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You secretly have a heart. Are you sure you don't want to ask me out? Because I'd say...

Max and Cherry is the friendship pairing of Max Thunderman and Cherry Seinfeld in The Thundermans. So far this is not a canon-pairing.

Ship Names

  • Chex = (Che/rry) and (Ma/x)
  • Chax = (Ch/erry) and (M/ax)
  • Maxy = (Max) and (Cherr/y)
  • Merry = (M/ax) and (Ch/erry)

Cherry and Max Moments

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

Cherry and Max

  • Max wants Cherry to come over.
  • Max is the one who texts Cherry inviting her over.
  • Max and Cherry are standing next to each other after Phoebe uses her powers on Billy and Nora.
  • Max makes fun of Cherry's name.
  • Max is the one who freezes Cherry the second time.
  • Max (and Phoebe at one point) carry around the frozen Cherry.
  • Cherry watches Max sing and dance.
  • Cherry is quite happy when Max grabs her arm and leads her to the door.
  • Cherry says that Max is cool and talented.
  • Max pushes Cherry out the door.
  • Max calls Cherry "Orange."

Phoebe vs. Max

  • Max and Cherry are standing next to each other when Phoebe was getting her picture taken.

Dinner Party

  • Max asks Cherry what they were doing and she tells him despite Phoebe asking her not to.
  • Max and Cherry smile at each other.
  • Cherry looks worried about Max.
  • Cherry grabs Max after he walks by, following Tara.
  • Cherry drags Max (and Phoebe) to class.

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • Max and Cherry stand next to each other while Phoebe makes her speech.
  • If you look closely, you can see Cherry, along with the rest of the students, chanting Max's name.
  • Max makes Cherry his secretary.
  • Phoebe and Max look at Cherry while she falls down because of her heavy backpack.
  • Cherry thanks Max for getting rid of heavy backpacks.

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Cherry stands next to Max after he spat a spitball at Veronica.
  • Cherry (and Phoebe) laughed after Max spat a spitball at Veronica.

Breaking Dad

  • Max sits next to Cherry and Phoebe in class and starts telling them his plan.

Season 2

One Hit Thunder

  • Max runs after Cherry when she's about to deliver a letter to Link from Phoebe and wants to ask her something. Cherry immediately thinks he wants to ask her out.
  • Cherry at first doesn't want to go out with Max, saying it would be wrong to date her best friend's brother, but Max denies that he wasn't going to ask her to go out with him.
  • When Max says he wants to deliver Phoebe's letter to Link himself, Cherry says that's sweet of him to help Phoebe.
  • Even though at first Cherry doesn't want to go out with him. She then asks if he's sure he doesn't want to ask her out because if he did, she would say.. and then Max slammed the door in her face. It would be assumed that she would have said yes.

Max, Phoebe and Cherry

A Hero Is Born

  • Max tells Phoebe she will be in trouble for telling Cherry their family secret

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Cherry makes fun of Max for being saved by Phoebe from the villains.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Max pretends to be Cherry's friend so that she can let him have a car
  • Max and Cherry hangout all the time
  • Phoebe becomes jealous of Cherry and Max
  • Max helps Cherry cheat in her archery class
  • Max tries to get Cherry out of detention.
  • They came up with a secret handshake

Floral Support

  • Cherry wants Max to join the Green Teenz club
  • Cherry and Phoebe makes fun of Max's diary (evil chronicle).



  • Both Max and Cherry go to the same school, Hiddenville High.
  • They both play video games.


  • Max has superpowers but Cherry doesn't.
  • Max is very smart. Cherry not so much.


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