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Max's Minions is the third episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Max takes on a group of freshmen to be his minions, but when they turn the tables and make him the victim of a humiliating prank, he must figure out how to regain his place as the baddest boy in school. Meanwhile, Phoebe wants to go to a late-night club with Cherry and Kelsey, but she has to do chores first, so she decides to get creative.


Main Plot

Max pulls an epic prank on Principal Bradford which impresses a lot of other students. Bradford suspects Max did it and outs posters of Max as the "Public School Enemy Number One." Three nerd boys - Lionel, Jake and Tom approach him so that he can teach them his prank ways. He is reluctant at first but realizes that he could use them as his minions as practice for when he finally takes over the world. Max also charges the minions a training fee.

Max takes his minions through a series of training but they keep messing up. For example, they fail to prank Principal Bradford. When he gives them each a pie to prank Bradford with and tells them, "Let him have it!" Tom gives him the pie instead of smudging it on his face. Max gets disappointed that they have let him down. But they promise to work harder.

On the hallway, the minions call Max and explain that they have been working hard to master his prank ways. They show him an epic prank they're preparing. They tell him to sit on a chair and watch. He sits on the chair only to realize that he is in fact the target of the prank. He gets hurt and disappointed but proud at the same time. The minions laugh at him and tell him that they had learned from the best and now they're better than him. They're now the prank kings at school ("manions", as they put it). Bradford replaces Max's poster with a poster of the three boys. Max must prank them back.

Max sneaks on the boys while planning a prank on Principal Bradford where they would replace a video during the assembly with embarrassing clips of Bradford. Max records them as they plan to prank Bradford. During the assembly, the minions do as planned. Bradford freaks out when he sees his embarrassing clips being shown to the entire school. Then the video cuts to Lionel, Jake and Tom planning to prank Bradford. This makes Bradford realize that they're the ones who pranked him. Max stands up and blames them for pranking Bradford. He gets Bradford to send them to detention. Then he pranks them again before they head over to detention.

Sub Plot

When Max tells Phoebe about his minions, Phoebe gets an idea to use Billy and Nora as her minions to help her with her chores so that she can finish early and go to Club Ooh Ooh with her friends Cherry and Kelsey. Phoebe lies to Nora and Billy that she loves them so much that she wants to train them to be super-heroes too. She tells them that she will give them a bunch of things to do as part of their superhero training. She then starts assigning them her chores.

When folding laundry, Nora wonders what folding laundry has to do with superhero training. And why can't they do the laundry on their own clothes? Because they have small bodies duh, Phoebe argues. Nora suspects that something fishy is going on but Billy seems to enjoy folding the laundry so much. Then Billy accidentally picks up a piece of paper with a long list of chores. Nora sees this and the kids realize that Phoebe was using them to do her chores. They set out to get her back.

Barb and Hank are impressed by how fast Phoebe is doing her chores. It's almost like she has six hands. They agree to let her go to "Club Ooh Ooh" but Phoebe's happiness is cut short when Nora and Billy expose her. The kids mess up the vacuum machine causing a huge mess all over Phoebe's room. Barb and Hank wonder why Billy and Nora were doing Phoebe's chores.

Phoebe gets busted for using her siblings to do her chores. Instead of grounding her, Hank, Barb, Billy, and Nora go to the club with her to embarrass her in front of everyone.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Major Curda as Lionel 
  • Phillip Wampler as Jake
  • Jacob Timothy Manown as Tom



  • This episode scored 1.5 million viewers.
  • The dance club's name is possibly a reference to reggae singer Diana King saying "Ooh, ooh" while performing her hit "Shy Guy" on All That as the musical guest in 1996.
  • This is the first episode where the Thunder Twins are in separate plots.

Running Gags

  • Characters saying "Ooh, ooh" with their hands in the air (eg. Phoebe, Cherry, Kelsey, Hank, Billy, and Nora).


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