It's crime time!

— Max's CrimeCaster

Max to the Future is the fifth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 76th episode overall. [1]


Max is concerned that he is not considered a valuable superhero, so he creates a machine that can predict future crimes. [1] The rest of the family meets the amazing nico.


Main Plot

Max walks in on Phoebe while she's practicing on how to fight with a Bo Staff. She tells Max that she wants to add it as another special skill for their team to submit to the Z-Force. Phoebe has included a lot of her other skills such asphotographic memory, speed talking etc while Max's list includes just the superpowers: Heat Breath, Freeze Breath and Telekinesis. Phoebe reminds Max that they need special skills that make them stand out, not just their superpowers. Max suggest including his Gadgets skills but Phoebe laughs at the idea because most of Max's gadgets have backfired. She reminds him of the Nose Hairalyzer which gave Nora a beard, the Evil Eye Patch which turned Harris Evilman evil and the BrainMelt-3000. He shows off his latest Hair-Gel brush gadget which combines hair gel and brush, together at last. But it blows up in his face. Literally.

Max vows to prove to Phoebe that the is good with gadgets. He spends the whole night developing a gadget. He tries to explain to Dr. Colosso how the CrimeCaster works but Colosso is too busy talking to his mother on the phone. Phoebe slides into Max's Lair through the swirly slide to find out why Max called her. Max shows off his newest gadget, the CrimeCaster, a gadget that uses a history of crime statistics to forecast future crimes. This would help superheroes stop crimes before they happen by catching criminals in the act. Phoebe doesn't believe it works.

The CrimeCaster predicts its first crime: Hiddenville High School will be vandalized tonight. So, the Thunder Twins head out to the school to stop the vandal but nothing happens. Phoebe tells Max that he doesn't have to try so hard to add a new skill to the list since their list already has great skills but that's not enough for Max since they're all Phoebe's skills. If they're going to be a team, he needs to contribute something too. Phoebe goes home as Max tries to throw the crimecaster in the trash can.

The following day, Max is talking to Dr. Colosso's mother when Phoebe arrives with good news: the school was vandalized last night. That means Max's CrimeCaster worked. Oh but wait, there's a twist. Max is the one who vandalized the school to prove Phoebe wrong. Phoebe wants to get the gadget back but Max doesn't because he is the one who faked the crime. So, against Max's will, Phoebe goes through the trash at Hiddenville Dump to recover the CrimeCaster gadget. The CrimeCaster predicts another crime: there's gonna be delivery of smuggled goods at a fish warehouse downtown tonight. And the Thunder Twins are gonna be there to stop it! Max worries that Phoebe will be mad when she finds out that he lied to her. But Dr. Colosso suggests that they should make sure Phoebe never finds out. Max asks Colosso to help him fake the gold heist crime so that Phoebe will think that it really happened.

Later that night, Phoebe and Max dress up in disguises and go down-town to the scene of the crime. Phoebe is excited about how the CrimeCaster is going to change crime fighting for good. Max distracts her as he and Dr. Colosso prepare the final steps of faking the crime. Colosso starts making voices behind the curtains to make it sound like the gold smugglers. Unfortunately, he gets a call from his mother and takes it... revealing his identity and his plan to trick Phoebe. Busted! Phoebe gets mad at Max after realizing that he's been faking the crimes since the CrimeCaster doesn't really work... and he's been lying to her this whole time.

Just about then, a bunch of goons enter the area. Phoebe immediately suspects that Max hired them but Max assures her that he doesn't know them. It turns out that these are real criminals. The criminals capture Max and Phoebe and tie them up. While tied up, the Thunder Twins continue arguing about why Max needed to lie to Phoebe. Max tells her that he doesn't want to get to the Z-Force because she is great. He wants to get in because they're both great. Meanwhile, it turns out that the criminals were actually smuggling gold. Phoebe tells Max that the CrimeCaster does really work. Unfortunately, one of the criminals destroys the CrimeCaster gadget. Max uses his Hair-Gel Brush gadget to loosen the cuffs for the twins to escape.

Max and Phoebe go after the gold-smuggling criminals. Phoebe uses her new Bo Staff skill to test her new fighting skill. After an epic fight, the Thunder Twins win. Phoebe agrees to add gadgets to the list of their special skills.

Sub Plot

Since the Thundermans were exposed, Hank keeps getting mean chirps on the chirper from a guy in his bowling team, Nico. Nico complains that Hank had been using his "Thunder Man" powers to cheat at the bowling games. Hank insists that he won the game fair and square. But after revealing that the person sending him mean chirps is The Amazing Nico, Billy and Nora get all excited about getting their dad to let them meet Nico. Nico's biggest trick is that he can walk through walls.

Hank and Barb take Nora, Billy and Chloe to Splatburger to meet The Amazing Nico. The kids ask him to do some tricks which impresses them a lot. They then ask him to walk through the wall but he claims that the Splatburger walls are not clean enough. So, they agree to take him home to the Thundermans house for the trick. Nico starts to blackmail Hank to give him the trophy in exchange for him performing magic tricks for Nora, Chloe and Billy. Hank tries to refuse but he doesn't want to disappoint his kids and prove Nico right.

At home, Nico gets the kids excited about him walking through the wall. He leaves them to choose which wall while he "settles some business" with their dad. Nora walks in on them and finds Nico blackmailing Hank to give him the bowling trophy first. Hank half-heartedly agrees, just to make his kids happy. But Nora knows the truth now and tells Billy and Chloe about it. Nico gets Hank to give up his trophy. Nora tells her siblings that they shouldn't let her dad give up something important to him just to please them.

Nora leads Billy and Chloe to pull the trophy away from Nico. Nico pulls with his full strength and when he's least aware, the kids release the trophy causing Nico to fall through the wall. Now they've seen The Amazing Nico go through the wall, in a way, and their dad gets to keep his bowling trophy.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Hunter Stiebel as The Amazing Nico



  • The title is reference to 1980s-1990s time travel movie Back to the Future.
  • The Crimecaster in the episode draws similarities to the 2002 film, Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise.
  • This was the sixth episode filmed for Season 4
  • Not counting The Amazing Nico, only the main cast appears.



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