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Link Evilman is a recurring character on the The Thundermans. He's the son of a former supervillain and Hank's nemesis, Mike Evilman. In exact contrast to Max, Link denies his family's wishes to become evil and wants to be a superhero instead. He had a romantic relationship with Phoebe in Season 2-3. Link is portrayed by Barrett Carnahan.


Link has a good heart and a calm, peaceful nature. He's great with children (in Patch Me If You Can Phoebe states how her smaller siblings love to play with him) and patient when having to deal with Max or Hank. Based on the fact that he gives Phoebe many gifts like flowers, love letters or her favorite food speaks for him as a romantic person. While in a relationship with her Link is willing to befriend Max (even though he doesn't like him very much) to please her and also sacrifice his superhero career so that they can stay together.

On the other hand Link can be very clingy (to a point where even Phoebe gets annoyed with him) and snaps rather quickly which can be interpreted as him being highly sensitive/emotional, but also gullible (f.ex. in One Hit Thunder he doesn't even question the events and immediately breaks up with Phoebe believing Max out of all persons). This leads to the conclusion that he hasn't got a good knowledge in people which is demonstrated again when he doesn't realize how his friend Quinn tries to manipulate his relationship and is a supervillain herself as seen in Why You Buggin'?. Another weakness of him is that he seems unable to make some decisions (except wanting to be a superhero) by himself: Phoebe has to get him into hero training, Phoebe has to decide if he should go to China or not, Phoebe needs to tell him that she would like to meet his siblings. All this shows that he hasn't quite sorted out his priorities yet and therefore stays passive most of the time.


Season 2

Meet the Evilmans

Phoebe and Max first meet Link at Splatburger in the episode, Meet the Evilmans after Phoebe accidentally exposed her superpowers to him. She goes over to convince Link that it was a trick but Link reveals that he has superpowers like her too. Phoebe is excited to meet someone with whom she can finally use her powers without fear of being exposed. Phoebe and Max try to figure out who Link is, only to realize that he is the son of Evilman, one of Hank's greatest nemesis. So, Phoebe realizes that she can't date him but Max wants to meet Link's dad so that he can inherit Evilman's Ice Base. Max texts Link, inviting him for a date with Phoebe. Link comes over to the Thundermans house. Barb calls Hank to question Link to make sure he's good enough for Phoebe. When Hank recognizes Evilman, he forbids Phoebe from dating Link, and Evilman forbids Link from seeing Phoebe. Link and Phoebe stand up against their parents and remind them that their issues should not affect their kids.

Doubles Trouble

Link wants to spend more time with Phoebe but his parents make him attend a country club tournament. Phoebe agrees to go to the country club with Link and try to win a one-year membership so that she can spend more time with him. She asks Max to help her cheat, but Max turns against Link and Phoebe so that he can win the spot to himself.

It's Not What You Link

Link and Max's fights get worse, prompting Phoebe to look for ways to make them be nice to each other. She tricks them into bonding by playing basketball together. Max gets impressed when Link cheats on the game by using his Elasticity superpower. He invites Link to join his "Evil Brotherhood" role play game. Phoebe gets concerned that Max might actually turn Link evil. So, she sneaks up on them during the RPG game and finds that Link is playing Max's Lieutenant. Link gives Max the ring of suffering He then hangs out with Phoebe and reveals that the ring is fake.

One Hit Thunder

Link gets a job at Splatburger and Phoebe comes to visit him. He shows Phoebe that he has figured out a way to clean the Splatburger tubes (which couldn't be cleaned according to Jay Jay). He uses his elasticity power to stretch his arms into the tubes to clean them. They mention Link's bonus toe and Link's tells Phoebe that she is the only one he's ever told about it because it's embarrassing. Phoebe promises to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, Max sneaks into Phoebe's bedroom and reads Phoebe's diary on the "bonus toe" entry. Max uses it to inspire a hit song for his band. Link hears the song and concludes that Phoebe betrayed his trust by telling Max his embarrassing secret. He breaks up with Phoebe and refuses to listen to her explanation. When Max realizes that Phoebe is really hurting, he blows off the performance and instead sings an apology song for Link, confessing that he's the one to blame. Link forgives Phoebe and they get back together.

Season 3

Why You Buggin'?

Link's childhood best friend, Quinn comes to Hiddenville to visit him. Phoebe realizes that Quinn has a giant crush on Link and is still evil. She tries to warn Link but Link asks them to get along. Eventually, Link realizes that Quinn is still a bug villain like her parents.

Evil Never Sleeps

Phoebe is worried about her relationship with Link after the Hero League asks her to spy on and report his father for engaging in crimes. Mr. Evilman uses Link as an excuse to convince Phoebe not to turn him in. When Link finds out what's going on, he tells Phoebe he would never break up with her for that. She had to do the right thing.

Patch Me If You Can

Phoebe realizes that she hasn't bonded with Link's siblings as Link bonds with Nora and Billy. So, Link asks her to babysit his little brother, Harris Evilman, while Link prepares for his surprise birthday party.

Give Me A Break Up

Link becomes too clingy on Phoebe, spending most of the time at the Thundermans house. This makes Phoebe uncomfortable due to lack of her own free time. She tries to come up with fake hobbies for Link in order to keep him occupied. Eventually, she realizes that Link likes saving people. So, she helps him practice being a superhero. The Hero League gets impressed by Link's progress and asks him to work for them as a superhero in Hong Kong. Link, having realized he isn't all that into women anyway, agrees, leading to a mutual break up between him and Phoebe.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Phoebe originally planned to go to prom with Link, but he later called to say he can't come because the Hero League isn't allowing him any time off. However, after Phoebe decides to go single with Cherry, Maddy, and Roxy, he unexpectedly appears at Splatburger. He tells her that he'll go to prom with her regardless of what the Hero League says, and Phoebe hesitatingly agrees, not wanting to hurt his feelings. At the prom, Phoebe has to split time between her girl crew and Link, and this makes Link think that Phoebe is acting weird. Later, Phoebe's girl crew catches Link and they get mad at her for breaking her promise. Phoebe then comes clean to admit that she couldn't force herself to tell Link about her promise to her friends and says she will never hide anything from them again... right before Bradford exposes her as Thundergirl.

Later, when Max arrives ready to take Phoebe's powers, Link tries to stop him. However, when Max asks him about Hong Kong, he gets distracted, and Max freezes him so that Phoebe can't have extra help. After the whole battle, Phoebe unfreezes him, and they take a picture along with the rest of the friends.

In the alternate ending, Link is seen at the Thundermans' ceremony cheering with Oyster and Wolfgang.


Phoebe Thunderman

Main article: Phoebe and Link
  • When Link first met Phoebe, they both fell for each other quite quickly. However, being together turns out complicated when she and her brother finds out his father's identity. Hank and Mike both have an against though about their relationship at first, forbidding them to meet. As they break this rule, it comes to a fight followed by the realization that Thunderman and Evilman are enemies no more and get along with each other quite well

Powers & Abilities

  • Elasticity: Link is able to stretch his arms, fingers, and upper body to tremendous lengths. The limit is unknown, though he mentioned that he stretched his upper body all the way to Metroburg in order to get Phoebe Jelly Jams.
    • Invulnerability: Link is able to feel no pain when his arms got run over but it’s possible he feels no pain when his Elasticity is activated.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3


  • His dad is Mike Evilman, he is the son of Evil Man.
  • As a result of Phoebe and Link's parent feud, Link used to be scared of Hank.
  • He worked at Splatburger before he left to Hong Kong.
  • Link hasn't made an appearance in Season 4.
  • He has a huge fear of clowns.
  • Link is described by Max as a nerd.
  • Phoebe and Link are still close friends as seen in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Since Link's Birthday is January 25,his zodiac sign would be an Aquarius.