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Nothing to Lose Sleepover is sixteenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe uses telekinesis to save her first sleepover from becoming a disaster; Max watches a wrestling match in his lair on the 3-D TV; Hank tries to break Billy's indestructo bot.


Main Plot

Phoebe begs her parents to let her host a sleepover and invite her friends including Cherry, Kelsey, Sarah and Ashley but the Thundermans are concerned that letting non-supes come over for a sleepover could easily expose their powers. The parents eventually cave in and allow her to have a sleepover.

The girls want to watch 3-D Teen Romance on the 3D TV in the living room but Max wants to use it too for a wrestling match he needs to watch. It's a match of a lifetime that Max can't afford to miss. So, he steals the TV and takes it to his lair while Phoebe and the girls are get snacks. When the girls find the TV missing, Phoebe suspects Max right away. But Sarah insists that Max is cute and a genius. Phoebe then sabotages the TV signal so that the TV won't work in Max's Lair. Unfortunately Max has tied up the TV with chains so Phoebe can't get it out either. So, Phoebe wins the war as Max and Dr. Colosso forced to watch the wrestling match through other means. Phoebe goes back upstairs and tells the girls that there were minor technical difficulties with the TV. She tries to get them to do other sleepover activities but they're bored.

The sleepover quickly gets boring and the girls want to leave, claiming that Phoebe hosted the most boring sleepover ever. Sarah asks Ashley if she has a cute brother like Max she can crush on so that they don't have to stay at Phoebe's. Both Phoebe and Cherry try to save the sleepover by suggesting different games. One of the girls suggests they could play "Light as a Feather" game where they try to float someone in the air by chanting - but it never works! Phoebe realizes that she has the chance to impress them by playing the game and using telekinesis to make it look like the game actually works.

Phoebe's plan works perfectly and the girls start enjoying the party. Unfortunately, she is busted by Barb using her powers in front of the girls. With Max's "help" Barb puts an anti-superpower ankle bracelet on Phoebe's ankle which blocks her from using her powers. Phoebe is disappointed because she can no longer use her powers to make the game work. The sleepover goes back to boring mode. Max makes a deal with Phoebe to help her by cutting the ankle bracelet so that Phoebe can use her powers again while Phoebe gets Max's TV back on. He breaks the bracelet but doesn't remove it completely. Max goes back to watch his wrestling game.

To hide from Barb, Phoebe convinces her girlfriends to go outside for another Light as a Feather game. However the anti-power bracelet starts malfunctioning, causing Phoebe's telekinises to malfunction as well. Phoebe gets Cherry floating but is unable to bring her back down because of her powers acting up. The rest of the girls assume that she's floating because their friendship bond is too strong. Cherry gets scared and Phoebe freaks out even more. She asks Max again for help to bring Cherry down. Max refuses but after insisting, he finally gives in. He saves Cherry.

Phoebe thanks Max but he ignores her as he is too busy running back to his basement to watch the most important wrestling moment ever. Max finds that the game just ended. He finds Colosso cheering about how amazing the match was. He says he will watch it later but they announce that they will never show the match ever again. Poor Max!


Hank realizes that he can't break Billy's new toy, Indestructibo Bot. This disappoints him and makes him insecure since he is unable to prove to his kids that he is in fact the strongest man on earth. Barb, Nora and Billy try to come up with ways to make him feel better about himself. They even soften the bot so that when he takes it, it will just break instantly - restoring his confidence.

Eventually the bot falls off the table and breaks by itself, to Hank's disappointment.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Sarah's crush on Max was first seen in Report Card.
  • A device similar to the anti-power ankle bracelet was used on Max in A Hero Is Born by King Crab.
  • This is Phoebe's first sleepover since she wasn't allowed to have sleepovers before Dinner Party when the "no non-supes" rule was lifted.


Phoebe: How do I get them to stay?

Cherry: "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" is always fun!

Phoebe: Levitating! That's perfect! Everybody, we're playing "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board!"

Ashley: That never works.

Cherry: Uhh... my cousin's friend's older sister's boyfriend's neighbor said it worked once.


  • This episode scored 1.8 million viewers
  • This is the first time Phoebe is seen crying.
  • At Phoebe's sleepover they planned to watch 3-D Teen Romance. It may be a parody of the DCOM Teen Beach Movie.
  • This episode was mentioned in Every Witch Way.


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