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Oyster is a recurring character on The Thundermans. He was the lead guitarist in Max's Band. Oyster is portrayed by Tanner Stine.


Season 2

When Phoebe first saw him, she had a huge crush on him because of his bad boy image and his beautiful song, "Goodbye Mikayla". Barb laughed at the fact that Phoebe's crush's name is "Oyster!" when Max introduced her to Oyster, as his band-mate. While Phoebe changed to a "bad girl" image to impress Oyster, Max tried his best to break them up because he didn't want his band-mate dating his sister.

When they finally go on a date, Phoebe realizes that Oyster is obsessed with his guitar and in fact, the song, "Goodbye Mikayla", was about his former guitar. Oyster reveals that he only wanted to date Phoebe because his guitar chose her. Phoebe uses telekinesis to make the guitar choose Max's band. Oyster then heeds his guitar's 'decision' and officially becomes a member of Max's band.

After that Oyster hangs out a lot with Max and the other band mates, Gideon and Wolfgang. Oyster and the rest of Max's team tried to become friends with Phoebe's friends in The Neverfriending Story but Max and Phoebe went to great lengths to stop them from becoming friends. Their plan didn't work in the end. Oyster hangs out with Phoebe's friend Cherry in Doppel-Gamers as they play a video game together with Max and Phoebe.

Oyster helps Max win a pair of ear blaster headphones in Mall Time Crooks but he gets stuck in the game machine after the Thunder Twins are "arrested" and banned from the mall for stealing.

Season 3

As seen in Doppel-Gamers, Oyster has become curious about Chloe Thunderman because she is way too old for a 6-month-old. In the same episode, he points out the man-shaped holes in the Thunderman's house ceiling. When Phoebe and Max realize that he might find out their secret, Cherry offers to distract him.

When Max quit his own band to hang out with more "shady characters" in Exit Stage Theft, Oyster tries to keep the band together and even knits a new guitar strap for him.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Oyster leads the band to play at the prom after Max refuses to show up. It is revealed that both Cherry and Oyster have a crush on each other.

Season 4

In Date of Emergency, Oyster and Cherry become officially a couple, "Choyster", and go on a triple date with Allison and Max and Phoebe and Gideon. In Ditch Perfect, when Max wants to break up the band, Oyster admits that he wants the band to break up to because he wants to spend more time with Cherry.

After they disbanded the band, most of the band members started a new club called Marine Teens, which is like the Green Teens. In Looperheroes, Principal Bradford confirmed all 3 of the clubs, "Tambourine Teens" as well. Bradford booked all 3 of the clubs to use the cafeteria so that he could watch the chaos that'll happen.


Oyster is a little out there. He has infatuations with his guitars that are near and dear to him. Oyster has a rocker personality.


Cherry Seinfeld

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  • Cherry and Oyster met through Max and Phoebe, became friends and developed a crush on each other. They started dating in Date of Emergency.

Max Thunderman

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Phoebe Thunderman

  • Phoebe had a crush on Oyster in Pheebs Will Rock You because she thought he was cool and Oyster liked her because his guitar "chose" her.
  • Phoebe went to great lengths to prove to Oyster that she's a bad girl, which impressed him. Max tried to sabotage the relationship, though without success.
  • During their date, Phoebe realized that Oyster was too obsessed with his guitar and he's not as cool as she had thought. They agreed that they shouldn't date but Oyster still wanted Phoebe because the guitar chose her. Eventually, Phoebe made Oyster choose Max's Band instead.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Oyster found his guitar Patty at a garage sale under granny panties.
  • Oyster formerly had a guitar named "Mikayla" that got destroyed during a hot air balloon ride and has a current guitar named Patty.
  • Oyster was a member of Max's band before they broke up.


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