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King Crab is the main antagonist in the one hour The Thundermans special, A Hero Is Born. A renowned and respected supervillain, he lured Dr. Colosso to him by pretending he was getting a villains award.


In a Hero is Born, King Crab, Scalestro, and Lady Web sent a letter to Colosso that he won an award for Villain of the Decade. When Max and Colosso came in he, Lady Web and Scalestro revealed they lured Colosso to the villain league to kick him out due to his recent villain activity in the past several years. When he tried to take away Dr. Colosso's cape because Dr. Colosso hadn’t done any evil in years, Dr. Colosso lies and says he was busy capturing Thunderman’s son, Max. He locks an anklet to his ankle so he can’t use his powers, and ties Max and then Dr. Colosso onto a platform above a pot of hermit crabs for them to be eaten alive, when he sees Dr. Colosso trying to save Max. Phoebe then arrives and fights King Crab while releasing Max and Dr. Colosso. Before Colosso and Max could help, Colosso turns back into a bunny because Max set a timer on the Animalizer. Max then wrestles King Crab over a powerful laser blaster but was then distracted by Baby Chloe's bubble power, and allowing Max to blast and defeat King Crab. King Crab calls for back up after being blasted by his own laser blaster and being stuck for a while. As Cherry, Phoebe, Max, and Baby Chloe escape Max tried to use his Telekinesis to get Bunny Colosso but King Crab blocked it with his indestructible crab claw. Hank then arrives in the Old Broccoli Factory and easily defeats their goons, Scalestro, and King Crab but Lady Web escaped and was later captured in Thundermans Secret Revealed.


  • Pincer Claw: King Crab right hand is a Pincer Claw, that is capable of achieving the same functions as a crab and has super strength. King Crab uses it as a shield to defend himself against superpowers. According to Colosso it is indestructible, has an unbreakable Kung-fu grip, and he loves popping bubble-wrap and bubbles with it.
    • Power Negation: King Crab's claw can't be effect by super power so he is able to use his indestructible claw to stop/block any energy attack. It was shown during his battle with Phoebe where he blocked all of her attack and when Max tried to use his Telekinesis to get Bunny Colosso.

King Crab blocking Max's Telekinesis.