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Song About Episode
Livin a Double Life Theme song of the series. all episodes
Kind of World Performed by Phoebe. Pretty Little Choirs
American Dream Performed by MKTO. Shred It Go
Bonus Toe Performed by Max's Band. One Hit Thunder
Monstermans Special Halloween-themed opening sequence. Happy Heroween
Oh Colosso Sang by Max to Dr. Colosso. Parks & T-Rex
Merry Meerkat Song Performed by Max's Band. Ditch Perfect
Best Chefs Forever A theme song of a show that Phoebe and Nora love. Nowhere to Slide


Object About
Thunder Monitor A smart home monitor used by the Thunderman Family.
Thunder Van (Object) Hank's old super hero van.
Super Suits The costumes worn by superheroes and supervillains during missions.
Dark Mayhem's Orb The world's first power-sapping orb developed by Dark Mayhem and the Villain League that takes away superpowers from superheroes.
Nora's Bows A collection of bows owned by Nora Thunderman.
Achilles Comet A dangerous comet that sometimes passes the Earth and messes up the Earth's magnetic field, causing the Thundermans' superpowers to go wonky.
Malvexium An element that can destroy the superpowers of superheroes and supervillains if they come into contact with it.
Thundertanium The strongest metal in the world that even Hank can't break through.

Families and Relationships

Group About
Thunderman Family A family of superheroes who moved from Metroburg to Hiddenville to live a normal life. This is the central family of the show.
Evilman Family A family of former supervillains now living in Hiddenville. Mr. Evilman used to be Hank's greatest nemesis.
Thunder Kids The Thundermans kids: Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora and Chloe Thunderman.
Max and Phoebe friend circle Phoebe's and Max's friends as seen in multiple episodes.


Organization About
Z-Force An elite team of superheroes that only enrolls the best superheroes under the Hero League. Max and Phoebe are currently nominees and must go through a rigorous training and recruitment process before qualifying to join the Z-Force.
Max's Band A boy band by Max and his friends Oyster, Gideon, Angus and later Wolfgang.
Green Teens An environment club at Hiddenville High School. It was previously headed by Allison but Molly is currently the president following Allison's departure.

Danger & Thunder Crossover

Event About
A crossover with Henry Danger. It does not count officially as a Thundermans episode.


Article About
Evil Phases Explores the various times that the Thundermans go through an evil phase, with a focus on Max and Phoebe.
Chirper Social media used in the Thundermans universe. It is a parody of Twitter.
Thunderverse Term referring to the universe in which the Thundermans events take place.
Clones Clones are exact-replica of an individual. The first clone on the Thundermans is Clone Phoebe in Phoebe's a Clone Now.
Unnamed Characters List of onscreen-credited figures appearing in The Thundermans without separate articles of their own elsewhere.
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