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Max and Oyster is the friendship pairing of Max Thunderman and Oyster. Max and Oyster are best friends and part of the same band, along with Wolfgang and Gideon. They often hang out together and are shown to be very close.

Ship Names

Mayster = (Ma/x) and (O/yster)

Moy = (M/ax) and (Oy/ster)

Max and Oyster Moments

Season 2

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Max brings Oyster to the Thundermans house and introduces him to Phoebe and Barb.
  • Max and Oyster start Max's Band.
  • Max says Oyster is a bad boy.
  • Max and Oyster don't think Phoebe is a bad girl.
  • Max doesn't want Oyster dating Phoebe.
  • Oyster leaves Max's band temporarily.
  • Oyster asks Max how is helping an old lady help the road bad.
  • Max apologizes for ruining Oyster's date.
  • Oyster said his guitar chose Max and rejoins Max's Band.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Phoebe asks Max and Oyster to start playing.
  • Oyster asks Max if he could charge his phone.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Max and Oyster use the codeword "launch mode" to throw Gideon onto the couch.
  • Max doesn't want Oyster (and his other band mates) to hang out with Phoebe's friends.
  • Oyster tells Max that Phoebe and her friends have joined the band.

Mall Time Crooks

  • Max calls Oyster to come to the Mall to hang out.
  • Oyster and Max work together to get the EarBlasters headphones.
  • Max forgets Oyster in the EarBlasters box.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • Both Max and Oyster's rats always lose in the rate race
  • Oyster agrees to Max's plan to play at the school dance.

One Hit Thunder

  • Max introduces Wolfgang to Oyster (and Gideon).
  • Oyster comes to comfort Max after Max sent the band sad lyrics.

Season 3

Exit Stage Theft

  • Max says that Oyster (and the rest of the band) are not his best friends after Dr. Colosso advises him to hang out with more shady characters.
  • Max helps bad girls steal Oyster's guitar and the rest of the band stuff.
  • Max later admits to Oyster (and the rest of the band) that they're his best friends.


  • Oyster comes over to the Thundermans house to play a video game with Max along with Phoebe and Cherry.
  • When Oyster asks Max questions about Chloe, Max changes the topic by speaking about the weird stuff going on in the house.
  • Max tricks Oyster (and Cherry) into thinking they left Hiddenville, but will be coming back later

Chutes and Splatters

  • Max and Oyster, and their band play illegally at Splatburger.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Max adjourns the band meeting after Oyster says that there was no gig last night because of Phoebe.
  • Oyster accepts Phoebe's snacks but asks her not to tell Max.
  • Oyster and the rest of the band play at Max's house as part of Phoebe and Barb's plan to apologize to Max and Aunt Mandy.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • When Max gets "Max and the Crushed Skulls" as a new name for the band, he sends a message to Oyster.
  • Oyster apologizes during the band's performance at the prom because Max is not there.

Thundermans: Banished!:

  • While Phoebe is sharing her superhero stories, Oyster says that he doesn't believe Max has the same powers as Phoebe
  • While he is trying to tell a story, Oyster reminds Max that he has only been good for a week

Date of Emergency:

  • Max thinks badly of Oyster acting like the girls about the current romantic relationships
  • Choyster and Mallison start hanging out with each other so much, making Phoebe really jealous

Ditch Perfect:

  • Oyster, Gideon, and Wolfgang are really mad at Max because he hasn't been there for a lot of their last few gigs, and they decide to kick him out of the band
  • Once they see the new rehearsal space, they decide to forgive Max
  • Even though Max tries to kick himself out of the band, Oyster and the rest of the band still loves him
  • After Max admits that he doesn't want to be in the band anymore, Oyster and Gideon do as well. They decide to stop being a band, but stay friends.



  • Both Max and Oyster are good in music.
  • The were both in the same band.


  • Max has superpowers but Oyster doesn't.
  • Max is very smart but Oyster isn't so smart.