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Max's Band is a former boy band started by Max Thunderman along with his friends Oyster, Gideon, Angus and later Wolfgang (replacing Angus).

Band History

Season 2

Pheebs Will Rock You

The band was formed in the episode Pheebs Will Rock You.


When Phoebe had a crush on Oyster, Max refused to let his band mate date his sister. Oyster's guitar "chose" Phoebe over the band. Phoebe later realized that Oyster was weird and obsessed with his guitars and ditched him. She used telekinesis to make Oyster's guitar chose Max's band.

The band doesn't have an official name yet despite how hard Max tried coming up with a name.

A Never Friending Story

In this episode Phoebe Thunderman, Cherry and Kelsey get invited to the band by Oyster and Gideon. It is possible that they were kicked out because they have not been mentioned in other episodes.

The Amazing Rat Race

Max's band - amazing rat race.jpg

Max's band lacks a rational way to make decisions. Whenever they can't agree on something, they race rats as seen in The Amazing Rat Race. The owner of the winning rat usually gets their Phoebe wants the band to perform at a school event she was in charge of. Max wants the band to perform but his rat always loses the races. So, the Thunder Twins plan on cheating by turning Billy into a rat using the Animalizer. Rat Billy wins the race but since both Max and Phoebe are hurt by the rat traps, they sabotage the band's performance by releasing the rats. The band ends up not performing.

One Hit Thunder

Max introduces Wolfgang, a foreign exchange student from Germany to replace Angus as the band's drummer.

Max's band is invited to audition at Splatburger so that they can play there every Saturday. Since they don't have a song to perform, Max sneaks into Phoebe's bedroom and reads her diary for lyrics ideas. They audition with the song "Bonus Toe" which reveals a secret that Link had told to Phoebe. The band passes the audition but Link breaks up with Phoebe, thinking shes the one who betrayed his trust.

Max's band.jpg

Realizing that his sister is hurt, Max blows off the band's gig and apologizes to Phoebe.

Season 3

On The Straight And Arrow

The band added Wolfgang later when he promised them a car to drive them to gigs, but in On The Straight And Arrow, they realized Wolfgang's car is still in Germany. So, Max helps Cherry cheat in her archery class so that the band can use her for her car. But when the Thunder Twins hilariously screw up Cherry's test, the band is left without a car. So the band has to walk to the gig.

Exit Stage Theft

Max's band - exit stage theft.jpg

With Max's involvement in the band, Dr. Colosso gets concerned that Max is becoming too nice because of hanging out with his band mates. So, in Exit Stage Theft, Colosso advises Max to ditch his friends and find some shady characters to hang out with. Max quits the band and starts hanging out with a group of bad girls who steal other people's stuff, including Cherry's computer. He helps the girls steal the band's equipment before performance at the school talent show. Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang refuse to give up on Max. They send him the guitar strap he needed and write him a very sweet note, saying that even though he's short on cash, he's not short on friends. The bad girls make fun of Max's nerd love. But this note soften Max and he stands up for the band. The girls beat him up. Phoebe then comes in and joins forces with Max to steal the band's equipment back. Max apologizes and rejoins the band. Phoebe performs with the band during the talent show.

Chutes and Splatters

Max's band does illegal night club performances at Splatburger as seen in Chutes and Splatters. Max sneaks into Splatburger to prepare for the night club performances after Mrs. Wong leaves at night. This causes Max to miss curfew many nights but he somehow manages to get away with it most of the time.

Aunt Misbehavin'

Max's calls an emergency band meeting after Phoebe sabotaged their previous night's gig by throwing an ice-skating party in summer and inviting the whole school. He convinces Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang that Phoebe is not a nice person. Phoebe thinks Max is mad at her for ruining his band's gig, but later on reveals that he was mad because Phoebe didn't attend. Max just wants his twin sister to be there for him and watch his band play.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Max's Band is the one performing for the Hiddenville High prom, held at the Hiddenville Museum. After rehearsal, Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang almost get crushed by Lady Web but they're saved by ThunderGirl. Phoebe tells Max that if she didn't save them, the band would be "Max And The Crushed Skulls." Max likes the name and tells Oyster they've finally found a band name. During the performance, Oyster officially introduces the band as "Max And The Crushed Skulls" but apologizes for Max's absence.

Season 4

Ditch Perfect

After Max have continuously absent himself from the band to train for the Z-Force with Phoebe, his friends planned to kick him out of the band. When Phoebe find's out, she tried to prevent that from happening, unknowingly to her that is was all part of Max's plan to get himself out of the band to pursue his Z-Force dream. Max then came up with an idea to book the worst geek ever, hoping that the band will kick him out for that reason. All goes to fail when his friends start to like his "bad idea" even more. In the end, Phoebe persuade Max to tell his friends the truth. Much to his surprise, the the other three (excluding Wolfgang) was planning to quit the band as well, with Oyster wanting to spend more time with Cherry and Gideon to shoot a reality show with his grandfather. They have their final band hug before officially disbanding the band, but the four decide to stay friends.



  • The band has struggled in coming up with a name since it was formed in Pheebs Will Rock You.
    • Some of the proposed names included "Bruno Max", "Max-Eyed Peas", "Maxford and Sons"
    • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, the band finally got a name: Max and the Crushed Skulls
  • Chloe says that Max's band is part of the reason why Max is her favorite.
  • Angus was in the first episodes of the band but was later replaced with Wolfgang.
  • As of Ditch Perfect, the band has been dissolved, with each of the members pursuing their new dreams. However, they all decide to stay friends.
  • They have mostly been shown to be performing instrumental music, with only two (sort-of) official songs.