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                                                                                      No Country for Old Mentors is the eleventh episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Despite hoping to be matched with her favorite hero in the Superhero Mentor Program, Phoebe feels pressure to choose her father instead. Meanwhile, Billy and Nora lose their stuff respectively.

Main Plot

Super President Kickbutt calls and tells Phoebe that it's time for her next stage in superhero training time to choose a superhero mentor. Phoebe, Max and Colosso agree that Phoebe should choose Tech Rider. She wants him because he's hot. And Max wants him because of his SuperCycle (super motor cycle).

She calls Kickbutt to tell her that she's chosen Tech Rider but then her dad enters the room and gets excited thinking that Phoebe wants to choose him. To spare her dad's feelings, Phoebe chooses Thunderman as her mentor. Max and Colosso are disappointed. To get Tech Rider, Max puts on Phoebe's dress and a wig to call President Kickbutt, pretending to be Phoebe. Kickbutt doesn't get fooled by Max. So, Max has to look for other means to get Tech Rider.

Thunderman's training turns out to be too boring for Phoebe. She's willing to put up with it, until Max shows her the full schedule. So, she calls Kickbutt and asks for Tech Rider. Thunderman is disappointed.

When Tech Rider comes, Max puts a remote control on the SuperCycle so that he can use it to bring the motorcycle to him. Max and Colosso steal batteries from Chloe's toys to power the remote control. Meanwhile, Tech Rider takes Phoebe on a mission in Metroburg Villain Prison to stop a prison break. When they arrive, he's too quick to act without a plan. Phoebe asks him to assess the situation but instead he rushes into using his sonic wave to block the prisoners from escaping. Phoebe tells him that was a bad choice because the whole place is made using Thundertanium which amplifies sonic waves. The amplified sonic waves throw Phoebe off in addition to opening the doors for the prisoners to escape. Phoebe is quick to get back on her feet. She uses her powers to stop the 12 villain prisoners in an instant. However she's very disappointed in Tech Rider's reckless behavior.

So she hops on the SuperCycle, ready to go home. At the same time, Max starts controlling the motorcycle remotely, directing it to go to him. This causes the SuperCycle to start heading home at a super high speed, with Phoebe on it. Max and Colosso start fighting over the remote control. They accidentally push the wrong buttons, sending the SuperCycle off a cliff. Phoebe falls but before she crashes on the ground, her dad flies over and catches her. She apologizes for ditching him. She agrees to make her dad her official mentor.

Max asks Chloe to teleport him to the bottom of the cliff so that he can trace the SuperCycle. He finds Phoebe and Hank about to leave. Chloe ditches him as revenge for stealing her batteries. Phoebe and their dad leave Max too. Now he has to walk all the way home. Tech Rider, who has now gone back to being Tech Walker after losing his SuperCycle, walks quickly past Max.


Barb is disappointed in both Billy and Nora for losing their jacket and lunchbox respectively. She refuses to buy them new ones. They complain to their dad, who reveals that Barb loses her phone so many times and replaces it. So, they decide to hide some of her stuff to see if she will replace them. She goes to the store to replace her "lost" items but she feels guilty about not replacing Nora's and Billy's. The kids are glad to get new items but after they reveal that they hid Barb's stuff, she wants to ground them for tricking her. But, Nora blackmails her, threatening to tell dad that she now has two of everything. Barb refuses to negotiate, but ultimately compromises and grounds them for 1 week instead of 2.


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  • During the scene that Dr. Colosso questions Max about his plan on stealing Tech Rider's SuperCycle, Max tells him that while Tech Rider was taking a drone selfie with Hank and Phoebe, he was planting a remote on the SuperCycle, but in reality, he was actually behind the trio, startled and confused when the selfie was taken.


  • This was the twelfth episode filmed in Season 3.
  • Carlos Penavega from Big Time Rush guest stars.
  • This episode aired at a special time, 8:00PM.
  • This episode gained 1.82 million viewers making it the most watched episode since the season 3 premiere.
  • There was a random pineapple in the final shot, for no reason whatsoever