I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka is the eighteenth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


After Cherry accidentally posts a photo revealing the Thundermans' secret, the Hero League forces Phoebe to end the relationship with her best friend. Meanwhile, Max accidentally puts a beard on Nora.[1]


Main Plot

Phoebe and Cherry are taking selfies to win Best of The Besties for the yearbook. But are worried of losing to Evan and Eleanor the Iguana, so they take another selfie. It's a great selfie except... the Thundermans Superhero portrait can be seen in the background, which would easily expose them as superheroes.

They delete it first before anyone sees it. But right after, the Thunder Monitor announces an incoming transmission from Super President Kickbutt. Cherry runs away. Kickbutt tells Phoebe that they monitor everything to make sure superheroes don't get exposed because it could lead to a lot of consequences. She tells Phoebe that Cherry is the problem and the Hero League is planning to take action on her. Phoebe must stay away from Cherry. No compromises.

Barb and Hank start following Phoebe at Splatburger to hangout with her, since she can't be with Cherry. They find out that Phoebe hasn't told Cherry yet about it and urge her to do it sooner than later. Evan comes over to show off his latest selfie.

The following day at school, Phoebe considers telling Cherry that she can't see her anymore but she's worried that Cherry could get mad and expose their secret. So, when Cherry asks her if she got in trouble with the Hero League, Phoebe says everything is okay. They celebrate with more selfies and dance. Someone is seen recording them on a phone.

As Phoebe and Cherry leave the scene, a shadowy figure makes a call to President Kickbutt, reporting Phoebe for violating the orders to stay away from Cherry. Kickbutt calls him "Agent Delta." He tells Kickbutt that he will handle the Phoebe-Cherry problem. It is then revealed that the agent is in fact, Evan.

Evan lies to Phoebe that Cherry is looking for her. So Phoebe goes on a wild goose chase. Evan then gets to Cherry and walks her outside the school building. He then uses his Superhero phone app to suck Cherry into the phone. Literally.

Phoebe starts searching for Cherry with no success. She meets Maddy and her friend, Roxy, who confirm that they saw Evan talking with Cherry. Phoebe suspects that Evan is up to something. She then uses her Hero League app to find out what Evan is up to. Phoebe sees what Evan did to Cherry. The video also shows him on a call saying that he's taking her to the Hero League for a memory wipe. Phoebe plans a rescue mission for Cherry.

Cherry is brought into the Super Hero League by Evan. Instead of being scared, she is impressed that Evan is a secret agent for the Hero League. Phoebe lands in to rescue Cherry but Cherry is convinced that they want to make her a superhero. Phoebe confronts Evan, who reveals that his real name is actually Lucius. She threatens Evan if he doesn't release Cherry but Evan neutralizes her superpowers.

When Kickbutt comes in, Phoebe stands up for Cherry. She complains that the Hero League has gone too far spying on her at school but she draws the line with them erasing Cherry's memory. She says she would rather sacrifice being a superhero than lose her best friend because Cherry is very valuable to her and she is the best thing to happen to her since they moved to Hiddenville. Kickbutt is surprised that Phoebe thought they were going to erase Cherry's memory. The plan was to erase her phone's memory.

It is revealed that Evan is in fact a 50 year old, sent to spy on the Thunder Twins in Hiddenville High School. Evan and his Iguana win the Best of Besties selfie contest but since his cover is now blown, he has to go home... to the kids.

Sub Plot

Nora asks Phoebe for help preparing for a play date with a cute boy named Owen but Phoebe is mad about losing her best friend. So, she tells Nora to never become friends with anyone.

Max is undergoing an evil review from Dark Mayhem but Mayhem is not impressed by anything evil Max does. He says that he's figured out Max's problem: his baby face. Max feels compelled to change his face or hide behind a mask to look more evil. Max upgrades the Nose Hairalyzer gadget so that he can use it to grow an evil beard. Nora walks in and asks Max for help about the cute boy. Max kicks her out but before she leaves, he accidentally blasts her face with the nose hairalyzer, making her grow a beard and hair all over her face. Max shaves it but it grows right back in. He promises Nora to find a solution for the problem. They both agree that she should stay home and lie to their parents that she's sick.

Nora wants to cancel her playdate with Owen because Max hasn't found a fix yet. Max asks her to give him a few more minutes. Nora, afraid of taking any chances, calls Billy to cancel the playdate but it's too late because Billy and Owen are already home. Nora keeps her face covered to hide the beard. She manages to trick Billy and Owen into playing games that involve hiding her face.

When Max's machine to reverse the beard is ready, he goes to Nora in the middle of the play. Just before he could fix Nora's beard, Owen finds Nora. She has to put her hands up and turn to face Owen, as part of the game. No time to cover the beard. Busted! Owen freaks out when he realises the beard is real. Nora says it's okay for him to leave. Owen starts walking out.

Max gets furious and pulls him back for walking out on Nora. He gives him a very emotional speech about Nora: "You're just gonna go? Well, before you go, you should know that my little sister was all worried about making the day perfect. And I told her it doesn't matter what she does on her play date or how she looks. And she's an awesome girl and any boy should like her for that... So, if you don't like this little sasquatch for who she is on the inside, maybe you should hit the road!" Nora is very impressed by Max's speech and wonders why Max has never told her that before. Max admits that he should have.

The speech gets Owen to open up about his secret. He turns his back and shows them the beard on his back. Max makes fun of his back hair and gives him his backpack to leave. But Nora invites Owen back in. Nora and Owen continue with their play date.

In a follow up video chat with Mayhem and Colosso, Max tells Mayhem that it doesn't matter if he has a baby face. What matters is that he is evil on the inside. He also shows Mayhem a photo of Nora with the beard. This impresses Mayhem because giving little kids is not only evil but also hilarious. As the chat ends, Barb brings in a bearded Chloe, asking Max to explain! He chooses not to.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Max Jimenez as Owen



  • This episode will air with a new lineup of Nickelodeon shows alongside Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn and Legendary Dudas.
  • This was the seventeenth episode filmed this season.
  • This is one of the many times The Thundermans family secret is almost revealed to the world.


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