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You haven't done anything evil in years!

— Lady Web to Dr. Colosso

Lady Web is a recurring character on the Thundermans. She is a supervillain and a member of the Villain League in Metroburg. She has worked with major villains including Dark Mayhem and King Crab. Lady Web is portrayed by Parisa Fakhri.

Her unique look is a spider-web costume which covers her entire body and clothes with a spider-web mask and choker necklace.


In A Hero Is Born, Lady Web plotted with King Crab and Scalestro to kick Dr. Colosso out of the Villain League because he hasn't done anything evil for years. They lie to Dr. Colosso that he's won Villain of the Decade award to lure him into the Villains League headquarters. Max is excited to meet Lady Web but then they quickly become enemies after the villains turning against him. Lady Web is the one who tests Max for superhero DNA. Phoebe comes to stop Dr. Colosso. After King Crab is defeated by Phoebe, he calls on all Lady Web and other villains from the Hall of Villains to help. Hank Thunderman defeats Lady Web and the other villains and calls the Hero League on them but Lady Web somehow manages to escape.

By Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Lady Web is working with Dark Mayhem to look for a new place to live since Phoebe exposed their old headquarters. She comes to the Hiddenville Museum to steal a diamond so that the villains can be able to afford a new place. Unfortunately, she is seen and stopped by ThunderGirl (Phoebe) before getting away. Phoebe freezes Lady Web and calls the police on her.


  • Spider Silk Generation/Web Generation: Lady Web is capable of creating Spider Silk easily with a simple Hand Gesture.

Episode Appearances


  • Lady Web has appeared in 2 Thundermans one-hour specials.