This page lists all the major character pairings that appeared in The Thundermans. For a list of characters, visit Characters and Minor Characters.

Thunderman Family

  • Thunder Twins is the twin / frenemy pairing of Phoebe and Max Thunderman. They are the first-born twins of Barb and Hank Thunderman and elder siblings of Nora, Billy and Chloe Thunderman.

    Phoebe is portrayed by Kira Kosarin while Max is portrayed by Jack Griffo.

  • Billy and Nora are siblings and best friends. While they have disagreements at times, both of them usually get along well, care a lot about each other and always work together to figure stuff out.

    Billy is portrayed by Diego Velazquez while Nora is portrayed by Addison Riecke.



Other Pairings

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