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Metroburg is the city where the Thunderman Family used to live before they moved to Hiddenville. This is where most superheroes and supervillains live openly. The Hero League headquarters as well as the Villain League headquarters are both located in Metroburg.


The Weekend Guest

  • Hank and Barb travel to Metroburg for Uncle Alfred's will reading but are disappointed when Cousin Blobbin inherits everything.

Thunder Van

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Nora and Billy are invited by Cousin Blobbin to visit him in his huge mansion in Metroburg and he asks them to pretend to be his children so that he can be allowed to own a dog, Doggin.
  • The dog lady complains to Cousin Blobbin about superheroes in Metroburg being unable to take care of pets.

A Hero Is Born

  • Max and Dr. Colosso travel to Metroburg for Dr. Colosso's "Villain of the Decade" award but it turns out that they were tricked.
  • Phoebe asks Cherry to go with her to Metroburg in order to babysit Chloe while Phoebe fights to save Max.
  • The Villains Headquarters is revealed to be at the old Broccoli Factory.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Max and Phoebe track down Aunt Mandy and find her in Metroburg for her mom's birthday.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • When the Hero League is afraid of Cherry exposing the Thundermans' secret, they kidnap her and take her to Metroburg to have her memory wiped. They later reveal that they just want to wipe her phone memory.

Back To School

Orange is the New Max

  • The Hero League sends Max to Metroburg Juvie for villain kids to give them a "scared-straight" talk in hopes that he would help them switch to the good side like he did.
  • Phoebe reveals that she has all codes in Metroburg ever since she became an official Hero League protector.

May Z-Force Be With You

  • Billy super-speeds to Metroburg to get a flower growth hormone, which Nora uses to help Barb's flowers grow faster than Mrs. Wong's.
  • The Thunder Twins' interviewer for Z-Force gets an emergency call from Metroburg and asks Max and Cherry (disguised as Phoebe) to go save the day.
  • Phoebe gets Chloe to teleport her to Metroburg to help save Max and Cherry.

Come What Mayhem

  • The Thundermans are watching Metroburg superhero news on the Thunder Monitor.
  • The Thundermans go to Metroburg for a Supes Awards ceremony where Hank and Barb are nominated for the lifetime award.

Thunder in Paradise

  • Phoebe goes to Metroburg Super Jail to ask Dark Mayhem how to get rid of his powers from her body.
  • After defeating Destructo, Hank throws him into Dark Mayhem and Strongdor's cell in the Metroburg Super Jail.

Side-Kicking and Screaming

  • Barb and Hank go for a relaxing day at the Metroburg Super Spa.

The Thunder Games

  • Phoebe and Max get teleported to the Z-Force Headquarters by the beams the Z-Force provided.

Known Places

  • Hero League Headquarters
  • Villain League headquarters
  • Hero University
  • Villain University
  • Secret Academy of Superpower Studies
  • Maximum Villain Prison / Metroburg Super Jail
  • Happy Fun Burger
  • Z-Force Headquarters
  • Metroburg Junior Juvenile Jail
  • Metroburg Super Spa
  • Metroburg High
  • Villain Hall of Smash
  • Hall of villains
  • Super Troops
  • Hero League Prison
  • Metroburg Superhero Hospital 
  • Metroburg Supermarket



  • Shanghai, China is used as the background skyline for Metroburg
  • In the Thunderman portrait it is portrayed by Detroit, Michigan.
  • Its structures are similar to that of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.