Hiddenville Country Club is a place where they play tennis.


Season 2

Doubles Trouble

At the country club, Max uses his telekinesis to help Phoebe cheat because she does not know how to play tennis. Mr. Lacroix notices Max moving his hand and confronts him. Max is shocked and he thinks he saw Max use his superpower.It turns out Lacroix was just ordering the waiters around. He said that he gets the power he wants. This gets Max distracted from the game. This causes Phoebe to lose some of the shots. Max enjoys having the attention so he starts to participate in the tournament.

Phoebe and Link advance to the finals and so does Max and Mr. Lacroix. Phoebe gets furious at Max for betraying her even though he didn't want to play tennis in the first place. Phoebe posts Max's Thunderslam photo to humiliate him. The twins argue for a moment then they go to the match. The match turns into a super power fight between Max and Phoebe. Max's team win after the super power match.

Max gets the Lacroix Cup and 1 year membership to the club. However, Max's excitement is over when a man said that he does not deserve the Lacroix Cup. It turned out Mr. Lacroix had a twin. And the man was the real Lacroix. The other Lacroix was just his brother who uses his name to get free stuff. Max's stuff were taken away from him.


Owners & Staffs

  • Mr. Lacroix (the second twin)
  • Waiters

Episode Appearance

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