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Heck, I'm the protector of Hiddenville. If something went wrong, I'd call myself.

Phoebe Monica Rachel Thunderman is one of the main protagonists of The Thundermans.

She is a superhero whose superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath and Freeze Breath. Her superhero name is ThunderGirl. Phoebe is portrayed by Kira Kosarin. Like the rest of her family, Phoebe has superpowers and is training to become a superhero.


Phoebe is the oldest daughter of Barb and Hank Thunderman, alongside her twin brother Max Thunderman. She was born 20 seconds earlier than Max. Her younger siblings are Billy, Nora and Chloe Thunderman, and they are the Thunder Kids.

Phoebe was born and raised in Metroburg when their parents were still active superheroes. In 2013, the Thundermans moved to Hiddenville to live a normal life.

School and Friends

In Hiddenville, Phoebe goes to Hiddenville High with Max. At the school, Phoebe made her first friend, Cherry Seinfeld who is still her best friend. At first, the friendship was a challenge because Phoebe had to lie to her best friend to keep the family's superpowers a secret.

Phoebe also made other friends like Sarah and Ashley through Sarah's group of smart students after joining them for Math Bowl in Report Card. Phoebe was a perfect match for the group because she was already one of the smartest students. However, at the same time, she still struggled to fit in with the popular girls. One of the popular girls, Veronica, attacked her with spitballs during choir solo auditions. Madison became Phoebe's enemy after making Phoebe fail cheerleader tryouts and trying to humiliate Cherry. Any attempt to become friends with Winnie Lee ended up in humiliation until Phoebe stopped trying. By the junior year, she managed to become friends with one of the cheerleaders, Maddy and her friend Roxy. However, Cherry remains to be Phoebe's best friends.

Since joining the school, Phoebe has been very involved in most school activities. She was the captain of the Math Bowl in Report Card. She ran for class president in You Stole My Thunder, Man but she ended up losing it to Max. She tried for school choir in Pretty Little Choirs but Veronica attacked her with spitballs. She helped organize school dance in The Amazing Rat Race and the junior prom in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. However, her school life hasn't been smooth because she often finds herself in trouble with Principal Bradford who hates both Phoebe and Max.

Superhero Training

Phoebe showed her desire to train and become a superhero and her dad offered to train her. In Thunder Van, she started training to join the Hero University but after she had Max messed up in the Thunder Van, she decided to take it slow. However, by Cape Fear, she realized that she needed to put more effort in training after her best friend from Metroburg got her Superhero Cape. Unfortunately, she ruined her chances when she sneaked to a rooftop party and used telekinesis to save someone from falling. She let Max take the credit so that she doesn't get in trouble. Max blew up the chance for both of them to get the superhero cape.

Phoebe didn't give up on getting the superhero cape. In A Hero Is Born, Phoebe exposed the family's secret to her best friend Cherry so that Cherry can babysit Chloe while Phoebe saves Max from the evil villains led by King Crab. As a reward for saving Max, the Hero League awarded Phoebe a superhero cape.

In Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel, Phoebe officially started her training to become a superhero. The Hero League assigned her to become the protector of Hiddenville as part of her training. Since Hiddenville doesn't have a lot of criminals, she made a deal with Max so that Max will keep committing crimes while Phoebe practices to stop him.

In Evil Never Sleeps the Hero League tested Phoebe's ability to make the right decisions as a superhero by having her choose between saving the world and turning over her boyfriend's dad, Mike Evilman. It was a tough choice for Phoebe but eventually, she chose to report Evilman even if that means breaking up with Link. She passed the test.

The next step of Superhero training, the Hero League asked Phoebe to choose a superhero mentor in No Country for Old Mentors. With Max's help, she got Tech Rider as her mentor but he turned out to be reckless. So, she finally chose Thunder Man to be her mentor.

In I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka, Phoebe confronts the Hero League for kidnapping and trying to erase Cherry's memory. President Kickbutt later revealed that they only wanted to erase the phone memory.

In Back To School, the Hero League discovered that Phoebe hadn't taken her fifth-grade power-assessment test. So, President Kickbutt forced her and Max to go back to Secret Academy of Superpower Studies in order to take the test, or else Phoebe would not qualify to become a superhero.

Superhero Ascension and Z-Force

Phoebe was exposed as Thundergirl in the special, Thundermans: Secret Revealed. In Season 4, she and Max will fight crime together, after he becomes good, in the special. She will also have to deal with the fame with all her friends after everyone found out about her being, Thundergirl.

In Thundermans: Banished!, Phoebe started training Max to become a good superhero like her. She also got nominated for a chance to join the legendary Z-Force, an elite team of superheroes. This got her distracted from training competition between her and Max. After the Thundermans are banished from Hiddenville by the Hero League, Phoebe and her brother risk everything to come back to Hiddenville and save the city. In the end, both she and Max are nominated for the potential spot on the Z-Force.

Since getting the opportunity to join Z-Force came up, Phoebe has been training vigorously with her twin brother, Max, in order to qualify for the Z-Force slot. In Smells Like Team Spirit, she was worried that Max might mess up and ruin their chances of joining the Z-Force but eventually, the Thunder Twins learn to work together. In Max to the Future, she submitted her skills to Z-Force for the team, but Max wanted her to submit at least one of his skills: gadgets. She eventually realized that Max's gadgets do actually work and therefore included them as part of their team's special skills.

Phoebe suffered a neck injury in May Z-Force Be With You when Principal Bradford accidentally hit her during ping pong, causing Phoebe to fall off the staircase. Unfortunately, this happened just before an important Z-Force interview which would advance the Thunder Twins to the final stage of the recruitment process. While Phoebe was on full body cast, she trained Cherry to pretend to be her for the interview and it worked.

Evil Phase(s):

Main Article : Evil Phases

In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe is possessed by the Green Ghoul, causing her to become temporarily evil. She goes up to the Hathaway's house and fights Hank for some time. After that, Max tricks the Green Ghoul into thinking that he was going to destroy his father, which lead Miles to also possess Phoebe and get rid of the Green Ghoul. Phoebe returns to normal.

In Come What Mayhem, Phoebe makes a life-changing decision when one of Max's pranks threatens to ruin the 75th Supe Awards ceremony. When Max tells her that back when he was evil he had planted a stink bomb to go off during the Supe Awards, Phoebe feels that it's her duty to clean another one of Max's mess and save their chances of getting into Z-Force. Since the stink bomb is put inside a Thundertanium casing, it needs an electro-plasma blast to disable it. So, Phoebe suggests taking in Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb but Max warns that Dark Mayhem's powers are pure evil and would turn anyone who uses them evil. Max makes a gadget that utilizes lemon's electro-plasma energy but Phoebe doesn't have much faith in Max's gadget. So, she absorbs Dark Mayhem's powers anyway. She stops the stink bomb despite the fact that Max's gadget would have worked as well.

When Phoebe tries to return the superpowers to the orb, the powers fail to get back in. The powers instead turn Phoebe evil, making her eyes glow red.

In Thunder in Paradise, Phoebe starts having nightmares where she's evil and using her evil Dark Mayhem's powers for evil. She tries to talk to Max about it but Max is still mad at her. To make things worse, the evil powers start taking control over her, making her do things involuntarily like pouring pancake syrup on Max's head. Out of options, Phoebe goes to the Metroburg Superjail to ask Dark Mayhem how she could get rid of the evil powers but Dark Mayhem tells her to embrace the powers and complete his plans of taking over the world and get revenge on all superheroes. He tells her that she will find everything she needs at a cave at the bottom of the Weeping Volcano in Hawaii. Phoebe tells Dark Mayhem that she will never be as evil as him. She will be more evil. Her eyes glow as her hair develops red highlights, turning her fully evil.

On returning home, Phoebe asks Chloe to secretly teleport her to Hawaii but when the family overhears Chloe, they decide to go to Hawaii for their vacation. During the vacation, Phoebe keeps the family distracted as she goes to the cave. After putting Billy in danger, she runs away and rents an ATV and goes to the cave. Max figures out that something is wrong with Phoebe and chases after her on an ATV. But Phoebe overpowers him with Dark Mayhem's powers, steals his ATV and rides away. Max goes back to get Nora and Billy. Phoebe finds Destructo (an android head). Destructo was Dark Mayhem's sidekick and has all the plans about the next phase. Max, Nora and Billy find Phoebe talking with Destructo. Destructo tells Phoebe about Dark Mayhem's secret supply of Malvexium - the only element that can destroy a hero's power. Dark Mayhem was to use the volcano eruption to spread Malvexium throughout the earth's atmosphere, leaving every supervillain and superhero in the world, powerless. Phoebe loves the idea and agrees to go with Destructo to Dark Mayhem's lair. Nora accidentally shouts, exposing where she Max and Billy are hiding. They try to take away her powers with Dark Mayhem's Orb but she overpowers them and destroys the orb. She leaves the cave and destroys its entrance, making it impossible for her siblings to escape.

In Dark Mayhem's lair, Phoebe finds Destructo's body but refuses to attach him until after the masterplan is complete. Destructo complains that Phoebe sounds just like Dark Mayhem. Destructo shows Phoebe the Villain Changing Beam under which Phoebe gets a new evil costume. She loves her new look. The next step is to lower the Malvexium into the boiling lava hidden beneath the cave. Phoebe is interrupted by Max and the rest of the family when they arrive at the lair. She overpowers them and traps them under Dark Mayhem's force field which makes it impossible for them to escape or even use their powers against her. Now they have to watch her take over the world. After pouring Malvexium into the boiling lava, there are only 10 minutes before the volcano erupts. Phoebe's family wait for the countdown, powerless.

Max manages to get the pieces of the broken orb to function. With help of Barb's Electrokinesis, they power the orb which absorbs the force field and Dark Mayhem's evil powers from Phoebe. Phoebe feels sorry for everything she did. But it's almost too late because the volcano is about to erupt and Destructo has figured out a way to attach his head to his body. Now he wants to complete the plan. Hank takes care of Destructo while Phoebe tries to stop the volcano from erupting. Phoebe, feeling guilty, asks Max to lower her down to the boiling lava so that she can use her freeze breath to freeze the lava. It works just the last minute.

Phoebe thanks Max for standing by her side and trying to save her.


Phoebe Thunderman is very friendly, unless you catch her with her twin brother, Max. She is very smart and is willing to take the chance of living a double life (as a normal student and a superhero). Also, being a superhero and living a regular life does not stop her either. She still works to accomplish everything she can. She exceeds her best friend, Cherry Seinfeld, and tries to do everything in an orderly fashion.

Phoebe Thunderman may look like your average girl next door, but her superpowers will make you think the opposite! But that doesn't stop her from trying to fit in. She's a responsible, straight-A student who tries to play by the "no-powers" rule... unless her aspiring villain and twin brother Max forces her to do otherwise!

Phoebe is an intellectual. She loves math, and is a tad bit nerdy. She’s trying to navigate having a social life, dealing with boys (she has a crush), friends, and hiding her superpowers, including freeze breath, telekinesis, and other fun stuff.

After her brother decided to become a superhero, Phoebe and Max started to get along. This is shown in "The Thunder Games", where she let her brother win. She was also very touched that he quit Z-force to come back and save her and their family from The Gamer, and that lead to she and Max’s twin power being featured, which defeated The Gamer. Thanks to her brother’s actions, Dirk Turbo was fired for his selfishness and replaced by the Thundermans.

Alternate Versions of Phoebe

Throughout the series, there have been multiple alternate versions of Phoebe Thunderman.

Evil Phoebe

See Evil Phase

Clone Phoebe

This was a clone of Phoebe created by her brother Max in the episode Phoebe's a Clone Now. Clone Phoebe was a lot like the real Phoebe. She could talk and had the same sense of humor as the real Phoebe and was also smart until Max accidentally knocked her head with books. She turned dumb and the Thunder Twins had to spend the rest of the day trying to keep her under control.

Spirit of Christmas Past

The Spirit of Christmas Past came to Max in Phoebe's form during his dream in Winter Thunderland. She talked with a valley girl accent. When Max first saw her, he thought it was the real Phoebe and screamed telling his parents that Phoebe had finally snapped. She took Max to the past and showed him how his plans to ruin Christmas always turned out to be good for the family. Later on, Max speaks in the Valley Girl Phoebe's accent in front of the real Phoebe.

The Spirit of Christmas Present

This version of Phoebe also appeared to Max in Winter Thunderland.. She was dressed up in a present costume and kept beating Max. She took Max to that Christmas morning to show him what would happen if he gave Nora a terrible gift.

The Spirit of Christmas Future

This was the final version of Christmas Spirit Phoebe to appear to Max in Winter Thunderland. She dressed in dark clothes with a goth-girl persona. She hated everything and failed to find anything funny. She refused to "thunder bump" Max and told him they mind text in the future, after which she mind-texted him a bad word. She took Max to the future to show her what really became of the Thundermans family because of Max stealing everyone's Christmas presents. She is the one who convinced Max that what he had done was really bad and made him change his mind. She refused to bring Max back to the present.

Bad Future Phoebe

Also, in Winter Thunderland, when the Spirit of Christmas Future took Max to the future, they found a version of Phoebe who was very evil. Phoebe had turned into an evil villain who ruled Hiddenville High with an iron fist. Literally. Her hand had been caught and replaced with an iron fist. She enslaved students and teachers at the school. Max liked this Phoebe because she was embracing being evil.

Devil Phoebe

Devil Phoebe appeared on Phoebe's table in Can't Spy Me Love. She was dressed in red with a horn like a devil. She tempted Phoebe into using the Hero League's "Find A Fiend" app to track the cute boy. She said the boy was "dangerously cute." Later on, when the cute boy came to the house, Devil Phoebe convinced the other Phoebe's to not tell the real Phoebe because they were excited about pizza.

Angel Phoebe

Angel Phoebe appeared to Phoebe on the other side of Devil Phoebe. She was dressed in white and had wings like an angel. Phoebe thought it was the classic trope where the angel would guide her to make the right choice. Unfortunately, Angel Phoebe joined Devil Phoebe in tempting Phoebe to use the Hero League app. She convinced Phoebe to use it because that was the first boy she ever liked since Link.

IT Phoebe

While Angel Phoebe and Devil Phoebe were distracting Phoebe in Can't Spy Me Love, IT Phoebe was already using the Find A Fiend app' to track the cute boy. She also helped Phoebe back up in the cloud. 'IT Phoebe was dressed like an IT girl and had a lanyard and glasses.

Phoebe Hood

This was a version of Phoebe in Phoebe's story to Chloe in Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs. Phoebe Hood had a great bow and arrow skills and used them to fight injustice and save the poor from the rich. The evil Sheriff Maxingham and King Colosso got mad at her for ruining their plans. So, they held fake archery contest to draw her out. They caught her in an attempt to catapult her out of the kingdom. But, Sheriff Maxingham had a change of heart and helped Phoebe Hood escape. Phoebe Hood invited him to join her Merry Crew.

Phoebe Monsterman

Phoebe Monsterman was a witch in Dr. Colosso's spooky story, "The Monstermans," in Happy Heroween. She lived with the rest of the Monstermans family in Humanville where they disguised themselves as humans in public. She tried to convince humans that she wasn't a real witch by frequently saying, "I'm not a real witch." She made a man disappear.



Max Thunderman

Main article: Thunder Twins
  • Max is Phoebe's twin brother and even though Max pulls pranks on her she usually forgives him. They usually don't get along, and despite Max being good now, they still tease each other a lot. Despite their annoyances with each other, they stick up for each other when they need each other the most. They are starting to get along a lot more now.

Billy Thunderman

  • He is Phoebe's little brother who has super-speed. He isn't that bright and often hangs out with Nora and Chloe. They are similar in that they are both naturally friendly, and terrible at keeping secrets. Phoebe has used Billy for her personal gains sometimes. However, they don't hang out a lot, and they both tease each other quite a bit.
  • In Cookie Mistake, Billy gets chosen by Phoebe to go to Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace as a result of them not spending time together. Whilst they are at Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace, they have time to bond.

Nora Thunderman

  • Nora is Phoebe's little sister who has the power to shoot lasers from her eyes. Phoebe is scared of Nora. They hang out sometimes and can get along, too. They are both extremely determined to be superheroes and are willing to do whatever it takes. When Billy and Nora had their biggest fight ever in Are You Afraid of the Park?, Nora turned to Phoebe.

Hank Thunderman

  • Hank is Phoebe's dad who has super-strength and can fly. He was born in Metroburg. Even though she thinks he is somewhat lame, she really looks up to him.
  • When she gets the offer of having Tech Rider as her mentor she wanted to ditch her dad but changed her mind and remained Hank as her mentor.

Barb Thunderman

  • Barb is Phoebe's mom who's superpower is being able to shoot lightning at an enemy. She is overprotective with Phoebe and wants Phoebe to be safe as shown in Chutes and Splatters. She was born in a barn.

Chloe Thunderman

  • Chloe is Phoebe's youngest sibling who has the superpower to teleport. They don’t talk or hang out often. Phoebe wants to be Chloe's favorite sibling.
  • In Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs, Chloe says that Max is her favorite, leading her to become jealous. She tells Chloe the story of Phoebe-Hood, where she is a hero and Max the villain. At a certain part when Max walks in, Chloe teleports him to Antarctica, and Phoebe must make an alternate ending to the story.


Cherry Seinfeld

Main article: Phoebe and Cherry
  • Cherry is Phoebe's lively first best friend. Cherry almost found out about her powers and was the first non-supe to go inside the house. Cherry and Phoebe hang out a lot and do things together.
  • Phoebe hated keeping her secret away from Cherry because she's her best friend. To save their friendship, Phoebe told Cherry her secret.


  • Phoebe and Allison are friends and work together most of the times, but they can also get a little too competitive. Phoebe cares about Allison and wants her to be Max's girlfriend.
  • In Beat the Parents, she goes through great lengths to keep Max and Allison together. She even got into a wrestling match, fighting to protect their relationship.


  • Kelsey is Phoebe's friend who was one of the four girls invited to Phoebe's sleepover. She appeared alongside Ashley, Cherry and Sarah.


  • Sarah is Phoebe's friend. Phoebe doesn't like Sarah having a crush on Max because she thinks that's creepy.
  • In The Girl with the Dragon Snafu, when Phoebe joined the popular girl group, which comprises Winnie, Sabrina and Emma. To make up for what she did, she got Billy to go to China to get a Chinese Dragon.

Winnie Lee

Main article: Winnie and Phoebe
  • Winnie is Phoebe's friend and considered her apart of the popular group.
  • She tried several things to try and make Winnie notice her.
  • When she discovers that Winnie and the girls aren't very smart and don't care about learning, Winnie kicked her out of the group. After this, it probably means that Phoebe and Winnie aren't friends as they used to be.


Link Evilman

Main article: Phoebe and Link
  • Link and Phoebe both had powers and Link and Phoebe meet in Meet the Evilmans. They began dating later. Also, they were willing to never tell their fathers because they're rivals.
  • Since Phoebe got Link motivated into becoming a superhero, they broke up so that Link could be the superhero of Hong Kong.

Cole Campbell

Main article: Phoebe and Cole
  • Cole was Phoebe's first crush since the Thunderman Family moved to Hiddenville.


  • Phoebe develops a crush on a member of Max's Band, Oyster.
  • Phoebe develops a crush on him due to his song "Beautiful Makayla", which he was referring to his guitar, and his bad boy image.
  • Phoebe loses interest in Oyster when she imagined herself with a mohawk but they still are good friends.


  • Phoebe has been crushing on a boy called Dylan. She evens drools over a picture of Dylan.
  • When Cherry gives Phoebe an idea, Phoebe goes up to Dylan and asks him for a playdate.
  • The play date was going great but when Max without knowing takes Rusty, Dylan's younger brother, Dylan wants to know where he is. Phoebe kept on making excuses but Dylan was getting impatient. Just in time, Phoebe switches the babies, even though Dylan has Rusty, he's still angry at Phoebe.


Main article: Phoebe and Gideon
  • Gideon has had a crush on Phoebe for a long time.
  • Constantly, he kept on telling people that they are dating which irritates Phoebe.
  • In Can't Hardly Date, Phoebe had enough as well as Max with Sarah so they both paired Gideon and Sarah together.

Henry Hart

  • In crossover Danger & Thunder, Henry Hart, also known as Kid Danger, started to adore Phoebe, but she admits that he is too young for her. Phoebe apparently has a great admiration for Henry (And Captain Man) for his heroic deeds.

Perry Seinfeld

  • When Cherry introduces Phoebe to Perry, they instantly have a crush on one another.
  • Phoebe wanted to date him but she didn't want to make Cherry feel bad.
  • When Perry asked her to go on a date, she said yes although Cherry said not to go out with him.

Powers and Abilities

Primary Powers

  • Telekinesis: Like her brother, Phoebe can move objects with her mind. Currently, limits to her power are not known (the most objects previously manipulated were three). With this power, she has been able to demonstrate multiple effects such from manipulating waves to stopping motion.
    • Telekinetic Blast: Like her brother, She can create blasts of telekinetic energy. These blasts are strong enough to destroy objects.
      • Semi-Force Field Generation: In Haunted Thundermans, when possessed by the Green Ghoul, Phoebe was capable of blasting telekinetic multiple telekinetic waves at once to stop Max from attacking her.
    • Telekinetic Maneuver: In Evil Never Sleeps and various other episodes, Phoebe was capable of redirecting the path of a suitcase with ease and manipulating the direction of an object.
    • Binding: In Give Me a Break Up, Phoebe was able to stop a boomerang from hitting Cherry by freezing it in suspended animation.
    • Telekinetic Combustion/Explosion: When manipulating an object with Max, a common effect is telekinetic combustion where the object explodes and/or breaks into multiple pieces. This was seen in Weird Science Fair.
    • Ergokinesis: In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Phoebe and Max were capable of moving, binding, and manipulating Dark Mayhem's Energy Projectiles.
    • Motor-Skill Manipulation: In Breaking Dad, Phoebe and Max were capable of manipulating the movement of Hank during the time he was in deep sleep. With this, they were capable of moving his arms, legs, and etc. to achieve effects of Hank being awake while he was really sleeping.
    • Levitation: Phoebe can remotely levitate others people or objects in the air. While being under the possession of the Green Ghoul, Phoebe could levitate herself in the air and sustain it as if she had flight. This was also used various times as an advantage to increase her physical jumping abilities as shown during The Thunder Games in her fight with Max.
  • Freeze Breath: Able to breath pure cold like Max, which she can use to freeze people in ice. It apparently has no long terms effects. She can also use this to make snow. It is also revealed to also work on ghosts. (Haunted Thundermans). According to Phoebe, if Phoebe and Max's ice breaths touch, they could freeze a whole city.
    Output Ral47G.gif
    • Stone Transformation: In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe and Max turned the Green Ghoul into stone.
    • Ice Ball Projection: In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe was capable of creating Ice Sphere Projectiles when under the possession of the Green Ghoul. 
  • Heat Breath: Like Max, she can breathe blasts of pure heat, which can achieve multiple feats such as melting people who have been frozen, or heating objects.
    • Fire Ball Projection: In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe was capable of creating Fire Sphere Projectiles when under the possession of the Green Ghoul.
  • Super Intelligence: Like her brother, Phoebe has super intelligence. She is able to do tasks such as hack her brother's computer system and is also very good at average school subjects, particularly math.
  • Thundersense: Like her brother, Phoebe gains the ability to sense danger before it occurs. However, it is not always specific enough to tell what the danger is. She gained this ability before her brother did. (Thundersense).
  • True Sight: As a Superhero she has the power to see and hear ghosts.( The Haunted Thundermans)
  • Twin power: When Max and Phoebe hold hands they create an energy in their hand. It can power through a chip design to stop them use powers, create a massive explosion with a punch, and short circuit electric device.

Powers Given by Orb

By in taking Dark Mayhem‘s powers, Phoebe was capable of using his evil abilities, allowing her to complete various feats. These powers were removed at the end of Thunder in Paradise, though. She apparently didn't seem to have all of his evil powers, like his Flight/Levitation or his Laser Vision/Heat Vision, but it possible she didn't know she had them and also her glowing eyes were possibly her Heat Vision to imitate Max if he didn't back off. Also when Phoebe had Dark Mayhem’s powers she was also able to change the color of each of them, as Dark Mayhem only had green color while Phoebe had green and red.

  • Ergokinesis: By using the power-sapping orb, Phoebe obtained Dark Mayhem's ability to easily manipulate and generate energy (as well as manipulating other forms of energy like fire, electricity, plasma, and electromagnetism in conjunction with ergokinesis to shoot at random targets in her evil dreams). This energy manifests in a greenish color with a green energy aura around her hand and can be used to destroy, push, and even disintegrate her targets. Her eyes also glowed red for imitating others and red highlights appeared on her hair. This is the first ability displayed by Phoebe and she use it multiple times as her main offensive system.
    • Destruction/Disintegration: With the help of Dark Mayhem’s powers, Phoebe is capable of destroying and inducing disintegrating on any object that her energy touches. She first used this ability in Come What Mayhem when she destroyed Max’s stink bomb which was made of Thundertanium, the strongest metal on earth.
    • Electrokinesis: Phoebe was seen using electrokinesis in conjunction with ergokinesis to shoot at random targets in her evil dreams. 
  • Force Field Generation: By using the power-sapping orb, Phoebe is also capable of generating force fields, that are capable of protecting herself and trapping others, with ease. Unlike Dark Mayhem's, this energy manifest in red color, instead of green. Phoebe can also shrink her force-field down as a force field like projectile to use it offensively and defensively as she did when she first used this ability to trap her family in a force field to keep them from getting out. Although she doesn’t have to concentrate to use this abilities, she is capable of controlling it with enough concentration.


  • Photographic Memory: Phoebe has a photographic memory that allows her to remember information or visual images in great detail even after seeing it for a very short time. This was first revealed in Smells Like Team Spirit. This was later mentioned again and used in Max to the Future when she searches the trash to find Max's CrimeCaster.
  • Acrobatics: In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Phoebe did flips and backflips and cartwheels all over the place. This makes her very agile and flexable which serves her well in hand-to-hand-combat. She later demonstrated this in Max to the Future, when she slid into Max's Lair through the swirly slide, doing flips on his bed and landing on her feet.
  • Indomitable Will: In The Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe showed some resistance against the Green Ghoul when he possessed her.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: In Thundermans: Secret Revealed and various other episodes, Phoebe could take on Dark Mayhem and her brother Max with using nothing but her physical prowess. Like Max she is skilled in landing equal blows on the opponents and also skilled in using anything as a weapon as in Exit Stage Theft she and Max used junk to take down 3 bad girls. In the final The Thunder Games, she and Max were equally match until Max gained the upperhand, but it revealed Phoebe lost on purpose.
    • Expert Bo-Staff Combatant: In Max to the Future, one of the skills she listed on her Z-Force application and was capable of actually doing was using a bo-staff. She used this against one of the criminals who was smuggling gold.
  • Japanese Conversation: In Max to the Future, one of the skills she listed on her Z-Force application was Japanese Conversation.


  • Kira Kosarin was the second person to be cast on the show after Rosa Blasi.
  • Phoebe's full name is revealed in "Thunder in Paradise" to be "Phoebe Monica Rachel Thunderman."
    • Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are the names of the three lead female characters on the television series, Friends aired in the 1990s on NBC.
  • Purple is Phoebe's favorite color.
  • When they were 5, Max beheaded her dolls.
  • Cherry is the first friend Phoebe made since they moved to Hiddenville.
  • Phoebe didn't want any Thunderman Family member to read her diary since its a secret.
  • When Phoebe attended Secret Academy of Superpower Studies, they had to wear super suits.
  • On her picture day at Hiddenville High, Max pours chocolate and cheese all over her.
  • It drives Phoebe crazy when Max puts an empty jar of peanut butter on the shelf.
  • She once tried greasing Max's slide.
  • When Phoebe was younger, she wore braces.
  • She got her braces stuck in a metal fence when she tried to practice kissing on it.
  • She wears a retainer whenever she goes to bed.
  • Phoebe has a teddy bear called Mr. Grumbles.
  • Thanks to Phoebe, Max's Lair didn't explode.
  • Unlike Max, she enjoys attending Hiddenville High.
  • Phoebe can play the keyboard.
  • She was born 20 seconds before Max.
  • Phoebe isn't good at keeping secrets as shown throughout various episodes.
  • She has a good singing voice as she was able to sing Kind of World in Pretty Little Choirs
  • As a result of getting nervous, she claps extremely loud.
  • Phoebe used her powers to give a freeze kick and a super wedgie in Pretty Little Choirs.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, she is the only one not to lose her superpowers.
  • She has been possessed by supervillains, including Dark Mayhem - only his powers took control of Phoebe - and the Green Ghoul.
  • She likes sheep.
  • She loves using metal detectors whenever she goes to the beaches.
  • She can dance extremely well.
  • In Blue Detective, she was temporarily turned blue because of Max.
  • Phoebe can male googly eyes.
  • On picture day,Max was going to pour chili all over Phoebe but instead used cheese and chocolate.
  • Phoebe sneaks vitamins into Max's pizzas.
  • She is a big fan of "MKTO" music band.
  • She and Max have Thundersense.
    •  Although, Phoebe's Thundersense was activated before Max.
  • She can also be cocky at times.
  • Phoebe and Max are both allergic to cats.
  • She and Max are scared of Thunderman:The Ride.
  • Phoebe at times uses TK as her superhero short form for Telekinesis.
  • Along with Max,Phoebe's thundredth was she used telekinesis to catch one of Chloe's icecream double icecream scoops.
  • She got jealous when Chloe said Max was her favourite sibling.
  • According to Bradford, Phoebe hardly ever leaves school.
  • Phoebe was the first of the Thunderkids to try and give up becoming a superhero in the episode "Thundersense".
  • Phoebe loves musicals.
  • Phoebe can play the pan flute.
  • Since Phoebe's birthday is March 22nd, her zodiac sign would be an Aries.


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