Lionel, Jake and Tom are three nerdy freshman students, who explore various areas of Hiddenville High.


In Pretty Little Choirs, Lionel, Jake and Tom are shown as one of Veronica's tutors. Even though they are being used, they aren't bothered about it.

In Max's Minions, Lionel, Jake and Tom admire Max's pranks. They wanted Max to teach him his prank's way. Max disagrees at first but then realized he can use them as minions when he takes over the world.

When Max takes Lionel, Jake and Tom through a series of test, they all fail and mess up. When Max says to them 'you've got to take the top dog.'

Next time, the boys called Max to say that they have been practicing to master pranks. They tell Max to sit in a chair. Max soon realized that Lionel, Jake and Tom pranked him after the chair goes out of control with Max on it. The other students laugh at him. Lionel, Jake and Tom are now the king of pranks. Now Max prank them back.

Max sneaks on the boys while planning a prank on Principal Bradford where they would replace a video during detention with embarrassing clips. As Lionel, Jake and Tom plan to prank Bradford, Max records them so he can expose him. During the assembly, the boys do as planned. They show the clips then the clip changed into Max's recording of Lionel, Jake and Tom confessing that they are going to prank Bradford. This then put back Max into the king of pranks.

In Cheer and Present Danger, only Lionel appears when Max and him go to Wongs and find out that Mrs. Wong is having a contest. The contest is to find out how much pepperoni there is inside a jar. Surprisingly, Max seems to get it right.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Note: Lionel is the only one out of the three too appear in Cheer and Present Danger.


  • All three were previously mean girl, Veronica, tutors and boyfriends but they all later dumped her.
  • They're all friends with each-other.
  • They pranked Max with a remote controlled chair that strapped him down and crashed him into lockers, and a garbage can.
  • They ended up with detention from Principal Bradford after being framed by Max who was determained to get his position back as the king of pranks.
  • Tom wears glasses.
  • Tom stares at Phoebe during class, implying he might have a crush on her.
  • Only Lionel appeared in Cheer and Present Danger.
  • They did not appear in Season 3, and it is unlikely they'll appear in Season 4.
  • Lionel appeared three times, where as Jake and Tom only appeared twice.


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