This page is about the character, Keely, a student from SASS. For the actress portraying Sarah, see Keely Marshall

I prefer to get advice from a teenager who isn't repeating 5th grade.

— Keely to Phoebe

Keely is a character on the Thundermans. She is a young superhero student at SASS. Keely is portrayed by KylieRae Condon.


In Back To School, Keely is one of the students who had missed the Hero League superpower assessment test and are forced to retake it on the same day with Phoebe and Max. She introduces herself and shows her superpower is Weather Control. However, she hasn't fully mastered Weather Control, so she accidentally zaps Rodney's lunch with lightning.

Keely sits next to Phoebe in class shares her concern about having crush on Chester and her worries that Chester likes Jocelyn more than her. Phoebe advises her to be patient with Chester as he will notice her if he's smart enough. Keely is partnered with Jocelyn during the test and together they make a laser blaster to stop the robot.

When Phoebe, Max and Leonard are stuck in the laser storm, Keely wants to help but is worried that she could hurt them because she hasn't mastered her powers yet. But with Phoebe's advice, she gains courage and creates a super-charged cloud with enough magnetism to deflect the lasers, saving Max, Phoebe and Leonard.

Chester is impressed by Keely's powers and asks her out to the super dance. Keely thanks Phoebe for believing in her.


Keely is hardworking, nice but a little bit insecure.



Keely had a crush on Chester for a long time and is worried that he won't notice her. He later asks her out to the Super Dance.

Phoebe Thunderman

Keely trusts Phoebe's decision about boys. She easily warms up to Phoebe and asks for her advice about boys and how to control her powers. During the intense laser scene in Back To School, Phoebe tells Keely she believes in her, which gives her courage to created a charged cloud to neutralize the magnetism. She later thanks Phoebe for believing in her.


Keely and Jocelyn are friends even though Keely is worried that Chester likes Jocelyn instead of her. They work together in the test and even hug after defeating a robot.


Weather Control: Keely has weather based abilities. She can create rain clouds and lightning.

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