Take it down a notch, Kicki Minaj.

— Joni to Phoebe

It's Not What You Link is the nineteenth in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe's plan to get Max and Link to become friends backfires when Link starts spending too much time with Max, making Phoebe worry that Max might be trying to turn Link evil. Hank promises Barb to stay healthy and even take a yoga class but Nora and Billy catch him sneaking into a secret room.


Max, Phoebe and Link

Max interrupts Phoebe and Link

Link brings Phoebe jelly jams from Metroburg because she had texted him so many times about how much she loves them. She starts eating them and even gives Billy and Nora some. The couple is happy together until Max walks in, teases them and steals their jelly jams. Link gets angry about it.

Phoebe watches Max vs Link

Phoebe watches Max vs Link

Phoebe asks Link to ignore it but Link has had enough. Not this time. He super-stretches his arms to grab the jams back from Max as Phoebe tries to talk them both out of it. Max tells Phoebe that the son of Evilman should be evil... and not buying delicious goods for goofy girls. Max then lets go of the jams, causing Link to fall flat on his back with his stretched arms. Max then tells Phoebe he doesn't see what she sees in Link.

In the kitchen, Barb prepares Hank to go for yoga. She then walks into the kitchen and finds Phoebe bummed about Link. She assumes that they've broken up. But Phoebe explains that she is worried about how she can't hang out with Link because of buttface Max. Max then comes into the kitchen, with buttcheeks drawn all over his face. Phoebe admits it was funny drawing them but wishes Max didn't hate Link so much. Barb pretends to care but Phoebe concludes that mom's suggestion is for Phoebe to set up a playdate between Max and Link.

While playing by the staircase, Nora and Billy notice their dad sneaking back into the house despite claiming that he was going to a yoga class. They follow him upstairs. Hank enters in the closet and disappears. Billy and Nora wonders where he went to.

Outside, Phoebe tricks Max and Link into meeting her at the same time. She confesses that she lied to them and says she hoped that the guy she likes and the brother she is forced to live with can play a basketball game together. Link accepts because it means something to Phoebe. Max accepts because he gets to defeat Link. They start playing basketball together. Link impresses Max by using his stretchy arms superpower to cheat at the basketball game. Phoebe takes pride in herself for starting a beautiful friendship.

Billy tries to lift a pair of stinky shoes on the closet shelf. This opens a small door to a red button. Nora says the button is too red not to push. They push it, revealing a secret room. The kids get into the room, only to find Hank eating buffalo wings while playing video games without pants. Hank tells them that this is supposed to be his superhero surveillance room. Judging by the nature of the room, Nora figures out that her dad is lying. She demands to know the truth. Hank confesses that this is his Thunderman cave where he goes for a quiet time from the family. He begs them not to tell Barb but Nora starts blackmailing him to let them use the room or else Barb finds out. Hank caves in.

A few days later, Phoebe, Max, Link and Barb are eating pizza together in the living room. She is happy that Max and Link are now getting along. Instead of eating pizza with the rest, Nora and Billy ask Hank to let them go to yoga again. Hank tries to refuse but Nora indirectly threatens Hank to tell Barb about "the yoga studio" which forces Hank to take them to the secret room. After finishing the pizza, Max asks Link to go with him to his lair. Barb then sits closer to Phoebe and scares her that Max could rub his evil ways on Link. She tells Phoebe that Link's dad, Mr. Evilman was a nice person until he became buddies with Dark Mayhem. Phoebe tries convincing herself that Link is a good kid. Barb emphasis to Phoebe that the most important thing is that she trusts Link. Just like how Barb trusts Hank (who is secretly sneaking into the house to go to his Thunderman cave). But Phoebe doesn't trust Max. So she has to do something about it.

In Max's Lair, Max makes a big deal about making Link his "Evil Lieutenant." Phoebe eavesdrops into their conversation through the swirly slide where she overhears Link saying that he would never betray the Dark Side. Link asks Max to tell Phoebe about it but Max says Phoebe should never find out about Max's Evil Brotherhood. The two agree to go and take down their enemies. Phoebe tries to stop them by going through the swirly slide. Phoebe falls on Max's bed but it's a little too late. Dr. Colosso makes fun of Phoebe's first time on the swirly slide but Phoebe freezes him.

Max comes back looking for his map. He finds Colosso frozen. Phoebe sneaks up on Max and knocks him down for turning Link evil. She looks at Max's map and wonders what he's going to do in the park after dark. She then reveals to Max that she overheard about his evil brotherhood and how they're going to take down their enemies tonight. Phoebe tries to stop Max but Max freezes her and unfreezes Colosso. Outside, Max lies to Link that he told Phoebe about it and she is cool with it. Cold even. Link then shows Max that he has brought him Evilman's Ring of Suffering, which makes Max really excited. They leave the park.

Hank gets fed up with Billy and Nora messing up his secret Thunderman cave. But every time he tries to kick them out, Nora blackmails him. He gives up and admits that Nora is the one in charge. Billy and Nora continue playing but Nora's lasers accidentally trigger a lock-in mode for the Thunderman cave. Hank reveals that the secret room is reinforced with Thundertanium and it was built to be a panic room. Hank accidentally breaks the lock. They all panic. There is only one way out. A huge electric power surge from the outside could open the room, but the only person who can do that is Barb. Billy and Nora push their dad to call Barb to open for them.

Barb receives Hank's call and she uses her Electriss powers to "release the Kraken." This sends a big electric wave in the house causing the Thunderman Cave to open. The electric surge also unfreezes Phoebe in Max's lair. Dr. Colosso tells Phoebe what happens and also complains about Phoebe freezing him first. He calls Phoebe an ice witch. Phoebe leaves to follow Max and Link. After getting inside the panic room, Barb confronts Hank about it. Nora tries to make herself innocent but no one buys it. Barb is not angry with Hank. Instead, she's happy no one will ever find out her "Fortress of Barbitude." At the park, Phoebe arrives at the place where Max and Link's brotherhood of evil was going to meet. Max and a big group of teenagers arrive. All dressed in black. Phoebe hides behind a bush. Max introduces himself as their Duke of Darkness as they prepare to take down the Keepers of Light. Max asks Link, his Lieutenant to give him the Ring of Suffering. When Link shouts, "Let's get evil!" Phoebe comes out of her hiding place and says it won't happen on her watch. Joni, the girl in Max's Brotherhood of Evil, mistakes Phoebe for an intruder from the other side. She asks them to get Phoebe. Max tries to stop them but it's too late. They all go after Phoebe. But within a few seconds, Phoebe beats them all up and leaves them crying on the ground. Thanks to her superhero combat skills!

Phoebe vs Max's Brotherhood of Evil

As Phoebe tries to explain herself to Link about how she came to un-brainwash him, Joni reveals that they were LARPing. (Live Action Role Play.) Max explains to Phoebe that for the rest, this is a big game but for him, he gets to be a villain out in the open. Phoebe calls him a giant nerd. The LARP gets back on their game. Link explains to Phoebe that he only joined Max's stupid games because it means he gets to hang out with Phoebe. Max then "stabs" Link and when Phoebe tells him he can't stab his own Lieutenant" he "stabs" her too and says all he wanted from Link was Evilman's Ring of Suffering.

Phoebe and Link enjoy "afterlife" in the picnic table. The Keepers of Light arrive and Max asks his brotherhood to attack. Link then tells Phoebe that this isn't even the real Ring of Suffering. It belongs to his sister and it's made out of candy.

Things get back to normal between Max, Phoebe and Link where Max continues to mess with Phoebe and Link's fun activities.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Brianne Tju as Joni



  • This episode was in production from September 15th, 2014 - September 19th, 2014.
  • When Max freezes Phoebe and then leaves the house, it is nightime, but when we see the lightning bolts around the house, it is all of a sudden daytime, and then when Phoebe gets out of the house to look for Max and Link, it is still nightime.
  • Brianne Tju's real-life sister and former Bella and the Bulldogs star, Haley Tju, played Darcy Wong on the Thundermans in Crime After Crime and Pretty Little Choirs.



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