Max's Lair is the basement of the Thundermans' house, which is also Max's bedroom. Max uses the lair as a lab where he performs various science experiments. He also sleeps there. He shares the bedroom with Dr. Colosso.


  • Max built a swirly slide to enter into his lair, straight from the Thunderman's living room.
  • Max's bed is right at the bottom of the slide.
  • There's also a staircase leading to the lair. Phoebe usually uses the staircase.
  • Max's lair is surrounded by Thundertanium, which is the strongest metal in existence.
  • The lair is filled with a lot of computers, screens, and a lot of other gadgets


Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

  • Max's Lair is introduced in this episode.
  • Max has a lot of gadgets and machines in the room.
  • Billy falls through the swirly slide and lands on Max's bed. But Nora falls on him. This happens again later in multiple episodes.
  • Max takes Billy and Nora and uses them to write his initials on the moon using their powers but Nora writes "NORA RULES" instead.
  • Nora finds Dr. Colosso's cage in the lair.
  • There's a box of "not evil enough" stuff that Max gives Nora and Billy to stop talking to him.

Phoebe vs. Max

  • Max's Lair is almost destroyed with Phoebe and Max in it after Phoebe pushes the self-destruct button in an attempt to get back at Max.
  • During the self-destruct mode, the lair is reinforced with Thundertanium wall so that no one can get out.

Report Card

  • When Phoebe can't study because of the noise coming from Max's Lair, she goes in and finds him making a Max-10 rocket. She launches the rocket, stealing the opportunity away from Max.
  • Max takes Evan and Sarah to the Lair to study for Math Bowl and shows them his Max-11 rocket that he built to replace Max-10.
  • Evan freaks out when Max mentions "lair"

Ditch Day

  • The Thunder Twins hangout in Max's Lair, surprising Billy and Nora.

The Weekend Guest

  • Phoebe's Venus Fly Trap plant grows huge and evil and takes over Max's lair.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • When Max steals the 3D TV to the lair, Phoebe sabotages the signal to Max's Lair.

Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Max creates a clone Phoebe in the basement.

Season 2

Max's Minions

  • Max holds his minions lessons inside the lair.

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Max's Band is formed and starts practicing in Max's lair.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Phoebe and Max hang out in the lair while babysitting Nora and Billy
  • The twins leave Billy and Nora frozen in the lair
  • Nora and Billy fill the lair with pit balls to express their freedom of being home alone.

Winter Thunderland

  • Phoebe puts Christmas decorations on Max's Lair but Max removes them
  • Dr. Colosso gets impatient with Max talking in his sleep and threatens to rethink the roommate situation.

Season 3

Patch Me If You Can

  • Phoebe lies to Harris Evilman that she owns the lair.
  • Harris turns evil and takes over the lair after putting on an evil eye patch.

Original Prankster

Stealing Home

  • The Thundermans are forced to stay locked up in Max's Lair when Aunt Mandy turns to destroy them.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Barb and Hank take away all of Max's inventions and systems from the lair, replacing them with family friendly things.
  • The parents lock up Max in the lair hoping he won't escape.
  • Dr. Colosso blows up a hole on the wall to help Max out.

Season 4

Happy Heroween

  • In Dr. Colosso's "Phoebe The Vampire Slayer" story, Vampire Max sleeps upside-down in his lair all day.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Max's Lair is taken over by the super-villain Candi Falconman after the Thundermans are banished to Antarctica.
  • Candi turns the lair into a sweet lair - literally - by decorating it with all sorts of candy.
  • Candi drags the Thunder Twins into the lair after getting them unconcious.

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Phoebe walks into Max's Lair at the middle of the night to wake him up for Z-Force training and patrol.
  • On Max's request, Dr. Colosso locks down the lair with Thundertanium, preventing Phoebe from getting in. This allows Max to sleep in for a whole day.
  • Dr. Colosso tricks Billy into stealing vegetables for him and putting them in the lair.

Max to the Future

  • Max develops his new gadget ("CrimeCaster") in his lair which would allow him to predict crime before it happens.
  • Phoebe slides into Max's Lair through the swirly slide and tries to stand up immediately in an attempt to search for a new skill for Z-Force. This is one of the few times that Phoebe actually used the swirly slide.

Better Off Wed

  • The Thunder Kids assign Billy to stay in Max's Lair to watch over Dr. Colosso so that he doesn't ruin the parents wedding.



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