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I didn't wanna lose my best friend. My only crime is loving you. That, plus, all my actual crimes.

Max: Hello, Dr. Jerkface!
Dr. Colosso: I deserve that. Can you ever forgive me, old pal?... nothing's worth betraying my pal, Max.

— Max and Dr. Colosso, A Hero Is Born

Max and Colosso is the friendship / frenemy / mentor relationship between Max Thunderman and Dr. Colosso on the Thundermans. Dr. Colosso isn't just Max's pet bunny, he's Max's best friend and his evil mentor during Max's evil phase.

Max and Dr. Colosso both share Max's Lair as their bedroom. They do a lot of activities together including taking bubble baths and sliding. Dr. Colosso hates the rest of the Thundermans but loves Max. Sometimes their relationship can be seen as more of a frenemy, mainly because Dr. Colosso is a former supervillain and Max was going through an evil phase - and they both acknowledge that you can't trust anyone in the dark side. However, they deeply care about each other and they both hate the idea of being separated. In the last episode you can see he likes Max more than his own son, Balfour.

Max and Dr. Colosso Moments

Season 1

The Weekend Guest

  • Max gets really angry at Trevor the plant for swallowing Dr. Colosso. He tells the plant that it has crossed the line for messing with his bunny.
  • Max saves Dr. Colosso from Trevor.

Going Wonkers

  • It's revealed that Dr. Colosso takes videos of Max dancing and posts them online.

Phoebe's A Clone Now

  • Dr. Colosso teaches Max how to clone.
  • Max's first clones are of Dr. Colosso.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • Max buys Dr. Colosso a onesie
  • Dr. Colosso says "it's a date" about him and Max watching the match together.
  • Max wrestles with Dr. Colosso on the floor.

Season 2

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Max kicks Dr. Colosso out of the lair so that his band can practice in there.

Haunted Thundermans

  • Dr. Colosso sneaks to go to New Orleans by hiding in Max's backpack.
  • Max doesn't want Dr. Colosso and Taylor fighting
  • Dr. Colosso asks Max to hear out the Green Ghoul

Shred It Go

  • Dr. Colosso is jealous of Cassandra for hanging out with Max.

Blue Detective

  • Dr. Colosso is jealous of Maddy and Max; so he goes to extra miles just to break them up by first turning Max blue.
  • Colosso tells Max that he didn't want to lose his best friend to Maddy.
  • Phoebe says Dr. Colosso and Max have a weird love drama

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Max asks Dr. Colosso to help prove that he is not lying
  • Dr. Colosso messes with the lie detector to help Max cheat because he doesn't believe Max is telling the truth.

Winter Thunderland

  • Dr. Colosso gets impatient with Max talking in his sleep and threatens to reconsider the "roommate agreement."
  • In the alternate future, Max is Billy's pet just like Dr. Colosso is currently Max's pet.
  • Max kisses Dr. Colosso.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Max asks Dr. Colosso to pretend to be Winnie Lee's father so that Barb and Hank will let them go to the unchaperoned party... but Dr. Colosso gets busted.

Meet the Evilmans

  • Dr. Colosso is unhappy that Max wants Evilman's ice base

The Neverfriending Story

  • Max threatens to freeze Dr. Colosso for calling Phoebe a witch.
  • Dr. Colosso advises Max that it is a bad idea to freeze Billy and Nora but Max threatens to freeze him.

You've Got Fail

  • Dr. Colosso wants to be part of Max's Maxlandia island
  • Colosso makes a flag for Maxlandia

Doubles Trouble

  • Dr. Colosso makes fun of Max after seeing his "ThunderSlam" picture where Max looked like a girl playing tennis.

Mall Time Crooks

  • Oyster discovers that Max has dollar bills with his photo on the front and Dr. Colosso on the back.

Cape Fear

  • Dr. Colosso is worried that Max might actually turn good because of repeatedly doing bad deeds.
  • Colosso tells Phoebe that Max knows how to cover his tracks.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • Dr. Colosso intentionally lets Max sleep while the paper dragon is being rained on.

A Hero Is Born

  • Max catches Dr. Colosso with the Animalizer trying to turn himself human.
  • Dr. Colosso shares his happy news about being nominated for the Villain of the Decade Award by the Villain League.
  • Max says he can't turn Dr. Colosso human because if his parents found out, they would separate them.
  • Max (and Phoebe) beg Dr. Colosso to help in delivering Barb's baby and he accepts.
  • Max agrees to turn Dr. Colosso human because they're friends and Colosso helped him when Max needed him.
  • Dr. Colosso (human) and Max take a selfie together
  • Max and Colosso go to Metroburg Villain League headquarters together.
  • Dr. Colosso introduces Max as his evil assistant, Norman.
  • To avoid being kicked out of the Villain League, Dr. Colosso turns Max in causing him to be tortured.
  • Dr. Colosso feels bad after looking at his selfie with Max; and so he risks himself by going back to help Max.
  • Colosso apologizes to Max for betraying their friendship.
  • Dr. Colosso tells King Crab that he and Max Thunderman are friends.
  • Phoebe saves both Max and Colosso from King Crab.
  • Max gets very worried after Dr. Colosso is trapped inside the Villain League headquarters but Phoebe says it's too dangerous to go back.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Max demonstrates his gold-magnet experiments to Dr. Colosso.
  • Both Dr. Colosso and Max are excited when Dark Mayhem finally calls.
  • Dr. Colosso shops online for Max's Nitric Acid but accidentally selects Citric Acid (orange juice).

Why You Buggin'?

  • Max and Dr. Colosso are playing a game together by posting words on their foreheads and having the other one guess.
  • Phoebe spoils the game and later tricks them both into craving ice cream.

Exit Stage Theft

  • Dr. Colosso advises Max to ditch his friends and start hanging out with shady characters so that they can help him be more evil.

Floral Support

  • Dr. Colosso tells Max about Dark Mayhem wanting to review Max's evil chronicle.
  • Colosso keeps Dark Mayhem busy when Max storms out.
  • Dr. Colosso is excited that Dark Mayhem still likes Max

Patch Me If You Can

  • Dr. Colosso helps Max in remaking Evilman's eye patch.

No Country for Old Mentors

  • Both Max and Dr. Colosso dress up with wigs pretending to be girls
  • Dr. Colosso helps Max find a way to steal Tech Rider's super cycle.
  • Max and Dr. Colosso start fighting over control of the super cycle remote causing the super cycle to fall of the cliff with Phoebe on it.

Date Expectations

  • Max holds Dr. Colosso as they slide together through the swirly slide.
  • Dr. Colosso is Max's assistant who helps manage Max's schedule.
  • Max asks Dr. Colosso to cancel "the thing [they] were gonna destroy with the thing" so that he can hang out with Allison instead.

He Got Game Night

  • Max "settles for" Dr. Colosso as his game partner after suggesting that Phoebe should partner with Chloe.
  • Dr. Colosso has a huge electromagnet that they use from Max's Lair to make the wheel of prizes land on "New Car" despite the low probability of that happening.
  • Phoebe suspects that Max and Dr. Colosso are up to something.
  • Max hopes to win the car so that he can use it with Dr. Colosso and Allison.
  • Dr. Colosso becomes jealous of Allison
  • Max ditches Dr. Colosso so that he can partner with Allison.
  • After Phoebe turns Colosso human, Dr. Colosso vows to take Max down as revenge for ditching him for Allison.
  • Max uses Telekinesis to make Dr. Colosso mess up in the game.
  • Dr. Colosso starts beating Max with a pillow to defend Phoebe, leading to an epic family pillow fight.

Kiss Me Nate

  • Both Max and Dr. Colosso help train Phoebe into being acting so that she can play the lead role in a school play instead of Allison.

Original Prankster

  • Dr. Colosso is not happy about Max giving up pranking for Allison; so he advises Max to do one more epic prank.
  • Dr. Colosso calls Principal Bradford to report that Max is hiding Wolfgang in their lair.

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs

  • In Phoebe's story, Max's character works as a minion for Dr. Colosso's character.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Dr. Colosso gives Max the tuxedo he used for his evil prom and helps him dress up.
  • Max vents to Dr. Colosso about his worries that he's going nowhere.
  • Dr. Colosso comforts Max about his evil chronicle saying that it has helped him share his feelings more.
  • Max discovers that Dr. Colosso has his own diary, which Colosso says is a dream journal.
  • Dr. Colosso advises Max to take Phoebe's powers without hesitating.
  • Dr. Colosso helps Max escape from the locked-down lair and gives Max the orb.
  • Dr. Colosso calls Dark Mayhem on behalf of Max to tell him the progress.
  • Colosso save's Max's family after realizing Dark Mayhem hates him.
  • Max demonstrates to the President Kickbutt that his weapons work just as good on villains by zapping Dr. Colosso with a Helium Pain Blaster.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Max wants to take Dr. Colosso with him to their new city but Dr. Colosso is upset because Max refused to turn evil. He doesn't even let Max say goodbye.
  • Dr. Colosso calls Max after realizing Candi Falconman's evil plan.
  • Phoebe says Max is Dr. Colosso's "sugar mama" and they know it. Neither Max nor Colosso denies it and Dr. Colosso even later uses the term on Max.
  • Dr. Colosso admits that even though he and Max are on different sides, they're still friends.
  • Colosso offered to brainwash Max to be evil but he refused.

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Dr. Colosso reveals that Max used to steal fresh vegetables for him back when Max was evil.
  • Dr. Colosso helps Max avoid Phoebe's training by locking down Max's Lair with Thundertanium.
  • Dr. Colosso struggles to live without Max being evil.

Max to the Future

  • Now that Max is no longer evil, Dr. Colosso spends most of his time on a phone call with his mother.
  • Max explains his inventions to Dr. Colosso.
  • Colosso helps Max to fake crimes in order to prove to Phoebe that Max's crimecaster gadget works.

Better Off Wed

  • Max is surprised that Dr. Colosso never told him the hilarious story about how he ruined Barb and Hank's wedding.
  • Dr. Colosso helps Max realize that Phoebe sent Billy to keep an eye on Max so that he doesn't ruin things.
  • Max tries to negotiate with human Colosso, "man to man" but Colosso turns him into a pig.

Parks & T-Rex

  • Since Max has been pre-occupied with training with Phoebe for the Z-Force, Dr. Colosso misses hanging out with Max.
  • Colosso fakes being sick (suffering from bunny fever) to trick into spending time with him.
  • Max sings and plays guitar for Dr. Colosso.
  • After discovering that Colosso had been lying to him, Max pranks him until he admits that he lied about having bunny fever just to spend time with Max.

21 Dump Street

  • Max and Colosso indirectly tell Phoebe that they usually take shower together and if Max stinks, Colosso stinks.
  • Dr. Colosso puts on a wig and asks Phoebe to set him up with Max to replace Allison.
  • While Max is suffering through the break-up, Dr. Colosso stays by his side and they eat pizza together.
  • Max helps Phoebe get Dr. Colosso back after he's stolen by Molly.

Come What Mayhem

  • Max and Colosso are trying to look for Max's stink bomb that he planted at the Supe Awards.

Nowhere to Slide

  • Colosso wants to go with Max (and Billy and Hank) to camping but it's only for Thunder Men only.
  • Dr. Colosso locks Max (and Billy and Hank) using Thundertanium doors, which lock them in the slide.

Rhythm n' Shoes

  • Colosso asks Max to play his remix for Cheyanne, but Max refuses.
  • When Phoebe and Cherry reveals that Max took credit of Colosso's remix of Cheyanne's song, he plans for revenge.
  • He uses Phoebe and Cherry to cause havoc during the dance and Max gets kicked out of the turntable and Cheyanne realizes that Max was lying about a DJ.
  • Colosso and Max apologise to each other and start laughing at the viral video of Phoebe and Cherry destroying the dance.

Make it Pop Pop

  • Max is seriously worried about Pop Pop hurting Dr. Colosso.
  • Max admits that Dr. Colosso is his best friend and stands up for him despite his grandpa's intolerance for supervillain.
  • Both Colosso and Max are sent to Detention Zone by Pop Pop.
  • Dr. Colosso helps Max (and Phoebe) escape from Detention Zone by helping them prove that they're Pop Pop's grand kids.



  • Both Max and Dr. Colosso have been evil or tried to be evil at some point.
  • They both live in Max's Lair.
  • They both say they can't stand Phoebe.


  • Max is human but Dr. Colosso is currently a bunny.
  • Dr. Colosso is evil but Max is a superhero.
  • Dr. Colosso is open about his feelings but Max is not.