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Evilman Rise!

— Mike Evillman

Mike Evilman is a recurring character on The Thundermans. He was Hank Thunderman's archenemy and the only villain that he couldn't beat. He's portrayed by Eric Allen Kramer who played Bob Duncan in Good Luck Charlie.


He was a supervillain but he's now retired. Much like Hank, he retired for his family. He now owns a Mattress Store. He might be retired, but he can be evil from time to time. His powers and personality are very similar to Hank, which makes it shocking that they were enemies years ago. Much like how Max wants to be evil, his son Link, however, wants to be a hero, which disappoints him. However, it is revealed by Barb that the reason that Evilman became evil in the first place is because he became “buddies” with Dark Mayhem. After Link and Phoebe became a couple, he eventually became a kind and caring person. He even helped the hero league test Phoebe’s choice on doing the right thing.


Mike Evilman was born and raised in Metroburg, with Super Strength and Flight as his superpowers. He was initially a good guy until he started hanging out with Dark Mayhem, according to It's Not What You Link who slowly helped turn him evil. He had an Ring of Suffering, an evil eyepatch and an ice-base for his evil operations. After becoming a supervillain, Mr. Evilman became one of the toughest archnemesis for Thunder Man. They fought so many times, destroying a lot of cities, but none of them could ever beat the other.

Eventually, Evilman retired from crime and the Villain League and moved to Hiddenville, where coincidentally, the Thundermans had moved to as well. The Thundermans learned that the Evilman Family had moved to Hiddenville in Meet the Evilmans when the Thunder Twins met a boy with superpowers at Splatburger and started researching who he was. They found that it was Link, the son of Mike Evilman. Nevertheless, Phoebe wanted to date Link and Max wanted to meet Evilman so that he could teach him his evil ways and give him his ice-base. So, he used Link's alarm system to bring him over. It took a while for Evilman and Hank Thunderman to recognize each other but Evilman's laughter betrayed him. Evilman was disappointed that his son had chosen to date Phoebe Thunderman and Hank didn't want Phoebe dating the son of Evilman either. He tried to get the Hero League to arrest the family but President Kickbutt confirmed that Evilman had retired from being evil. The fight between the two went on until Phoebe and Link confronted their parents and insisted that they love each other and their parents' differences don't matter. They also made Mike and Hank realize how much they were so much similar.

In Evil Never Sleeps, Phoebe got a call from the Hero League asking her to spy on Mike Evilman since the Hero League suspected that he had come out of retirement and was developing a weapon. It was tough for Phoebe because she didn't want to go after her boyfriend's dad. Phoebe was convinced that Evilman was back to being evil when she learned that Max was doing an internship at the Evilman's Mattress Store. Max believed that Evilman was testing him so that he can hire him as his evil sidekick. When Phoebe discovered a missile under one of the mattresses, she went in to confront Evilman and asked him to turn himself into the Hero League for the sake of Link. But, Evilman refused. So, Phoebe fought with Evilman, defeated him and called the Hero League to take him. President Kickbutt arrived and revealed that Evilman hadn't really turned evil. He was just helping the Hero League to test Phoebe to see whether she would choose the right thing over relationships.

Evilman's support for the Hero League continued as he let his son, Link, join the Hero League.


  • Superhuman Strength: Evilman super strength is just as strong as Thundermans. He has the power to lift and carry heavy objects and can bend solid metal as if it were nothing. Back when he was younger, his fights with Thunderman leveled cities. However, like Hank, he is unable to break out of Phoebe's freeze breath.
  • Supersonic Flying: He is able to fly faster than sound. The exact limit is unknown, but like Hank, usually, when using this ability, he says "Evilman Rise!" before taking off into the air. However, it is possibly not necessary.
  • Invulnerability: He can smash through thick objects, such as the roof of the house, without damaging his body or experiencing any pain.

Former Equipment

  • Eyepatch: Evilman had an eyepatch that contained Evilinium, which amplify his powers and evil instincts (removing all the good in a person). After retiring, Mike destroyed his eyepatch but Max recreated it and his son Harris wore it.


  • Like Hank, he decided to give up being evil so that his three children could have a normal childhood.
  • A lot like Hank, Mike loves to eat a lot of food and sleep.
  • He has a unique evil laugh which makes Hank angry.
  • He sold his Ice Base (evil lair) to open his Mattress Store.
  • His old rival is Hank Thunderman.
  • Before he was evil, he was nice but when he became 'buddy-buddy' with Dark Mayhem, things got out of hand.
  • His last name is pronounced as "Evelman" instead Evilman
  • He made his first Season 3 appearance in Evil Never Sleeps.
  • He assisted the Hero League to test if Phoebe would make the right choice as a superhero or choose her boyfriend. He pretended to launch a missile to destroy the League headquarters.
  • He's 6'4”.
  • He was the only supervillain who Hank couldn't beat.