King Crab is the main antagonist in the one hour The Thundermans special, A Hero Is Born. A renowned and respected supervillain, he lured Dr. Colosso to him by pretending he was getting a villains award.


He tried to take away Dr. Colosso's cape because Dr. Colosso hadn’t done any evil in years. Dr. Colosso lies and says he was busy capturing Thunderman’s son, Max. He locks a anklet to his ankle, so he can’t use his powers and ties Max and then Dr. Colosso onto a platform above a pot of hermit crabs for them to be eaten alive, when he sees Dr. Colosso trying to save Max. Phoebe then arrives and fights King Crab. She releases Max and Dr. Colosso and then she and Max defeat King Crab.

Power and Abilities

  • Pincer Claw: King Crab has a Pincer Claw that is capable of achieving the same functions as a crab.
    • Power Negation: King Crab is able to use his claws that are able to stop any energy attack. The claw is indestructible, according to Colosso.
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