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What goes on down hear?

— Hank to Dr. Colosso in Aunt Misbehavin'

Max's Lair is the basement of the Thundermans' house, which is also Max's bedroom. Max uses the lair as a lab where he performs various science experiments. He also sleeps there. He shares the bedroom with Dr. Colosso.


  • Max built a swirly slide to enter into his lair, straight from the Thunderman's living room.
  • Max's bed is right at the bottom of the slide.
  • There's also a staircase leading to the lair. Phoebe usually uses the staircase.
  • Max's lair is surrounded by Thundertanium, which is the strongest metal in existence.
  • The lair is filled with a lot of computers, screens, and a lot of other gadgets


Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

  • Max's Lair is introduced in this episode.
  • Max has a lot of gadgets and machines in the room.
  • Billy falls through the swirly slide and lands on Max's bed. But Nora falls on him. This happens again later in multiple episodes.
  • Max takes Billy and Nora and uses them to write his initials on the moon using their powers but Nora writes "NORA RULES" instead.
  • Nora finds Dr. Colosso's cage in the lair.
  • There's a box of "not evil enough" stuff that Max gives Nora and Billy to stop talking to him.

Phoebe vs. Max

  • Max's Lair is almost destroyed with Phoebe and Max in it after Phoebe pushes the self-destruct button in an attempt to get back at Max.
  • During the self-destruct mode, the lair is reinforced with Thundertanium wall so that no one can get out.

Report Card

  • When Phoebe can't study because of the noise coming from Max's Lair, she goes in and finds him making a Max-10 rocket. She launches the rocket, stealing the opportunity away from Max.
  • Max takes Evan and Sarah to the Lair to study for Math Bowl and shows them his Max-11 rocket that he built to replace Max-10.
  • Evan freaks out when Max mentions "lair"

Ditch Day

  • The Thunder Twins hangout in Max's Lair, surprising Billy and Nora.

The Weekend Guest

  • Phoebe's Venus Fly Trap plant grows huge and evil and takes over Max's lair, then it eats Dr. Colosso

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • Hank and Billy hide their rock collection inside of Max's Lair and in Dr. Colosso's Cage, but it backfires when Dr. Colosso tells on Hank for hiding rocks in his cage and turning him into a bunny.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • When Max steals the 3D TV to the lair, Phoebe sabotages the signal to Max's Lair.

Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Max creates a clone Phoebe in the basement.

Season 2

Max's Minions

  • Max holds his minions lessons inside the lair.

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Max's Band is formed and starts practicing in Max's lair.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Phoebe and Max hang out in the lair while babysitting Nora and Billy
  • The twins leave Billy and Nora frozen in the lair
  • Nora and Billy fill the lair with pit balls to express their freedom of being home alone.

Winter Thunderland

  • Phoebe puts Christmas decorations on Max's Lair but Max removes them
  • Dr. Colosso gets impatient with Max talking in his sleep and threatens to rethink the roommate situation.

Season 3

Patch Me If You Can

  • Phoebe lies to Harris Evilman that she owns the lair.
  • Harris turns evil and takes over the lair after putting on an evil eye patch.

Original Prankster

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • The Thundermans are forced to stay locked up in Max's Lair when Aunt Mandy turns to destroy them.
  • Max fills the top of the lair with Popcorn as revenge for Phoebe ruining his band gig.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Barb and Hank take away all of Max's inventions and systems from the lair, replacing them with family friendly things.
  • The parents lock up Max in the lair hoping he won't escape.
  • Dr. Colosso blows up a hole on the wall to help Max out.

Season 4

Happy Heroween

  • In Dr. Colosso's "Phoebe The Vampire Slayer" story, Vampire Max sleeps upside-down in his lair all day.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Max's Lair is taken over by the super-villain Candi Falconman after the Thundermans are banished to Antarctica.
  • Candi turns the lair into a sweet lair - literally - by decorating it with all sorts of candy.
  • Candi drags the Thunder Twins into the lair after getting them unconcious.

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Phoebe walks into Max's Lair at the middle of the night to wake him up for Z-Force training and patrol.
  • On Max's request, Dr. Colosso locks down the lair with Thundertanium, preventing Phoebe from getting in. This allows Max to sleep in for a whole day.
  • Dr. Colosso tricks Billy into stealing vegetables for him and putting them in the lair.

Max to the Future

  • Max develops his new gadget ("CrimeCaster") in his lair which would allow him to predict crime before it happens.
  • Phoebe slides into Max's Lair through the swirly slide and tries to stand up immediately in an attempt to search for a new skill for Z-Force. This is one of the few times that Phoebe actually used the swirly slide.

Better Off Wed

  • The Thunder Kids assign Billy to stay in Max's Lair to watch over Dr. Colosso so that he doesn't ruin the parents wedding.

Nowhere to Slide

  • Max, Hank, and Billy hide out in Max's Lair to prove to Barb, Chloe, Nora and Phoebe that they can survive in the wild.
  • Phoebe and Nora trick Barb into letting them go down to Max's Lair (The Outhouse) to watch their favorite show, but it backfires when Dr. Colosso calls Barb down there as revenge for not letting him enjoy their special night.
  • Dr. Colosso also gets revenge on Max, Hank, and Billy for not letting him go camping with them by trapping them in the slide.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

  • Max tries to Build a Jet Engine Powered Hot Tub in His Lair, but Hank and Barb stop him twice.
  • After Max moves out of his Lair, Nora, Billy, and Chloe Compete for the Lair as a Contest Hosted By Dr. Colosso. 


  • It appears in almost every episode, alongside Dr. Colosso, it was absent in a few. For example, This Looks Like a Job For...,Going Wonkers, and a few others.
  • In Aunt Misbehavin' Max has the "SnowBee" in is room, which is something Cat Valentine bought in Victorious. Which might mean that he either bought it from SkyStore like Cat, or he built it.