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Hey! Recycle, butt face!

— Molly, 21 Dump Street

Molly is a character on The Thundermans. She is an environmental activist and the new leader of Green Teens Club, replacing Allison. Molly is portrayed by Addyson Bell.


Molly is confident and aggressive and makes sure that she gets her way. She cares about protecting environment and animals.


In 21 Dump Street, Molly is introduced by Principal Bradford as the new leader of the Green Teens Club taking over from Allison who is currently out on an environment-related camp/mission. She organizes an event for pet adoption and asks Phoebe and Cherry to help with the flyers. Since Molly has a lot of similarities with Allison, Phoebe tries to set her up with Max after his break up with Allison. Phoebe brings her over to the Thundermans house where she finds Max and Dr. Colosso lying on the couch, eating pizza.

Molly is disappointed by the way Max is treating Colosso and feeding him pizza which is unhealthy for bunnies. So, while Phoebe is trying to convince Max to date her, Molly steals Dr. Colosso and takes him up for the pet adoption event. The Thunder Twins find the note she left behind and go after her. Molly does not apologize for rescuing Colosso from the Thundermans. Phoebe calls her a bunny thief. Later when Max and Phoebe head to the pet adoption to get Colosso back, Molly revealed that he was already adopted by Bradford and yelled at them to stay away from him, never seen again for the rest of the episode.

The Green Teens is still active in Looperheroes. Molly and the Green Teens argue with Marine Teens who's going to use the cafeteria.


  • Molly is very similar to Allison in all aspects.
  • She will be back in the penultimate episode of the series, Looperheroes.