I'm a superhero now. I should be able to save my own butt.

Maximus Octavius "Max" Thunderman is the deuteragonist of the original series The Thundermans. He is a superhero whose superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath, and Freeze Breath. After years of aspiring to become a super-villain, he eventually chose to become a superhero. Max is portrayed by Jack Griffo.

Despite growing up in a family of superheroes, Max wanted to become a supervillain because he felt overshadowed by Phoebe and wanted to be the best at what he does. His family believed that Max was just going through a phase and wasn't truly evil. Eventually, Max had to make a tough choice between being a hero and a villain. He chose to become a superhero and is currently training being a superhero.


Max is the oldest son of Hank and Barb Thunderman, born 20 seconds after his twin sister, Phoebe. He is the elder brother of Billy, Nora and Chloe Thunderman, and they are the Thunder Kids. Max was born in Metroburg before his parents moved to Hiddenville to help the kids lead a normal life.

He lives in his lair as his bedroom together with a former supervillain, Dr. Colosso, who used to help coach Max to embrace the dark side.

School and Friends

Max attends Hiddenville High along with his sister, Phoebe Thunderman. Even though Max is smart, he chooses not to work hard at school and he misses a lot of classes as seen in Ditch Day. He proved that he is just as smart as Phoebe multiple times including the Math Bowl in Report Card and Weird Science Fair among others. Max uses his math and science knowledge at home to develop Gadgets that he mainly used for pranks. He even built a series of rockets which shocked Sarah and Evan.

Generally, Max doesn't like to get involved in school activities except when he wants to prank someone, mess with Phoebe or avenge Phoebe. For this reason, he always finds himself in trouble with Principal Bradford who crowned him "public school enemy number 1" because of his pranks. Due to his pranking, he wants to use his evil phase in front of non superheroes.

While Phoebe tried hard to make friends at their new school, Max didn't seem concerned. Even when Lionel, Jake, and Tom approached him so that he can teach them how to prank in Max's Minions, he ended up turning them into his minions and it backfired. It was not until Pheebs Will Rock You that Max made friends after starting Max's Band with Oyster, Gideon, and Angus who later got replaced with Wolfgang. He eventually decided to ditch the band in Ditch Perfect so that he can concentrate on Z-Force training.

Evil Phase

In Phoebe vs. Max, it was revealed that Max's role model is the supervillain Dark Mayhem, who later plays a big role in shaping Max's life. Max also revealed that he only wanted to become a supervillain because he felt overshadowed by Phoebe because she was really good at being a superhero and he didn't want to be second best. So he thought that it would be much better being best at evil deeds.

In Cape Fear, Max jumped to the top of the list to get the last superhero cape of the year from the Hero League after taking the blame for Phoebe sneaking out and saving the world. Unfortunately, he blew his chance by attacking President Kickbutt when Phoebe and Dr. Colosso convinced him that he's turning good.

In A Hero Is Born, Max took Dr. Colosso to receive his Villain of the Decade award at the Villain League headquarters but Colosso turned against him and had him captured by King Crab. Phoebe came in to save him.

Max started taking his dark side more seriously in Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel when Dark Mayhem called him and asked him to start committing crimes and keep a chronicle. Mayhem has been reviewing the chronicle periodically to see Max's evil progress.

In Exit Stage Theft, Max realized that he needed to take his game seriously in order to impress Dark Mayhem with the evil chronicle review. With advice from the ever-reliable Dr. Colosso, he ditched his band and joined a bunch of bad girls. He helped the girls steal his band's equipment but later realized that his friends cared about him. He tried to defend them but the girls beat him up until Phoebe came to save him.

During the next chronicle review in Floral Support, Max's chronicle was confiscated by Principal Bradford. Max joined Allison's Green Teenz to help get back the chronicle. However, when he realized that Phoebe was hurt because of it, he walked out on Dark Mayhem during a video chat. Dark Mayhem got mad at him but was impressed that Max had the courage to walk out on him. So, Max continued working on his evil chronicle.

In Date Expectations, Phoebe tricked Max to go on a date with Allison. In the end, he admitted that he loved Allison. He invited her to family game night in He Got Game Night after which they officially became a couple. In Original Prankster, Allison confronted Max about his pranking habits but Max didn't realize it was that bad until he caused his friend, Wolfgang to be almost expelled and deported.

In Back To School, Max was forced by the Hero League to go back to fifth grade at Secret Academy of Superpower Studies to take the super-power assessment test after he revealed that he hacked the school network to get Phoebe to skip school. He passed the power-assessment test.

Superhero Ascension and Z-Force

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Max was finally offered the chance to become the supervillain he always wanted to be and join the Villain League when Dark Mayhem asked him to take away ThunderGirl's superpowers with a power-sapping orb. He was excited about the offer but reluctant to take his sister's powers. However, when Phoebe accidentally took away his powers with the orb and got him punished, Max felt compelled to get revenge. He took back his powers and that of his parents' powers as well as Nora's, Billy's, and Chloe's powers so that they won't try to stop him from taking Phoebe down. Max also declared himself a villain when Hank threatened disownment. Max confronted Phoebe and the siblings fought, with their peers discovering their secret. However, an emotional speech from Phoebe opened his eyes and made him realize that he already had it all - his friends, Allison and his family. So, Max made a courageous decision and stood up against Dark Mayhem. He restored his family's powers and helped them defeat Dark Mayhem and his minions.

After that, the Hero League awarded him with the superhero cape, making him officially a superhero.

In Thundermans: Banished!, Max continued to prove that he is determined to be a superhero - despite being tempted by Dr. Colosso to turn back to evil. When he realized that he needs superhero training to be as good as Phoebe, he was ready to let Phoebe start training him but Phoebe let him down after she was selected for a chance to join the Legendary Z-Force superhero team. After the Thundermans were banished, Max convinced Phoebe to come back to Hiddenville and save the city from Candi Falconman, despite risking everything. After the Thunder Twins defeated Candi, Max was selected to join his sister as a team for the Z-Force spot.

Since turning good, Max has pledged not to let the Thundermans or the Hero League down. He has been working with his twin sister Phoebe to train for Z-Force. During the Z-Force training, Max has been struggling to keep up with Phoebe and prove that he is truly turned good.

In Smells Like Team Spirit, Max had a hard time working with Phoebe's tight schedule and controlling nature. He used the Z-Force equipment money to get a tree house (tree-fort) for him and Phoebe without consulting Phoebe, which escalated the rift between the twins. He eventually learned to work with Phoebe when they saved one another from the falling tree house.

Attempting to measure up to Phoebe proved to be difficult for Max when they were submitting special skills for the team in Max to the Future. Max wanted to prove that he was something to offer too and therefore developed a CrimeCaster gadget which would use crime stats to predict future crimes. At first, Phoebe mocked the gadget and Max didn't have a faith in it either but it turned out that it actually worked. So, the team added Max's "gadgets" as one of their special skills.

Z-Force training has been taking a lot of Max's time and getting in the way of Max's friends. Dr. Colosso has been feeling left out ever since Max turned good and has been trying to compel him to return to the dark side or at least spend time with him. In Parks & T-Rex, Colosso even faked being sick to trick Max into spending time with him. Furthermore, Max had to ditch Max's Band in Ditch Perfect so that he can concentrate on Z-Force training. Luckily, Oyster and Gideon were planning on taking a break too.

One of Max's biggest challenge as a superhero has been to convince Phoebe and everyone else that he is really good. In Date of Emergency, Max's girlfriend, Allison was concerned that Max wasn't really good because he still enjoyed pranking people. In Orange is the New Max, when the Hero League invited Max to give a "scared-straight" talk to villain kids at the Metroburg Junior Jail, Dr. Colosso convinced Phoebe that the kids will remind Max how good it is to be evil. Phoebe followed Max to keep an eye on him which only led to disaster. Max was disappointed that Phoebe didn't trust that he gave up evil for good. He helped turn good two of three villain kids by showing them that being a superhero can be fun too.

Max (and Phoebe)'s most important Z-Force interview was almost jeopardized when Phoebe got injured in May Z-Force Be With You. He and Phoebe had to train Cherry to pretend to be Phoebe to help them pass the interview. While Cherry helped him pass the actual interview, Max struggled to save the day without Phoebe and her powers. He admitted that he needed Phoebe.

Max is now in the final Z-Force recruitment stage along with Phoebe. In Come What Mayhem, one of Max's old pranks almost jeopardizes their dreams of joining the Z-Force. Back when Max was evil, he had set a stink bomb prank to go off during the 75th Annual Supe Awards. If the Hero League or Z-Force found out about this, they would be automatically disqualified from Z-Force. So, Max and Phoebe must find a way to disable the stink bomb which requires an electro-plasma blast to destroy the Thundertanium casing. Phoebe is mad that she has to clean another one of Max's messes. Max admits that Phoebe had been cleaning up his evil messes but now he is a superhero and should be able to save his own butt. Max develops a gadget that extracts electro-plasma energy from lemons to create a concentrated blast. But Phoebe still doesn't have confidence in Max's gadgets. So, she takes in Dark Mayhem's powers from the power-sapping orb. Max is disappointed that Phoebe went ahead and used Dark Mayhem's powers despite the warning that they could turn her evil. Phoebe saves the day but Max's gadget would have worked as well. Both Max and Phoebe manage to remain in the Z-Force but it's too late because Dark Mayhem's powers have turned Phoebe evil.

In Thunder in Paradise, Max is furious at Phoebe, refusing to even talk to her at times. Phoebe, under the influence of Mayhem's powers, pours maple syrup on Max's shirt and hair. When the family goes to Hawaii, Phoebe instantly starts being very mean and rude, which makes Max suspicious. When she pushes Billy into shark-infested waters and ditches Max, he immediately confronts her about this. Phoebe gets really mad, and her eyes glow red. It is then that Max realizes that Phoebe never returned Dark Mayhem's powers. Phoebe then goes to the volcano lair. Once Max gets Hank, Barb, Billy, and Nora to help him, they all face Phoebe. Phoebe shows no signs of wanting to become good again, and the rest of his family is ready to give up on her. However, Max still pushes them to make her good again. With the help of Barb and Nora, Max successfully removes Mayhem's powers from Phoebe. Max would then lower Phoebe into the volcano, where she would freeze the lava and stop it from erupting. Phoebe admits that she needed Max's help, and the two hug it out.


When people think of nice and helpful, they don't first think of Phoebe's brother Max. His dream was to follow out a true life of evil, but, has shown to have his nice ways. He also owns an evil lair where he does all of his evil things. He has many gadgets like the Max 3000 (a computer created by Max) and an evil pet called Dr. Colosso. He is the founder of Max's Band.

When it comes to taking shortcuts, Max Thunderman is your guy. He's mischievous to no end and has big planned on attending Villain U when he's older. He has the same superpowers as his twin sister Phoebe, but he uses his for whipping up gadgets and potions in his evil lair instead. He is highly intelligent, as wells being very manipulative able to get others to do whatever he wants with ease, he is highly cunning and normally manages to stay one step ahead of others and very brilliant.

Max is also somewhat lazy, although incredibly brilliant and a genius in his own right, he does not normally apply himself or focuses on his school subjects, preferring instead to work in his lair on his inventions, formulate schemes or pranks. However, he doesn't take kindly to people implying or stating he couldn't handle said subjects and will often go out of his way to prove them wrong.

Despite Max's assertion of being a villain, underneath it all he is really a good person at heart, as he does come through for others when they need him and will do the right thing when it really matters. That is one of the reasons why he chose to be a superhero. He owns a band with all his besties, a family about which he really cares and a girlfriend who he really likes.



Phoebe Thunderman

Main article: Thunder Twins
  • Phoebe is Max's twin sister, who he usually annoys and aggravates. The two generally don't get along, however underneath it all, no matter how much he denies it, Max really does care about his sister. He is also somewhat envious of her. Phoebe has also been the most influential person in Max's life, so much so that she was the main reason he became a superhero. However, they are starting to get along a lot better.

Barb Thunderman

  • She is Max's mother. Both he and Phoebe think that she has somewhat of a lame personality. Max and Barb are actually very different in terms of personality. However, Barb has helped Max with his romantic life.

Nora Thunderman

  • Nora is Max's little sister. Both he and Phoebe are slightly afraid of her. They are both similar in that they are not naturally friendly, and they are very manipulative. They both tease each other very often. Max is the only person in the family who knows where Nora hides her bows.
  • Max did stand up for Nora in I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka, when she was about to get ditched by Owen.

Billy Thunderman

  • Billy is his little brother who is used by him for high personal gains. He and Billy are somewhat similar. Max sometimes acts as a role model to him, and they hang out quite often. When Billy and Nora had their biggest fight ever in Are You Afraid of the Park?, Billy turned to Max.

Chloe Thunderman

  • She is Max's youngest sister. They are not very close to each other and do not talk or hang out a lot. She had Max as her favorite sibling which made Phoebe jealous of Max.

Hank Thunderman

  • He is Max's dad. Both he and Phoebe thought that he is somewhat of a lame personality, however, he does somewhat look up to him. They are both similar in that they are very calm and laid-back, they love TV, they can't resist junk food, and are quite materialistic at times.
  • In Stealing Home, Max gets jealous of Hank hanging out with Phoebe instead of him because they did loads of activities together.

Mandy McBooger

  • Mandy is Max's aunt and they are similar in the sense that both were hurt by their respective sisters (Max: Phoebe; Mandy: Barb).
  • In Aunt Misbehavin', when he Max understands how Mandy feels, Max joined her side to win the McBooger beef stand-off.


Cherry Seinfeld

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  • Cherry and Max have interacted a lot, thanks to Cherry being Phoebe's best friend.
  • Most of the time, Max mocks at her intelligence because she isn't as smart.

Dr. Colosso

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  • Dr. Colosso is Max's best friend. They live together and do a lot of things together. They care about each other and hate being separated. Their relationship has worked perfectly because Max wanted to become a supervillain and Dr. Colosso, being a former supervillain, helped coach Max into the dark side. Even when Max turned good, they are still friends, even though Colosso slightly hates him for becoming good.

Max's Band

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  • Max is friends with all of his bandmates. They often perform in Max's Lair. They have been hanging out lots of time. Max is friends with Oyster, Wolfgang, and Gideon.

Dark Mayhem (formerly)

  • Dark Mayhem was the villain who Max idolizes. Dark Mayhem became Max's evil mentor during his evil phase. Dark Mayhem gets annoyed with Max when reading his evil Chronical but despite this they were on good terms, until in Thundermans Sevret Revealed, Max decides to restore his family powers thus making them enemies.



  • Maddy is a girl that Max liked and went on a date in the episode Blue Detective.
  • Their date was messed up by Colosso because he was jealous of Max hanging out with Maddy.

Taylor Hathaway

  • Max did not want to know that he liked Taylor, but at the end of Haunted Thundermans, Max confessed to Taylor's boyfriend that he had feelings for her.
  • However, his confession was false because Max did it to excuse their strange behavior and to hide that they fought with the Green Ghoul.


  • Veronica was using Max so that she can tutor her in math. Max realizes that Veronica was using her in Pretty Little Choirs.
  • Max was going to make Veronica fail maths so that Phoebe could get the solo spot. However, he helps Veronica get an A instead. After he'd seen her true colors, Phoebe helped Veronica get not get the solo.


Main article: Allison and Max
  • Max and Allison first met in Floral Support and didn’t seem to like each other very much at the beginning which is confirmed by both of them in Date Expectations.
  • When Phoebe set both Allison and Max up on a date to trick Allison out of the school, they started to bond while planning their revenge. Later they both have a discussion in which it is revealed that they have more in common (Allison’s parents are telling her she’s going through a phase just like it’s the case with Max) and he apologizes to her for his former behavior. Both seem to develop a crush on each other at the end of the day.
  • In He Got Game Night, Allison was invited to the Thundermans' Home to play games. When Max says Allison isn't his girlfriend out loud, she was upset and ran to the front porch. Max and Allison talked and Max asked if Allison wants to be his girlfriend and she accepts.
  • In 21 Dump Street, they broke up over a text message because Allison said her soulmate is the Earth.

Tara Campbell

  • Max instantly gets a crush on Tara because of how ruthless and savage she is. After Tara's and Max's families had dinner together, before leaving, Tara said for Max to call her.


  • Cassandra is another girl that Max liked.
  • When Max heard that Cassandra is a fan of MKTO, Max wasn't a fan of them, but since she was, Max wanted to get another ticket for Cassandra so he can impress her.


Main article: Sarah and Max
  • Sarah has a major crush on Max. But Max just keeps avoiding her. Sarah is very annoying to Max because Sarah doesn't give Max enough space like in Going Wonkers.
  • In Can't Hardly Date, Max had enough of Sarah, as well as Phoebe with Gideon, so he and Phoebe planned for Sarah and Gideon to be together instead.


  • Quinn is very similar to Tara Campbell. Quinn is the same reason why Max has a crush on her. Max said he liked her because Quinn was a bad girl. Max did not want Quinn to fall for Link instead.
  • Without realizing, the only reason Quinn dated Max was so she could closer with Link.

Simone Kickbutt


  • Max wanted Courtney to like him, but Courtney liked Jacob and Sarah kept on getting in the way. However, in the end, Courtney has a crush on Max when Max dances on the dance floor.
  • Since Max won the dance battle, Courtney becomes interested in Max but Max declines to take her back.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Like his sister, he can move objects or people with his mind. His powers are as strong as his sister and he can manipulate at least three things at once.
    • Telekinetic Blast: Like his sister, he can create blasts of telekinetic energy. This is strong enough to destroy things.
    • Ergokinesis: In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Max and Phoebe were capable of moving, binding and manipulating Dark Mayhem's Energy Projectiles.
    • Motor-Skill Manipulation: In Breaking Dad, Phoebe and Max were capable of manipulating the movement of Hank during the time he was in deep sleep. With this, they were capable of moving his arms, legs, and etc. to achieve effects of Hank being awake while he was really sleeping.
  • Freeze Breath: Able to breath pure cold, which he can use to freeze people in ice. His ice breath apparently has no long terms effects on people frozen by it. He can also use this to make snow. It's also revealed to work on ghosts. (Haunted Thundermans)
    • Stone Transformation: In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe and Max turned the Green Ghoul into stone.
  • Heat Breath: He can breathe a blast of heat, which he can use to unfreeze people he or his sister has frozen. He can increase the temperature of his heat breath to also melt things.
  • Thundersense: Like his sister, Max gains the ability to sense danger before it occurs. However, it is not always specific enough to tell what the danger is. He gained this ability after his twin sister did (Thundersense).
  • Super Intelligence: Like his sister, Max has super intelligence. He is very good in science and has invented a lot of gadgets, machines and has proven himself to be super smart despite the fact that he barely takes classes seriously.
  • Twin power: When Max and Phoebe hold hands they create an energy in their hand. It can power through a chip design to stop them use powers, create a massive explosion wih a punch, and short circuit electric device.


  • Numerical Precision: In Cheer and Present Danger, Max was able to count pepperoni in a jar and the number of cats in the backyard. He says "It's a gift" implying that it's a superpower.
  • Expert Combatant: As shown in Haunted Thundermans, he is quite skilled at hand-to-hand combat when battling ghoul when he was in Phoebe's body and was able to do a backflip and frontflip.
  • Master Engineer: Max has shown to be able to invent and engineer electronic devices and gadgets. He used this ability to create the Max 5000, a Brain Wiper, and more.


  • This character was originally very different from what is today. The character after the first write was "oldest kid Jack", with Tyler Peterson playing the role. After a while, the creators re-wrote the whole show, changing the character to "twin brother to Phoebe Jack". When Jack Griffo got the role, they changed the name to "Max." And the final character was Jack Griffo playing twin brother Max. Griffo was the last of the main cast to get the role.
  • Max has a pet named Dr. Colosso. According to Max, he's his best friend.
  • During his Evil Phase, he planned on attending Villain University which is run by the Villain League but he changes his mind in Thundermans: Secret Revealed since he became good.
  • Out of all the Thunder Kids, he doesn't have a strong relationship with his parents.
  • Max's bedroom is the basement and Max often calls it his evil lair.
  • Before Max turned good, he was a fan of Dark Mayhem and also had two posters of him.
  • One of Max's rivalry with Phoebe is pranks.
  • He was evil because he thinks Phoebe will be the best superhero and he wants to be the best so he tried to be the best at being evil. However, this was taken too far in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Max owns loads of phones since he needs one when his parents take one as a punishment.
  • When Max turned evil, he invented many Doomsday devices to take over the world.
  • Along with Phoebe, they have an allergic reaction to cats.
  • Up until Crime After Crime, Max didn't know how to ride a bike.
  • He has a teddy bear named Grizzly Gus for when he is scared of getting shots.
  • He beheaded Phoebe's dolls when they were five.
  • He doesn't know how to floss.
  • When Veronica sabotaged Phoebe in choir, he wanted a rhino to attack Veronica.
  • He's the only one in the family who knows where Nora keeps her bow collection.
  • In Thundersense, it is revealed that Max is 20 seconds younger than Phoebe.
  • Despite having incredible intelligence, he gets poor grades at school because of his behavior and lack of interest.
  • He is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter Haunted Thundermans.
  • His middle name, Octavius was revealed in Winter Thunderland.
  • He was in a relationship with Allison but broke up in 21 Dump Street.
  • Since Max's birthday is March 22nd, his zodiac sign would be an Aries.


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