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Billy: My dad saves things...
Morgan: Like what? A spot on the couch for your mom?
— Billy and Morgan, Pheebs Will Rock You

Morgan is a character on The Thundermans. She is a student at Hiddenville Elementary School. Morgan is portrayed by Lizzy Greene.


Morgan is the daughter of a firefighter father. She goes to Hiddenville Elementary School along with Billy and Nora Thunderman.

In Pheebs Will Rock You, Morgan is excited about career day because her dad will get to show off his cool firefighting skills. She makes fun of Billy and Nora for not having parents with cool jobs like her and her posse. This pressures Billy to accidentally say that his dad is a superhero. Morgan gets excited to see a real superhero.

On Career Day, Morgan disses other classmates' parents for not having cool jobs. She is unimpressed by Hank's presentation since Hank had to lie that he's a plumber. Principal Manbeck asks Hank to go fix pipes outside and Nora realizes that the pipe above Morgan is about to burst. Nora tries to warn Morgan to move but she responds rudely to Nora. So, Nora goes back and watches as the pipe bursts and sprays Morgan with water all over.

When the water pipes burst, the school is closed for a week, thank to Hank. This makes Morgan happy and she says Billy and Nora's dad really is a superhero.


Morgan is very snotty and stuck up. She is very judgy. She almost makes a pilot cry during the Career Day presentation by calling him "just a bus driver in the sky." She has her own posse.

Episode Appearance

Season 2