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Whatever you did to Mommy, you better fix it!

Chloe to Nora and Phoebe

Nowhere to Slide is the twenty-first episode in Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninety-second episode overall. It first aired on January 27, 2018 to 1.19 million viewers.



The Thunder family splits up for the night; the boys decide to survive 24 hours in the wilderness, while the girls try to bond over some of Barb's favorite farm activities from her childhood.[1]

Full Plot

Max, Billy and Hank are laughing at a viral video of a wimpy survivalist in the wilderness who keeps freaking out over every little thing. Barb reminds them that it's much easier for them to judge someone camping in the wilderness, when they themselves can't handle it. Hank disagrees with Barb, claiming that surviving is in the Thunderman blood. Phoebe assures them that Max can't last five minutes in the wilderness without his hairdryer. So, Max tries to prove her wrong by using his Heat Breath to dry his hair... but he ends up burning his hair. Nora, Phoebe and Barb tells the boys that they're more qualified for indoors, not camping. Hank and the boys take this as a challenge to prove to Barb and the girls that they can survive camping in the wilderness.

While the boys are preparing for camping, Phoebe and Nora get a notification that all the 12 episodes of the new season of their favorite show, Best Chefs Forever will be released tonight. They must binge the entire season that night so that they won't get any spoilers when they go to school on Monday. But then Barb enters the room with a totally brilliant idea to give them an old-fashion McBoogers Girls' night experience. She is very excited to finally introduce Chloe to that McBooger family tradition. Chloe is also very excited but Phoebe and Nora are not excited at all. This ruins their plans of watching their show. They argue over who should tell their mom that they don't want to do it tonight. But Barb guilts them into accepting.

The boys are ready to go camping. They are on the driveway, checking to make sure that they've got everything they need. Dr. Colosso is all packed, ready and excited to go with the boys. However, the boys ditch him, claiming that he's not a man. This camping trip is for Thunder men only. Colosso embarrassingly pretends that he was only joking about going. The Thunder men leave for the camping trip but return shortly after. The girls were right. The boys couldn't survive camping in the wilderness. Since they don't want the girls to notice, the boys decide to sneak in quietly and hide in Max's Lair for the entire night. Max reveals that he has wallpapers that they could use to take pictures and send to the girls, making it look as if they were in the wilderness.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Nora and Phoebe are suffering through Barb's McBooger farm-themed girls' night. All they want to do is watch Best Chefs Forever. Barb is dressed as a cowgirl as she happily shows them all the farm activities she has planned for them. She even has got a hay facial and a stuffed alpaca. Dr. Colosso pops up all dressed as a southern belle, ready to join the girls' night. But they reject him too, saying that it's for girls only. Colosso leaves in embarrassment, claiming that he was just joking. Desperate to watch Best Chefs Forever, Phoebe and Nora cover Barb with the "hay facial" mask and the cucumber slices so that they can watch their show without Barb noticing. They turn on the Thunder Monitor so Barb can listen to "calming sounds on the farm" while they watch the show on their phones and plug in their headphones so that Barb won't hear them. But then Chloe asks them what they're watching, making Barb realize she was tricked.

Phoebe comes up with another plan to secretly go to watch the show from Max's Lair, while Nora keeps Barb distracted. Nora zaps Phoebe forcing her to make a deal where they'd take turns sneaking to watch the show. Phoebe lies to Barb that she's going to the bathroom but goes to the lair. Unfortunately, the boys are in the lair, eating their pizza and drinking soda. Max's Mini-Thunder Monitor announces that Phoebe is approaching. The boys quickly hide by Max's bed so that Phoebe doesn't find them. Phoebe walks into the lair talking to herself. She starts watching Best Chefs Forever on Max's computer and sings along to the theme song. Her singing is embarrassing but she doesn't care because she thinks she's alone.

Upstairs, Barb gets concerned that Phoebe has been in the bathroom for too long. Nora offers to go check in on her. Phoebe refuses to go back upstairs as part of their plan. Instead, she asks Nora to get headphones so they can watch together. Nora tries to grab a pair of headphones under Max's bed but grabs Billy's face. Billy managed to quietly hand Nora the headphones without Nora noticing. Nora and Phoebe start watching the show together. While the Thunder girls are watching their show, Dr. Colosso comes over and tells the boys that Barb is coming downstairs. They quickly hide in the swirly slide. Barb arrives and busts Phoebe and Nora. She fries the computer with her powers. She is very furious at them for ditching her McBooger Girls night to watch their show. Barb angrily leaves the lair, saying that she will never do any other fun activity with them again. Nora and Phoebe follow their mom upstairs.

With the girls gone, Max, Billy and Hank try to come back from the swirly slide, but Dr. Colosso advises them to go back, claiming that he can hear someone coming in. Max asks him how he knew Barb was coming downstairs and he reveals that he is the one who tipped her off about Phoebe and Nora because they had refused to include him in their fun activity. The boys had ditched Colosso earlier too. So, he's planning revenge. Dr. Colosso quickly activates the Thundertanium doors, locking the Thunder boys in the slide. The boys try to get out of the slide but they can't. They're forced to spend the night in the slide.

In the meantime, Barb is so angry that she stands outside and uses her powers to create a dark cloud filled with lightning above her. Phoebe and Nora have never seen her mad like this before. They feel bad because they're responsible for it. They try to apologize but they need more than that. To make a big gesture, they turn their house into a farm with real hay and even a real alpaca. They dress up as cowgirls and invite Barb to come and see what they've done. They apologize to her for choosing their TV show over her family activity. Barb accepts the apology and tells them that the alpaca they have is wild. Dr. Colosso reveals that he intentionally "helped" them get the wild alpaca as part of his revenge. The alpaca turns against them but before they can hide from it, it spits on them. Barb uses her farm skills to calm the alpaca down. She asks Nora and Phoebe to clean up all the farm materials from the house, as part of their punishment. After that, she watches Best Chefs Forever with them.

The next day, the girls are actually surprised that the boys made it through the night in the wilderness. Dr. Colosso then rats the boys out, revealing that they've been hiding in the slide all this time. He unlocks the slide for the boys to come out. They admit that not everybody is built for camping outdoors but that is totally normal.

Dr. Colosso hopes the Thunder family learned a valuable lesson since he successfully ruined both the girls' night and locked the boys in the slide, Max throws him in the slide and locks him up there with the wild alpaca as revenge.


Main Cast



  • The title is a play on the phrase "Nowhere to hide."
  • Dr. Colosso actually wanted to hang out with the Thundermans but everyone rejects him and he decides to get revenge on them.
  • The show Phoebe and Nora watched "Best Chefs Forever" is a pun on "Best Friends Forever."
  • Only the main cast appears in this episode.
  • This is the second episode in Season 4 to have an animal in it that wasn't Dr. Colosso.
  • It is revealed that Max has his own Mini Thunder Monitor in his lair, where it alerts him when Phoebe (or maybe other members of the family) enters.
  • It is revealed Dr. Colosso is 48 years old at the time of the episode.


  • It is unknown how Max, Billy and Hank survived the whole night on the slide, seeming as though there was clearly a lack of oxygen in the small, crowded and concealed area they were in.
  • There were times during Phoebe and Nora's performance where Phoebe wasn't strumming the guitar, despite a banjo effect being heard through-out.
  • If the mini Thunder Monitor does warn Max of family coming down then it failed at detecting Barb


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