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Nate's on fire but you're the one who got burned!

Phoebe to Max

Kiss Me Nate is the fourteenth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Max is nervous when his girlfriend auditions for the romantic lead in the school play opposite a cute boy, so he convinces Phoebe to audition for the same role. [1] Billy, Nora, and Chloe want a play house.

Main Plot

Allison joins the drama club and wants to audition for the lead role in the upcoming school play alongside a cute boy, Nate who has a reputation of dating all the lead girls in his plays. This makes Max nervous about the possibility of Allison kissing Nate in the play or even dating him.

Max tries to get Maddy and Roxy to audition for the lead role but they refuse because Roxy gets stage-fright and Maddy get stage rage. So, Max and Phoebe come up with a plan for Phoebe to audition for the lead role so that Allison doesn't get the role. Max coaches Phoebe with the acting but unfortunately, she's really bad at it. He goes to the auditioning stage to guide her during the audition process.

Phoebe gets on stage ready to audition but when Max upsets her by continuing to give her directions, she makes a very powerful speech complaining about Max. The casting director mistakes it for an auditioning monologue. So, he gives her the role. Allison gets the role of Angel #3. It turns out Angel #3 has to kiss Nate. Allison is surprised that Max is cool with it. Max regrets not reading the play and now wants to sabotage the kiss. Phoebe gets her own entourage featuring Maddy and Roxy. But, she must also work with Max to stop Allison from kissing Nate.

Max joins the stage crew of the play in order to sabotage the kiss. He successfully convinces the director that kissing during rehearsals would jinx the play. Nate reveals to Phoebe that even though she's his leading lady, he doesn't like her because he only likes girls who can act. His plan is to kiss Allison and steal her from Max. Phoebe tells Max about it and offers to fake being sick to get the play cancelled. Max tells Allison the play is cancelled but Allison has already figured it out that Max doesn't want them to kiss. Allison tells Max that she loves him only and kissing Nate for play means nothing to her. Max stops being jealous and is okay with the Nate-Allison kiss. Phoebe helps Max through the kiss by comforting him and closing his eyes.


Nora and Billy try to get their dad to build a play house for them but when he refuses, they trick their mom into building it by playing into her competitive nature. Their dad decides to build one too just to prove that he can build a better one than Barb. They start building the two houses but eventually discover that they've been tricked by Nora. So, they punish the kids by making them attend Phoebe's terrible play.


Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Thomas Archer as Nate



  • This marks the return of the Thundermans on Nick's Saturday night lineup.
  • This is the first new episode to air since February.
  • This is the second episode in the series so far (after He Got Game Night) which ends a hiatus, but another one begins after it.


Nora: Here he comes. Ask him.
Billy:Hey dad, do you go to the bathroom standing up or sitting down?
Nora:What he meant was, can you build us a playhouse?
— Nora, Billy & Chloe

Chloe:I will build it for you.
Nora:Sorry Chloe, you can't build a playhouse with cuteness.
Chloe:Not with that attitude you can't!
— Nora and Chloe

Give her a break. No, seriously go over there and break every bone on her body.

— Colosso to Max about Phoebe

Roxy:Great job, Phoebe. Cool death scene.
Phoebe:Wait, that wasn't a death scene.
Maddy:Told you!
— Roxy, Phoebe & Maddy

Phoebe: (acting) Farewell Kentuky! You'll always be in. My dreams. The lights dim she exists. (she leaves the stage, leaving everyone shocked)
Billy: I like it when they explain what's happening.
— Phoebe during play.



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