This page lists all the minor characters that appeared in The Thundermans. For a list of major characters, visit here. For a list of unnamed characters, visit here.

Significant Minor Characters

Multiple Seasons

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Candi Falconman is a supervillain with candy powers who tried to take over Hiddenville by hypnotizing everyone to be her friend. She is the daughter of Falcon Man.

    Candi is portrayed by Jada Facer and appeared in Thundermans: Banished!.

  • Molly is an environmental activist and the new leader of the Green Teens Club. Molly first appeared in 21 Dump Street and last appeared in Looperheroes.

    Molly is portrayed by Addyson Bell and appeared in season 4 only.

  • Destructo is a robot who used to be Dark Mayhem's sidekick before Dark Mayhem went to Superjail. He was briefly Phoebe's sidekick when she was evil in Thunder in Paradise.

    Destructo is portrayed by Tim Neff and voiced by Piotr Michael. He appeared in Thunder in Paradise.

  • Mayor Heinrich Hiddenville III is the former Hiddenville mayor and the grandson of Hiddenville's founder. He always went to school no matter what, even on a day when a bear attacked him. The Thundermans met young Heinrich when time-traveling to 1955.

    Heinrich is portrayed by Owen Joyner and appeared in Save the Past Dance.

  • Smith is one of the best art students at Hiddenville High. She was chosen to create a mural of the Thunder Twins to honor them for saving the school from Dark Mayhem.

    Smith is portrayed by Julia Lester and appeared in Revenge of the Smith.

  • Perry Seinfeld is the brother of Cherry Seinfeld, who lives in Canada and is training to become a hockey pro. Perry came back to Hiddenville because they were honoring him by hanging his old hockey jersey up at the local skating rink.

    Perry is portrayed by Evan Hofer and appeared in Significant Brother.

  • Cheyanne is a famous pop artist who came to perform at Hiddenville High after the school won the fan selfie contest.

    Cheyanne is portrayed by Daniella Perkins and appeared in Rhythm n' Shoes.

  • Assista-Boy is a former sidekick who was a sidekick for Barb and Hank whilst they were in Metroburg.

    Assista-Boy is portrayed by Thomas Lennon and appeared in Side-Kicking and Screaming.

  • Balfour, a.k.a. The Gamer, is the long-lost son of Dr. Colosso. He was raised in an orphanage in Metroburg and was left of Colosso's miniature cape. Balfour was one of the Z-Force hopefuls but lost his chances when the Thunder Twins beat him. When Balfour finds out that the Thunderman Family imprisoned his father, he plots revenge.

    Balfour is portrayed by Joey Bragg and appeared in The Thunder Games.

Other Minor Characters

Multiple Seasons

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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