prank for them, restoring his reputation.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Phoebe and Cherry try to join the school's cheerleader team but Phoebe doesn't get in.
  • Phoebe becomes the school mascot to save Cherry from being humiliated publicly by the Madisons.

Change of Art

  • The school holds an art auction where Phoebe and Max have the best artwork. Too bad it's all stolen.
  • Barb registers Hank to auction the art at the school.

Winter Thunderland

  • In the alternative bad future, evil Phoebe Thunderman has taken over Hiddenville High school and rules them as a dictator.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • A secret prankster called the "Rebel Raptor" is the talk of the school for pranking Principal Bradford.
  • Phoebe is punished to work as lunch lady for refusing to expose Max as the Rebel Raptor.
  • The Thunder Twins discover that Principal Bradford has been running an underground wrestling within the school.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • Mrs. Austin's class does a Chinese culture project
  • Max and Phoebe work together for their school project after they're both kicked out of their teams.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Max's first crime for his evil chronicle is to do a prank at Hiddenville High school but Phoebe catches him.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Phoebe and Max try to help Cherry cheat and win her archery class but they cause her to shoot Principal Bradford's toe.
  • The Thunder Twins get themselves into detention to save Cherry.
  • Principal Bradford reveals that Wolfgang is the reason why he voted against the school's Student Exchange Program.
  • Phoebe is made to wear an orange jumpsuit when serving her time in detention

Exit Stage Theft

  • Max joins a group of bad girls who have been stealing stuff from other students. He also helps them steal his band's equipment.
  • Max's Band performs during the school talent show.

Floral Support

  • Phoebe and Cherry join Allison and the Green Teens to confront Principal Bradford when he tries to cut down a tree they're protecting.
  • Bradford has installed alert system around his office to alert him when Max's is approaching.
  • Max and Phoebe use the Green Teens keys to access Principal Bradford's office but Max's uses the opportunity to steal his diary back.

Date Expectations

  • Phoebe sneaks into Mrs. Austin's class very late and in order to get her grade back, she has to win Model UN project.
  • Allison and Max disrupt the Model U.N. after realizing that Phoebe tricked them on a date so that she can win the vote.

Kiss Me Nate

  • Hiddenville High drama club is holding a school play and Max enlists Phoebe to audition for the school play so that Allison doesn't get the lead and kiss Nate.

Original Prankster

  • Max goes late at night to school to prank Principal Bradford.
  • Wolfgang is almost expelled from the school and deported from the country after Bradford mistakes him for the prankster.
  • Bradford discovers that Hiddenville High makes money for hosting exchange students. So, he keeps Bradford.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • It is revealed that Evan is not an actual student at Hiddenville High but rather a secret agent for the Hero League.
  • Hiddenville High holds a "Best of the Besties" selfie contest.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Hiddenville High Junior prom is held at the Hiddenville Museum.
  • Several students at Hiddenville High join the ThunderGirl Fan Club.
  • Principal Bradford tells the entire school during prom that Phoebe Thunderman is ThunderGirl.

Season 4

Happy Heroween

  • In one of Dr. Colosso's stories, "Phoebe the Vampire Slayer," Vampire Max turns most of the Hiddenville High students into vampires, while Phoebe and Cherry try to stop him.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Max and Phoebe narrate their heroic saves to their fellow students in the Hiddenville High hallways.
  • Max causes the school janitor to quit his job when he suspects him for being an evil Villain League villain in disguise.

Date of Emergency

  • Phoebe struggles to get one of the boys at Hiddenville High to go on a date with her to the Heart Tree. She settles for Gideon.

May Z-Force Be With You

  • The ping-pong tournament is held at Hiddenville High School.
  • Principal Bradford and Cherry are the top finalists in the ping pong tournament.
  • Phoebe suffers a neck injury when she falls off the school staircase after being hit with a ping pong ball by Principal Bradford.

21 Dump Street

Known Staff

  • Principal Bradford - Current Principal
  • Mrs. Austin - Government Class Teacher
  • Mrs. Henrietta Williams - Teacher
  • Mrs. Matson - Art Teacher
  • Mr. Begbeaudy - Former Chemistry Teacher
  • Hank Thunderman - Former Substitute Teacher
  •  ?? - Lunch Lady
  • Vladimir Lushenko - former janitor
  • Mark McGrath (janitor) - current janitor
  • Coach Shimeck - PE teacher

Known Students


  • Hank was once a substitute teacher for Max and Phoebe's science class (Breaking Dad).
  • In Season 2 and so on, the school walls are changed to a different color and they added red and orange lockers.
  • The Math Bowl Max and Phoebe competed in was held here (Report Card).
  • The relay races competition in (Up, Up, and Vacay) was held in the Hiddenville High schoolyard.
  • Max was President of the school while Phoebe was Vice President (You Stole My Thunder, Man).
  • Principal Bradford must really hate The Thundermans, as he reveals their secret (Thundermans: Secret Revealed), when the students are at a dance.