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You can't tell me what to do, you're not my mother BOOM!

— Barb

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe and Max use one of his devices to make Hank and Barb act like teenagers. Meanwhile, Billy and Nora spend the weekend at Cousin Blobbin's house.


Main Plot

Both Phoebe and Max are invited to Winnie Lee's party and in fact Max's Band is playing. The only problem: Winnie's parents are not home for the weekend, meaning Barb and Hank won't let them go to a party without parents. Bummer!

Max has already come up with a plan. He tells his parents about the invitation and insists that Winnie's parents are going to be there. In fact, he gives them a number to call Winnie's parents for confirmation. The call goes well until the recipient on the other side says "because that's what real dads do" which raises a lot of red flags. The parents walk into Max's Lair and bust Dr. Colosso pretending to be Winnie's dad. The Thunder Twins back away slowly.

Next plan. Max and Phoebe dress up in library clothes and tell their parents that they're going to the library. Hank pulls Max's shirt, it falls off, revealing party clothes inside. Phoebe blames Max for planning on ditching her. But then Barb pulls Phoebe's clothes off revealing she was dressed in party clothes too. Busted! The twins start begging for permission. Max has to be there to help Oyster with his band and Phoebe needs to go because Winnie Lee is the most popular girl in school. Barb and Hank insist that they won't let them go as long as there is no parental supervision. Max and Phoebe argue that their parents don't know how to have fun. The parents remind the twins that they in fact met at a party. It's also the same day that Barb got her Electress powers. Phoebe and Max give up and leave. Hank reveals to Barb that he didn't even know Max and Phoebe were wearing breakaway clothes. It could have gone really wrong! Then Blobbin comes to take Billy and Nora to his house for the night.

Max slides into his bedroom only to find Phoebe waiting for him. She's holding Max's BrainMelt-3000 machine and challenges him to tweak it to make their parents think they're teenagers again. Max agrees to wipeout their parents adult minds.

Phoebe and Max sneak into the kitchen where Barb and Hank are eating. Phoebe slowly places the BrainMelt-3000 next to them and Max activates it. The parents are zapped for a couple of seconds. When they regain consciousness, they have no idea where they are. It worked. Barb starts speaking in a valley-girl accent. Phoebe convinces them that they're in Hiddenville for the night. "Teenage" Barb and Hank are excited to be left alone in the house with no parents. Barb calls herself Barbie and adores Phoebe's hair. They want to join Phoebe and Max for the party but Phoebe tells them it's invite-only.

The twins leave for the party only to find everyone leaving the party because it has moved. To the Thunderman's house! Phoebe and Max rush back home only to find Barb and Hank are throwing the party and acting like teenagers. They are dressed in Phoebe's and Max's clothes. Max and Phoebe are embarrassed by what their parents are doing. They want to shut the party down but when Cherry tells Phoebe that Barb is dancing with Winnie Lee, Phoebe decides to hold off for a moment to impress the popular girls. She asks Max and Oyster to start playing.

At first, everything is smooth but then Barb takes out Phoebe's diary and starts showing it to Winnie Lee and Madison. When Madison starts reading out Phoebe's embarrassing secrets, Phoebe grabs the diary away and confronts Barb about it. Max's band is about to play the next song when he notices Hank charging people money to enter into Max's lair through the swirly slide. Max goes inside only to find a lot of kids in the lair using his gadgets and charging their phones. They had unplugged the BrainMelt-3000 from charging. Max tries to kick them out and even threatens to call his parents. But they just laugh at him. Oyster announces that Mr. Thunderman is breaking stuff upstairs and everyone leaves.

In addition to the embarrassment, Phoebe is worried that their parents are going to expose the Thundermans as superheroes. She convinces Max to change their parents back to normal. The Brain-Melt isn't charged yet and still needs at least four more hours to be functional. An alternative way to charge it is by using a huge power surge... like the Electress power surge. So, Phoebe and Max must recreate Barb and Hank's kiss which produced a huge power surge. They convince the parents to go into Max's lair. They turn the temperatures so low that Barb and Hank get really cold. The twins then ask Hank to give Barb his jacket but he refuses. Phoebe starts blaming Max for all this but Max reminds her that it was her idea. The twins start arguing. But behind them, Hank finally gives Barb his jacket and they kiss. Dr. Colosso tells the twins that they're missing the fireworks. Phoebe takes the BrainMelt-3000, charges it and and zaps the parents again. They regain their memories.

The parents come back to their senses. Phoebe and Max explain what they did. They also reveal that the parents actually threw the party. Hank and Barb go upstairs and kick everyone out.

To punish Max and Phoebe, the parents start acting like teenagers and force the twins to do everything in the house. When Billy and Nora get home Blobbin shows them photos of the party.


Billy and Nora are invited to Metroburg to meet Cousin Blobbin's new dog. They are amazed by how huge Cousin Blobbin's mansion is. They ask to see the dog but Blobbin confesses that he doesn't have the dog. Not yet. In order to be allowed to adopt the dog, he must prove that the dog will live in a happy family. So, Billy and Nora must pretend to be his kids. Nora and Billy refuse to be used as puppets but Blobbin promises to buy them things! They're in.

Time for the dog to arrive. Mrs. Ruben arrives at Blobbin's house to bring the dog. She is very strict and is not comfortable about leaving a dog with a superhero. To make matters worse, Billy and Nora become hyper-active after eating the high-energy spazzberries that Blobbin bought for them. They start running all over the house, ruining Blobbin's chance of getting the dog. Nora even burns a coach cushion with her laser eyes. This convinces Mrs. Ruben that Blobbin's house is not safe for the dog. Billy accidentally reveals that Blobbin isn't even their dad.

Blobbin becomes a mess and starts crying. Billy and Nora feel bad for ruining his chance of having a dog. Mrs. Ruben comes back for her keys that Nora and Billy had hidden. When the dog shows interest in Blobbin, Nora uses her powers to cut the rope. They then scare Mrs. Ruben away. Blobbin keeps the dog.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jocelyn Ayanna as Mrs. Ruben



  • The title is a reference to Will Smith's rap song "Parents Just Don't Understand".
  • This plot was also used on Wizards of Waverly Place's episode Meet the Werewolves as a subplot in which Max makes his parents' food taste like kid food in order to make it taste good. Afterwards Jerry and Theresa eat it, and as a result they act like little kids, then afterwards teenagers.
  • Third appearance of Cousin Blobbin.
  • First appearance of Cousin Blobbin's mansion.
  • First appearance of Winnie Lee.
  • Second appearance of Madison.
  • Madison was taking a selfie with Phoebe and Cherry in this episode, although Madison still hates them.
  • This episode scored 1.6 million viewers.
  • Barb and Hank acted as children; like Max and Phoebe's age, and loved going to parties.


That was... NICE!"

— Hank

"You can't tell me what to do, you're not my mother BOOM!"

— Barb


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