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Max is a great boyfriend. He is not like other boys. He's fun. He's smart. One day he's gonna take over the world.

Allison and Max is the romantic pairing of Max Thunderman and Allison in The Thundermans. The ship began in the episode Date Expectations which was Allison's second appearance on the show. They started dating officially in He Got Game Night and shared their first kiss in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. They broke up in 21 Dump Street after Allison sent Max a text saying that he is not her soulmate but the Earth is.

Ship Name(s)

  • Mallison (Ma/x and A/llison)


Season 3

Floral Support

Behind the scenes Floral Support.jpg

  • Max and Allison first meet in this episode.
  • Phoebe introduces Max to Allison when asking him to join Allison's Green Teens Club but Max refuses to join at first.
  • Max thinks Allison is weird.
  • Allison and Max have an awkward exchange about his dress size for the Green Teens t-shirts.
  • Max gets Allison's club banned by Principal Bradford but later helps the new "Green Teenz Club" defeat the principal.

Date Expectations

Going through a Phase

  • Phoebe sets up Max and Allison on a date by lying to each of them that the other one has a crush on the other.
  • They go on a date together at Splatburger where they realize that they have nothing in common and Phoebe tricked them both.
  • They both plan to take revenge on Phoebe for tricking them.
  • Allison chooses Max to be her Greenland vice president for Model U.N class project.
  • When Max messes with someone else's project and gets Allison disqualified, she gets angry at him and confronts Max (and Phoebe) for using other people to get what they want.
  • They have a heartfelt moment when they both realize both their parents believe they are in phases.
  • After realizing what they have in common, Max apologizes and offers to help Allison with the class project. Allison forgives him.
  • Allison implies that Max has awesome hair.
  • Max tells Phoebe that he likes Allison.

He Got Game Night

Max kissing Allison on the cheek

  • Someone changed Allison's ringtone to kissy noises on Max's phone but he never changed it back.
  • Max wants to win the car so he could drive around with Allison (and Dr. Colosso, which makes Dr. Colosso jealous of Allison).
  • Max denies Allison being his girlfriend multiple times.
  • Max twirls in the air cloud of cologne so he smelt nice for Allison.
  • Max asks Allison to be his partner for the family game night.
  • Allison thinks that Max finally wants her to meet his family.
  • Allison, excited, calls her mom to tell her, then adding on "I told you I was his girlfriend."
  • Allison meets Max's family for the first time.
  • Max guides her across the room by holding onto her waist then her lower back.
  • Max and Allison sit on a small love seat.
  • Allison and Max win the first round of "Who Arted?"
  • Max loves Allison’s eyes; he thinks they're amazing.
  • Allison was upset and hurt when Max said that she wasn't his girlfriend and ran out of the house.
  • Max sat down and cuddled the pillow clearly upset.
  • Phoebe tells Max that Allison is his girlfriend.
  • The family then point out to Max how much he loves Allison:
    • Every time he sees her he worries about his smell, (Pointed out by Phoebe)
    • He talks about her all the time, (Pointed out by Hank)
    • He sees her every day, (Pointed out by Billy)
    • He has a look in his eye when he thinks about her (the same look that Hank Thunderman has when he finds food in the couch.) (Pointed out by Barb)
    • When he had wanted the car, his first thought was that he wanted to ride around in it with Allison. (Pointed by himself)
  • Max realizes she is his girlfriend and chases after her.
  • They have a heartfelt moment.
  • Max asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts.
  • She gets properly introduced to his family.
  • Max almost kisses her but she pulls away because they're in front of his family.
  • He kisses her on the cheek.

Kiss Me Nate

Max and Allison talking about Nate

  • Max gets jealous when Allison has to kiss Nate in the school play.
  • Allison confirms to Max that he is the only guy for her and she loves him and her kiss in the play means nothing to her.
  • Allison kisses him on the cheek. He felt in love after that.
  • Max has a hard time watching Allison kiss Nate, so Phoebe helps by covering his eyes during the kiss.

Original Prankster

Max and Allison's anniversary

  • It is Max and Allison's six-month anniversary.
  • Max's gift to Allison is a prank which gets Allison concerned about Max's pranking.
  • Allison threatens to break up with Max if he does not stop pranking people.
  • Max promises to stop pranking for Allison but breaks the promise after following Dr. Colosso's advice to do one more prank - on Principal Bradford.
  • Allison comes over to Max's house to apologize for suspecting he was the prankster, but Max confesses he did it leading to a short break up.
  • When Principal Bradford makes fun of Allison, Allison gives Max permission to prank Bradford hard.
  • Allison pranks Max by putting a "Kick Me" sign on his back.

Beat The Parents

Max and Allison watching a game together

  • Max and Allison are watching a hockey game together at the Thundermans house.
  • Allison wonders why Max doesn't want to meet her parents but Max admits that he can't control himself around adults without insulting them.
  • Allison's parents threaten to end Max and Allison's relationship if Max does not meet them.
  • Max gets Phoebe to help him talk to Allison's parents because they're twins so that the parents will think Max is nice too.
  • Phoebe tells Max that she likes him and Allison together and is actually surprised it
  • Allison gets concerned that Phoebe is the only one fighting for her and Max's relationship while Max does nothing.
  • When things go awry, Allison's parents forbid her from seeing Max but Allison stands up for Max saying it is hard for Max to be nice to people and they should appreciate that he's trying.
  • Allison says that Max is funny and smart and best boyfriend ever.
  • Max says he really likes Allison.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Max and Allison after the kiss

  • Max asks Allison to go to prom with him and she accepts but complains that Max waited until the last minute.
  • Although Allison is against defacing artifacts, she chooses to ignore when Max asks her out by writing on a priceless ancient book, as she finds it romantic.
  • Allison finds out that Max has superpowers.
  • Max gives up on being a supervillain as he doesn't want to lose Allison (and his family).
  • Max and Allison share their first kiss and take a prom picture together.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Allison yells at him on the phone.
  • When the Thundermans have to move he asks "What about Allison?"
  • When Allison is brainwashed by Candi Falconman, Max tries to appeal to Allison by reminding her that she is still his babe but Allison hits him.
  • Max is confident and worried that something is wrong because he knows Allison would never go to a party on purpose.

Date of Emergency

  • "Mallison" is mentioned as the official/canon ship-name for Max and Allison.
  • Max and Allison double-date with Cherry and Oyster.
  • Allison is skeptical of Max being good since he still seems to enjoy pranking people but she later realizes that Max actually cares about Phoebe.
  • Max and Allison are trapped next to each other by the farmer.

21 Dump Street

  • Max is excited that Allison's coming back after volunteering with the Earth Corps for 3 months and prepared a feast of all of Allison's favorites.
  • However, not soon after, Max receives a message from Allison that she's breaking up with him as he's not her soulmate and that the Earth is.
  • This leaves Max very depressed and he stays in his lair, eating pizzas for 3 days.
  • Phoebe tries to set Max up with Molly because she has a lot of similarities to Allison.
  • Max says that Allison cannot be replaced as she's his first real girlfriend who really understood him.
  • After seeing that Principal Bradford became miserable for failing to move on from his break up with Valerie, Max realizes that he needs to get over Allison and move on.



  • They both attend Hiddenville High
  • They both have dark hair
  • They really really like each other
  • Both like animals
    • Allison tries to save animals and has said about how she likes hamsters.
    • Max has a rabbit (Dr. Colosso)
  • They didn't like each other at the beginning.
  • Both are told by their parents that they are going through a phase which upsets them
  • Max and Allison both are known to be very passionate about something (she about saving the environment and he about his villain stuff) and would do everything to accomplish their aims (f.ex. in Floral Support Allison mentions that it would okay with her if the school was closed, if it could save the stink plant)
  • They both are considered as kinda crazy/weird by most of the people (in school, at home, etc.)
  • In He Got Game Night it's revealed that Allison has a competitive nature just like Max (and Phoebe)


  • Max has superpowers, Allison doesn't.
  • Max eats meat, Allison doesn't.
  • Allison has blue/green eyes. Max has brown.
  • Allison is a goody-two shoes, Max isn't.
  • Allison is a part of Model-UN, Max isn't. 


  • The writers of the show, had actually been trying for a while to write a character for Ryan Newman to play.
  • This is the third time Jack Griffo and Ryan Newman have worked together.
    • First time being See Dad Run, where they met and began dating.
    • Second being Sharknado 3.
  • Their ship name, Mallison, has been confirmed in the episode Date of Emergency.
  • Allison is Max's first real girlfriend.
  • Allison is the only person Max cannot lie to for a long time, as seen in Original Prankster.
  • Max and Allison share their first kiss in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Max gave up on being a supervillain as he did not want to lose his family and Allison.
  • Mallison is the second most popular and shipped pairing on the show after Thunder Twins.
  • Max and Allison's break up was filmed after Jack and Ryan's break up in real life.