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Pheebs Will Rock You is the fourth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe tries to turn herself into a bad girl to impress Max's new best friend Oyster, who is in Max's new band. Meanwhile, to impress snotty classmate Morgan, Billy tells her that Hank is a superhero.


Main Plot

Phoebe and Barb are in the Thundermans living room as Phoebe talks goes on and on about this new cute bad-boy rocker boy she has a crush on. She says that the boy's name is Oyster but Barb is turned off by his name. Phoebe says that Oyster wrote a very cute song called "Goodbye Mikaila." She wishes she could get someone to introduce her to Oyster. Then the door opens and Max enters with Oyster carrying a guitar. Max introduces Oyster to the family but when Oyster says hi to Phoebe, Phoebe gets so nervous that she starts rapid talking. Her mom gives her a brownie to shut her up and stop her from embarrassing herself.

Max tells them that he and his friends Oyster, Gideon and Angus are going to start Max's Band and they will be practicing in Max's Lair. Max kicks Dr. Colosso out of the basement because it's embarrassing being seen with a rabbit in the bedroom. He sees Phoebe putting on a wig and Phoebe tells him that she's doing an Oyster - make over. Max laughs at Phoebe and tells Phoebe that she and Oyster have nothing in common. Oyster is a bad boy and Phoebe is a good girl. Phoebe swears to prove to Max and Oyster that she can be a bad girl too. She puts on dark make up, dresses in all black and dyes her hair purple and goes to down to Max's Lair during band practice. Meanwhile, Max struggles to come up with a band name.

Unfortunately, all the make up in the eyes make it difficult for Phoebe to see clearly, causing her to get entangled in Oyster's guitar causing everything to fall apart. She tries to apologize at first but remembers that she's trying to be a bad girl, so she says "Whatever! I don't care!" Max kicks her out of the lair by pointing her to the stairs because she can barely see. She sits at the couch in the living room. Oyster comes over to where Phoebe is seated and starts talking to her. Phoebe continues knocking over and breaking things accidentally. Oyster says she's like a disaster goddess. He also reveals that he likes her. So, they plan a date.

However, Max does not want his bandmate dating his sister. He tries to get Oyster not to date Phoebe but Oyster says that his guitar chose Phoebe. Max starts looking for Oyster's replacement in the band without success. Gideon wants Barb to join the band as the lead guitarist but Max finds it embarrassing to sing with his mom. Also, Gideon develops a huge crush on Barb, which Max finds disgusting. So, Max has no choice but to sabotage Phoebe and Oyster's date and get Oyster back.

Phoebe and Oyster's date begins well despite Oyster reserving a special spot for his guitar, Patty to sit. Oyster says that his guitar always eats with him. It's him and her against the world, ever since Mikaila - as in "Goodbye Mikaila." Phoebe tells Oyster that she liked his "Goodbye Mikaila" song and asks if he would ever sing a song like that for Phoebe. Oyster quickly replies that he would never write such a song for Phoebe. What? He only writes songs about his guitars. Mikaila was his guitar, not a girlfriend. Until Oyster accidentally dropped the guitar out of a hot air balloon. Phoebe realizes that Oyster is crazy. She plans to end the date. She and Oyster are not compatible. She hates it when Max is right.

Just before telling Oyster what she was thinking, Phoebe sees Max coming. She doesn't want to admit that Max was right. So, she pretends to be still interested in Oyster. Max then brings an album of Phoebe's photos doing nice things to prove to Oyster that Phoebe isn't the bad girl she says she is. Phoebe tries to make it look like she was only doing those good things for the bad reasons. But at some point Oyster asks Max what's wrong with helping an old lady. So, Max's plan fails.

Plan B. Max apologizes for ruining Phoebe and Oyster's date. He calls them Hiddenville's cutest couple. To make it up to them he offers to give Phoebe and Oyster a gift. He tells them that he has hired Chainsaw to shave Phoebe and Oyster, giving them matching Mohawks. Phoebe hesitates but Max tells her Chainsaw's time is precious because he needs to go back to prison. Max found him on the internet. He gives other inmates mohawks. Phoebe realizes Max's plan and sarcastically asks how she can thank him. By going first, says Max. Phoebe takes a mirror and tries to imagine how her head would look with a Mohawk. She freaks out and screams out loud. She tells Max that she doesn't want to be shaved by Chainsaw. She also comes clean to Oyster that she doesn't want to date him anymore.

Oyster says he was dating Phoebe because his guitar chose her. Phoebe then uses telekinesis to point the guitar towards Max. He tells Oyster that it looks like the guitar changed its mind and chose Max. Max and Gideon accept to take him back in to Max's Band.

Chainsaw steals the Thunderman's microwave.

Max's Band makes their first performance at Wongs Pizza Place. Oyster says that he has his first song that isn't about a guitar. It's about a special lady. Phoebe thinks the song is for her. It turns out to be for Mrs. Wong. Phoebe is a little disappointed but whatever, she doesn't care!

Sub Plot

It's the career day at Billy and Nora's school. Everyone gets to say the cool jobs that their parents do. Billy and Nora are sad because they can't tell their classmates that their parents are superheroes. When a student called Morgan starts making fun of Billy and Nora's parents for being retired and not having a job, Billy feels the pressure to say that his dad is a superhero. Nora freaks out about it before Billy realizes that he's just revealed to Morgan about his dad. Nora tells Hank about what Billy said at school.

Hank accepts to come to school for the career day but pretend to do a different job. During the career day, Hank says that he saves the world by being a plumber. Morgan and the rest of the kids are not impressed. Hank is asked by the teacher to go and repair a leaking pipe. He goes outside and tries without success. Billy comes over and watches him trying. He tells Hank he can stop now. He doesn't have to impress him. He already knows he's a superhero to him for showing up for career day. Hank then tells Billy to watch his dad fix the pipe by bending it using his Thunderman powers. This causes the pressure in the pipes to accumulate.

In the classroom, Nora hears the water in the pipes running and automatically knows that her dad is "fixing things." She realizes that the water pipes are going to burst and pour on everyone, starting with Morgan because of where she was seated. She tries to warn Morgan but Morgan responds rudely to her. So, Nora lets her have it.

The pipes burst and the entire school floods. The school gets closed for a week, thanks to Hank Thunderman. Morgan and other kids thank Nora and Billy's dad for getting the school cancelled. He truly is a superhero. Fortunately, Morgan didn't think that Hank was a real superhero.


Main Cast

Reccuring Cast

Special Guest Cast



Max: Come on, Phoebe. Chainsaw's time is precious. He needs to get back to prison.
Chainsaw: I give free haircuts to the inmates. I'm a sweetheart like that.
Phoebe: Max, how do you know this dude?
Max: I don't! Thank you, internet. There you go, Chainsaw. Let 'er rip.

Dr. Colosso: Looks like somebody's trying too hard.  Phoebe: Oh, shut it furface!

Phoebe: (repeatedly) Whatever, I don't care.

Max: I can't have a bandmate dating my sister.

Dr. Colosso: (singing) Phoebe your really creepy, Phoebe smell like pee- (gets covered by blanket by Phoebe) what, I was gonna peaches.

Angus: (to Oyster) Yeah man, you made an oath while Gideon sweating trying to do pull ups in gym class.

Gideon: Muscles are for sell-outs.

Billy: I just had a crazy dream that I told everyone that dad was a superhero.

Nora: And I just had a crazy dream that I dragged you out of here by the ear.

Billy: Wake up Nora, Wake up!!


  • This episode scored 1.8 million viewers
  • Lizzy Greene (Morgan) currently stars on the Nickelodeon series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn As Dawn. She is actually a very close friend of Diego Velazquez and Addison Riecke.
  • First appearance of Oyster, Gideon & Angus
  • Maxford and Sons is a twist on the band Mumford and Sons.
  • The title is an allusion to Queen's song "We Will Rock You."
  • Second and final appearance of Hiddenville Elementary School.

Running Gags

  • Gideon's infatuation with Barb with the others replying back "Gideon, not cool!".
  • Phoebe saying "Whatever, I don't care" while trying to impress Oyster.
  • Max can't decide on a band name.


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