Oh, my Gurd, Phoebe. Shoplift much?

— Madison

Madison is a recurring character on the The Thundermans. She is a popular girl and cheerleader at Hiddenville High. Madison is portrayed by Brooke Sorenson.


She is a stereotypical mean girl who seems to be pretty popular. She is similar personality wise to other mean girl Veronica. She is the head of the cheerleading squad and often calls for cheer chats with the other cheerleaders. She has a high fashion sense and isn't afraid to make fun of others for their bad fashion choices.


Season 2

Cheer and Present Danger

Madison is the head of the cheerleading squad at Hiddenville High that Phoebe and Cherry have to audition too. She seems to call all the shots on the team. She convinces Maddy and the other cheerleaders to select Cherry so that they can embarrass her later. Phoebe overhears Madison telling the other cheerleaders about her plan to get Cherry to dress up in their rival school's uniform and have the Raptor break a giant egg on Cherry. When Cherry doesn't believe Phoebe's warning about Madison, Phoebe puts on the Raptor mascot costume and breaks the egg on Madison. Madison gets mad and complains that none of her minions listen to her.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

Madison is one of the students invited to Winnie Lee's party which moves to the Thundermans house. She and Winnie Lee hang out together during the party and easily bond with Barb which makes Phoebe happy. Unfortunately, Barb gives Madison Phoebe's diary of embarrassing secrets. She starts reading it out, laughing at Phoebe. When Phoebe tries to grab the diary away, Madison gets mad at her.

Mall Time Crooks

When Phoebe and Ashley are trying to check out stores, Madison comes over and makes fun of their dressing and lack of fashion sense. This causes Phoebe and Ashley to enter the Sarah Finn store to prove to Madison that they're as fancy as she is. Unfortunately, both Phoebe and Max get arrested by the mall cop, for being mistaken as thieves. Madison laughs at them and takes pictures of the twins being kicked out of the mall so that she can post it online.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 4


  • She is the head cheerleader of the Raptor cheerleaders.
  • She is one of two characters named Madison the other being Gabrielle Elyse's Maddy.
  • She tried to pull a prank on Cherry, but Phoebe over heard her talking to the others about it, and it backfired.
  • Her actress Brooke Sorenson was born on July 13, 1999, and is currently 18 years of age.


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