Prank him, Max. Prank sad Tad Bradford back to the storage unit he calls home!

Original Prankster is the sixteenth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.



Despite promising his girlfriend that he would stop pulling pranks, Max pulls an epic gag that his friend gets blamed for. Also, Phoebe tries to get the family to be nice to Mrs.Wong so that she might be nice to them too.[1]

Main Plot

Max takes Allison on their sixth month anniversary at Splatburger. His gift for Allison turns out to be a prank. He pranks Evan (who's on a date with his lizard) which makes Allison really angry about Max's pranking.

So, Allison "gift" for Max is prank-intervention where she gets a group of Max's prank victims so that they can tell him how bad his pranks are. However, Max goes ahead and pranks them. Allison threatens to break up with him but he promises to stop pranking and even shakes on it.

Max is worried that he has to give up pranks for Allison. Colosso asks him to do one more big prank so that he leaves with a bang. So, he puts on a red hat and heads to school to prank Principal Bradford.

The following day, Bradford is found hanging in school. After the janitor helps him out, Bradford vows to identify and expel whoever pranked him. Allison suspects Max but Max refuses to admit that he did it. Bradford's first suspect is Max too. While searching his locker for the red hat, Max uses telekinesis to throw the hat away from his bag. Accidentally, Wolfgang enters the hallway and picks up the hat. Bradford sees him wearing the red hat and so he expels him to be deported out of the country and back to Germany. Max vows to help him out. So, he asks Wolfgang to stay in his lair while he comes up with a plan.

Allison comes over to the Thundermans house to apologize for suspecting Max. But Max feels guilty about lying to her because of her trusting eyes. He therefore admits that he pranked Bradford. Allison gets mad at Max, but Max then does show how he is trying to make amends by hiding Wolfgang in his lair from Bradford. Max tells her how this was the big-bang finale for pranking, and he gets what Allison was saying; he needed someone he cares about getting hurt. Bradford arrives at their door after getting a tip from Dr. Colosso telling him about Wolfgang hiding in their house. Max admits to Allison that his pranking was hurtful, and plans to confess to Bradford that he was the one who pulled the prank. However, Allison sees that Max has learned his lesson, and forgives him, also prevents his confession to Bradford. Max asks Allison to allow him to prank Bradford one more time to get rid of him. Allison refuses. But then when Bradford hears Allison's voice, he starts making fun of her and her bike. This turns Allison against Bradford and she allows Max to prank Bradford. Max activates "Prank Mode" in the house which turns almost every part into a booby trap. Max shows Allison where to step. He then opens the door for Bradford who has to suffer through all through all the pranks. When Bradford finally finds Wolfgang, he says that he's no longer expelling him since he discovered that the school gets money for having exchange students.

Max promises Allison a real anniversary dinner. Allison pranks Max with the classic "Kick Me" sign on the back. This is her way of accepting Max, with his prankster ways.


When Mrs. Wong destroys another one of Nora and Billy's kickballs, Phoebe convinces the rest of the family to be nice to Mrs. Wong. She argues that Mrs. Wong is only mean probably because she hasn't been shown any love. The rest of the family says that she is just naturally mean and should be left alone.

Phoebe gets the rest of the family to be nice to Mrs. Wong. Against Billy's and Nora's desires, they go to fix Wong's broken fence. Wong brings them a present to show her appreciation and asks them to attend a party at her house the following day, 3:30pm. When they go to her house, they realize that they're the only ones there. It turns out that Mrs. Wong only wanted to use them to service her party for the PTA. Phoebe discovers that Mrs. Wong's goal is to impress the PTA so that her restaurant can be paid to provide food for the school.

She asks Billy, Nora, and Chloe to show the PTA what kind of a person Mrs. Wong is and how much she hates kids. They start throwing balls all over, which gets on Mrs. Wong's nerves until she loses her cool and starts shouting at them and how much she hates the Thundermans. The head of PTA says that if Mrs. Wong can't be patient with kids, she doesn't deserve the offer.


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  • In Beat The Parents, Phoebe reveals that Allison managed to cut down Max's pranking by 40%.
  • Wolfgang is almost expelled and deported from the United States. He joined Hiddenville High in One Hit Thunder as a foreign exchange student from German.
  • Evan's love for iguana, Eleanor was first mentioned in Pretty Little Choirs as he was the chairman of the iguana / lizard club.
  • The events of this episode take place 6 months after the events of "He Got Game Night," as Max and Allison hold their six month anniversary.
  • Max fought to maintain his title as the king of pranks in Hiddenville High during the season 2 episode, Max's Minions.
  • It is hinted that Principal Bradford lives in a storage locker/unit in this episode. This is officially confirmed in 21 Dump Street where it's revealed that Bradford sleeps in a set of school lockers.


  • This was the twenty-first episode shot in Season 3.
  • The episode title is a reference to the song wikipedia:Original Prankster by the American rock band, The Offspring.
  • This is the second episode in which the Thunder Twins were not seen to have any interaction with each other. The first was Cheer and Present Danger.
  • Max was not seen to have any interaction with the rest of his family as well. This is the only episode where one family member doesn't have contact with the rest of the family.


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