Parks & T-Rex is the seventh episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 78th episode overall.[1]


While preoccupied with Z-Force training, Phoebe and Max discover that they have forgotten special family events. [1] The whole family goes to prehistoric putt while Max stays home taking care of Dr. Colosso.


Main Plot

Phoebe and Max come back from Z-Force training only to realize that they've missed Chloe's pre-school graduation party. They realize that they've been so caught up with training that they have missed a lot of family activities. Phoebe promises to make it up to them by running a Phoebe Family Fun Night. She even makes them t-shirts. Everyone agrees to go except for Max.

The following day, Phoebe takes Chloe, Nora, Billy, Barb and Hank to the Prehistoric Putt, one of the newly opened Hiddenville Parks. They had tried to go without success previously. Unfortunately, she finds the guard closing the park, saying that it's closed because the dinosaurs are broken. Phoebe begs the guy to let them in but he refuses. The guard leaves but luckily leaves his keys behind. Phoebe steals the keys and lets her family in. Phoebe tries to hide from her family the fact that they're not allowed to be in the parks.

The family is having the best time at the Prehistoric Putt. Hank enjoys the golf course and is so close to the final hole. They go to get a snack at the chicken-leg vending machine. Phoebe overhears the guard talking on police radio. To hide her family from the truth, she forces them into the photo booth and throws away Billy's chicken leg. The guard comes along with another guy looking for the tresspassers. After the guard leaves, Phoebe lets her family out of the photobooth and asks them to play the remaining holes very fast. She accidentally gets Chloe to teleport home. One down. Four to go.

Hank is about to hit the golf ball into the final hole - dinosaur's mouth - when the guard arrives and busts them. He warns them about the broken dinosaur - just before the dinosaur starts breathing fire. This knocks off the guard and his buddy. The Thundermans must figure out a way to save the guard without exposing their superpowers. Phoebe finds a huge ball and asks Hank to hit it into the dinosaur's mouth. This stops the fire. The guard confronts Phoebe for stealing his keys.

Phoebe apologizes to the rest of the family for lying to them and breaking into a closed park. She explains that she only did it because she felt guilty for spending so much time training for Z-Force and missing family events. Barb and Hank tell her that they're not disappointed. They understand she's been busy saving the world and training.

The guard borrows one of the "Phoebe Family Fun Night" t-Shirts. He displays the t-shirt next to a post saying that Phoebe Thunderman is banned for life.

Sub Plot

While Phoebe and the rest of the family are at the Prehistoric Putt, Dr. Colosso tells Max that he misses spending time with him. He tells Max that he's sick and asks him to call the Super Vet Doctor. The doctor tells Dr. Colosso that he just needs to exercise more and he'll be fine. She also mentions that there's a "bunny fever" going around which melts the insides.

Dr. Colosso uses this to trick Max into spending time with him. He tells Max that he has bunny fever and it's caused by abandonment. And the only way to make him feel better is for Max to spend time with him. He writes a song and gives it to Max to sing for him. It turns out to be a song where Max says how much he loves Dr. Colosso. While upstairs, the Thunder Monitor announces an incoming call from the super vet. She says that she just wanted to check out on how Colosso is doing with his training. She reveals to Max that Dr. Colosso doesn't have bunny fever. He's just tricking him. Max plans to prank Dr. Colosso.

Back in Max's Lair, Max tells Dr. Colosso that bunny fever is caused by tiny clothes. So, the only way to make him better again, is to burn all of Colosso's costumes. He starts burning the tuxedo with his Heat Breath. This causes Dr. Colosso to admit that he doesn't have bunny fever. He just misses Max. Max admits he misses him too because of Z-Force training and promises to spare sometime for him too.

Colosso asks Max to sing for him one more time.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Enn Reitel as Basil Healy Hutchinson (Parks Guard)
  • Kirsten Eggers as Super Vet Doctor
  • Jason Scott Jenkins as Large Security Guard



  • The episode title is based on TV series Parks & Rec, which is short of Parks & Recreation.
  • When Max said Dumbledore, it is a reference to Dumbledore from Harry Potter.


The Thundermans - S04E06 - Parks & T-Rex - Super Vet - Sneak Peek-0

The Thundermans - S04E06 - Parks & T-Rex - Super Vet - Sneak Peek-0


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