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Paging Dr. Thunderman is the eighteenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Max and Phoebe take Billy to the hospital when he hurts his thumb while they're babysitting him. After Max sees a needle and faints, they all must make sure the doctors don’t see his brain scan which can expose their powers; Barb and Hank try to enroll Nora into a fancy private school.


Main Plot

Max and Phoebe are left in charge of Billy when their parents take Nora to an interview at a prestigious girls school.

It doesn't take long before Billy breaks things in the house with a frisbee before hurting his finger. Max and Phoebe are worried because they can't take Billy to a normal hospital and at the same time they don't want their parents to find out. They go to Dr. Colosso for help but to no one's surprise, he turns out to be useless. Max insists that they take him to a hospital. He has a box of "doctor-fooling" stuff that they would use to avoid being exposed as superheroes.

At the hospital, Billy puts on a fake ear on one side, along with a fake arm and the doctor falls for it. Billy's tests are successful and the doctor advises them to just go back home and ice his finger regularly. The thunder kids are relieved that their powers weren't exposed.

Unfortunately, the nurse comes into the room carrying a huge needle which causes Max to faint instantly. Billy, being Billy, accidentally suggests that they should do a brain scan on Max. That's guaranteed to expose the extra superhero brain lobe. The test results are taken but the kids must get Max's files before anyone sees them.

In order to get the files, Max and Phoebe steal some doctor uniforms while Billy puts on a nurse uniform. Phoebe goes in to collect Max's folder but unfortunately, she is mistaken for one of the young doctors in training. So, she's pulled into a surgery demonstration.

The search for the brain scan is interrupted when Phoebe gets a text from Barb saying that Nora's been accepted at the girls school. Billy then runs away upset because he believed Nora lied to him. Billy is worried that he and Nora won't get to hangout and play. He tells Max that he can't live without Nora because she means so much to him. Billy says he doesn't want him and Nora to end up like Max and Phoebe. This hurts Max and he sits down to explain his relationship with Phoebe. Max tells Billy that even though he is always fighting with Phoebe, they don't hate each other. It's simply sibling bickering, which is cute. He would never hate Phoebe or do anything to hurt her. Sisters are for life, he says. This cheers Billy up and he runs to continue the search.

Back in the doctor demonstration room, Phoebe is unwillingly volunteered by the instructor to demonstrate to the rest of the medical students how to remove a mole from a guy. Not only doesn't she not know how to medically remove it, she is terrified by the mole. She is about to confess but just when she says, "the truth is...," Max comes to her rescue saying that the truth is she doesn't work without him. Max asks Phoebe to distract the class. Phoebe asks them to tie their shoe-laces before the demo begins. Max then freezes the mole with his freeze-breath and removes it. When the class looks up, Phoebe and Max show them that they've removed the mole. They make an epic exit, leaving everyone in the room confused about what just happened.

The Thunder Twins team up with Billy and are successful in getting Max's folder. Billy, reveals to Phoebe that Max cares about her and that he said sisters are for life. He then runs away, leaving Max denying he ever said that.

Back at home, Max and Phoebe ask Billy to act normal when the parents arrive. But of course, Billy accidentally reveals his swollen thumb to them. Max attempts to whisper to Phoebe to get out of there, but of course, she left leaving Max to explain what happened to Billy's thumb.  


Barb wants to take Nora to Primridge School For Girls, a prestigious girls school for an interview to see if she would be interested in joining. Nora doesn't like the idea because she wants to stay back at home and play with Billy. But when Hank mentions that there will be ice-cream, both Nora and Hank are thrilled and excited to go, just for the ice-cream.

While waiting for the interview, one of the students makes fun of Nora for having a food stain on her dress. She says Nora won't pass the interview. This makes Nora mad and after an exchange of harsh words, Nora vows to pass the interview. She turns on her good Nora side.

Nora surprises everyone at the interview. She acts uncharacteristically super-nice and full of good etiquette. She speaks fluently in French and turns out to be very familiar with the French culture, which impresses the Dean Bartholet. Barb and Hank are just shocked. Nora passes the interview.

However, the school turns out to be very expensive and Hank is reluctant about writing the check. Even worse, the schedule is so tight leaving Nora no time to play with Billy. The Thundermans agree that the school isn't worth it. Since the dean is unlikely to give them their check back, they plan to sabotage their chances of joining the school by showing them the real Thundermans. When the ice-cream comes in, they plan to eat it in the most disgusting indecent way possible. The dean comes in and is grossed out. She gives them their check back and kicks them out of the school.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rodney J. Hobbs as Dr. Miller
  • Dan Sachoff as Dr. Hobbs
  • Caitlin Muelder as Dean Bartholet
  • Sabrina Vittore as Nurse
  • Eden McCoy as Snooty Girl
  • Joshua Hoover as Mole Patient


  • Nora's fluency in French resurfaces in He Got Game Night when she uses Max's machine to become smarter.
  • Hank's love for eating shown in this episode is a common theme throughout the show.
  • Billy and Nora say that they're each other's best friends. They never make other friends throughout the show. When Chloe got in the mix, Billy had to make up a fake friend to make Nora jealous.
  • Max has been shown many times to hate admitting that he loves and cares for Phoebe, especially in front of her, many times throughout the series.



Max:Do you know how many times I tried to get Phoebe transferred to another school?
Billy:Yeah. But Nora is my best friend. You don't like Phoebe.
Max:Is that what you think?
Billy:You guys fight all the time.
Max:We don't fight. We bicker. It's like arguing but cuter. And it doesn't mean I don't care about her. Phoebe and I will always be there for each other. Just like you and Nora will.
Max:Of course. Sisters are for life!
— Max about Phoebe
Snooty Girl:You dripped ice cream on your dress.
Nora:Oh yeah! (rubs it). All gone.
Snooty Girl:Good luck getting in here. Primridge Girls don't wear their food.
Nora: Your butt is going to be wearing my foot if you don't mind your own beeswax.
Snooty Girl: My butt wouldn't be caught dead in those unfortunate shoes. (laughs)
— Nora and the Snooty Girl


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