Sometimes, it sweats!

— Owen


Owen is a minor character on the Thundermans. He is a friend of Billy's and has a play date with Nora in I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka. Owen is portrayed by Max Jimenez.

Nora plans a play date with Owen but Max accidentally gives Nora a beard using the Nose Hairalyzer. Nora pretends to be sick that day as Max looks for a cure to Nora's beard. She tries to cancel her play date with Owen but it's too late after Billy brings him over. During the games, Nora tries to hide her beard but eventually gets busted.

Max confronts Owen for judging Nora about her beard but Owen reveals that he has hair on his back. He lifts his shirt and shows Max and Nora a huge bush of hair. Max tries to make fun of him and kick him out but Nora says she's fine with his back hair since he is fine with her beard. He tells them that the back hair sweats sometimes.


Nora Thunderman

Owen had a play date with Nora. He has a crush on her.

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