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Cherry: Stop talking to me!
Cherry to Phoebe

On the Straight and Arrow is the second episode of Season 3 of The Thundermans and the forty-seventh overall. It premiered on July 11, 2015 to 1.41 million viewers.



Cherry asks Max to use his powers to help her pass her drivers' test; Phoebe's jealousy causes a problem between her and her best friend. Meanwhile, with Hank and Barb being more tired than ever due to Chloe's transportation, Nora and Billy trick them into thinking that it is a Saturday.

Main Plot

Now that she knows the truth, Cherry is very happy about having a friend who has superpowers. However, Barb warns Phoebe about using her powers to help Cherry in everything because she might get used to it and take advantage of her.

Cherry is excited about getting her own car but her parents won't let her take driving test until she has passed the P.E class. All she has to do is hit the target in archery to pass P.E. Phoebe reminds her that she is terrible at archery and needs to practice. She also tells Cherry that she will not use her powers to help Cherry all the time.

Meanwhile, Max's Band needs a way to reach their upcoming gig on Friday. Wolfgang had promised the band a car but they realize that his car is in Germany. Max overhears Phoebe and Cherry's conversation about a car and decides to use Cherry for her car. He goes over to Cherry and starts to be her friend. He helps Cherry by turning the clock back to give her enough time to get to class. Then they start walking...

Max and Cherry start hanging out a lot and get really close until Phoebe is worried about losing her best friend to Max. They even share a secret handshake. In an attempt to get her best friend back, she says that she will help Cherry practice archery. However, Max already decided to help her cheat and pass the test.

During the test, both Phoebe and Max hide behind the bushes to help Cherry cheat. When Cherry is about to shoot, Max distracts Phoebe with the classic "Oh look a puppy!" He then uses his powers to control Cherry's arrow to hit the target. However, Cherry gets only a C. Phoebe says that she can get Cherry an A instead. She uses her telekinesis to make Cherry involuntarily shoot the target; but Max starts controlling Cherry's movement, resulting in a very messy uncoordinated movement. As the twins fight to control Cherry's movements, the arrow gets loose and hits Principal Bradford's toe. Bradford gives Cherry a detention. Once Cherry realizes that Max and Phoebe did this, she gets really mad at both of them.

Feeling guilty about getting Cherry in detention, Phoebe begs Bradford to forgive Cherry but the principal gives Cherry more days of detention for "talking to a Thunderman." Phoebe sneaks into the detention room to apologize to her and help her sneak out. But her plan fails when she accidentally causes Bradford to spill hot tea on himself. Bradford catches Phoebe crawling on the floor. He gives her two days of detention but reduces them to one because he hates having Thundermans around and complains that Phoebe never goes home.

Max, hoping to help Cherry out, gets himself into detention too. He starts telling Cherry about his plans to escape. But then the principal catches him and calls him to sit next to him. Cherry uses Max's idea to free the tarantula spider with a mini-bow and arrow. Phoebe wants to help her using telekinesis but Cherry says that she wants to be able to do it herself without relying on "the Thunder Twins." So, she goes ahead but unfortunately, she shoots Principal Bradford's toe. Again!

The kids try to record Principal Bradford freaking out but he offers to let them out of the detention if they stop filming him. Bradford accidentally releases the spider which later bites him on the same toe after the kids leave detention.

Cherry tries her driver's test but fails miserably. Max and his band decide to try and run to their gig, but they crash.

Sub Plot

Barb and Hank are tired of Chloe teleporting all over the place. So, they lose track of time and think that it's Saturday when it is in fact a Thursday.

Nora and Billy play along and use it as an excuse to not go to school on both Thursday and Friday. They even dress up to look like Oscar, their gardener as a way to convince their mom and dad that it really is a weekend. Now that "the weekend" is over, they are worried that the parents will think Saturday is Monday and make them go to school on a Saturday. So, they come up with a plan. They make one of Max's gadget's explode and then claim that it's Max's time machine which sent them back to Friday evening.

The parents realize Billy and Nora tricked them. They are willing to let it slide as long as Chloe doesn't wake up due to that explosion. But of course she wakes up, and they're grounded.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • This was the first episode filmed for Season 3.
  • This episode gained 1.41 million viewers.
  • Principal Bradford was reading a Electress comic book which might means he's a fan of her.
  • This marks the first and only time were Cherry and Dr. Colosso interact.
  • It is revelaed that Detention at Hiddenville High involves wearing an orange jumpsuit normally assosiated with prison


All right! Two more days of detention for talking to a Thunderman!


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