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Which breath spray should I use... lime or mint? I'll use both!

— Nate to Phoebe

Nate Lockhart is a character on The Thundermans. Nate is in the same drama club as Allison in Hiddenville High. Nate is portrayed by Thomas Archer.


Nate is quite known for his acting in the drama club. Nate usually has a prominence of dating the lead girls in all his plays. However, he only likes girls that are in plays and that could act.


In Kiss Me Nate, the drama club promotes their upcoming play. Oyster goes up to him and asks if he likes noodles. Allison revealed that she joined the drama club because of Nate's acting career in plays at school. Whoever gets Angel #3, kisses Nate.

In the audition for the lead role, Nate was sitting in the audience talking with Allison. Since Phoebe got the role, Nate congrats her and says that he can't wait to work with her. Nate said that he wanted to go through lines with Phoebe at lunch.

After that, Nate and Phoebe were on the stage practicing the play. Their drama teacher went straight to the last scene because of Phoebe's acting. The last scene featured Nate kissing Allison. Before the kiss happened, Max used his telekinesis to knock over a huge pillar between Nate and Allison. When they tried to kiss again, he threw a bucket between them. Nate starts questioning what happened but Max responded that it was the "kiss curse".

At the opening night, Phoebe was trying to say to Nate that Nate wasn't her type but without realizing Nate had no romantic interest in Phoebe because she can't act. Nate revealed that his motives were to kiss Allison and steal her from Max.

When its Nate and Allison's scene, they finally kissed and according to Phoebe, it was a long kiss.


Phoebe Thunderman

  • Phoebe originally thought that Nate liked her because she had the leading role.


  • Allison joined the drama club because of Nate's incredible acting in plays.
  • Since Allison can act, Nate planned to steal her from Max.


  • Apart from Phoebe, Nate has a reputation for dating all the lead girls in all his plays.